Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

MK 79753

February 5, 2017
__________ attributes are product or service features that are important to buyers and
that are used to differentiate among choices.
A. Retrieval
B. Financial
C. Social
D. Determinant
E. Safety/performance
The four Ps make up the marketing mix, which is the __________ set of activities that
the firm uses to respond to the wants and needs of its target markets.
A. unpredictable
B. external
C. internal
D. controllable
E. global
Malcolm buys overrun clothing from factories around the South. He sells the clothes to
discount retailers. Malcolm is a
A. manufacturer.
B. producer.
C. consumer.
D. factory agent.
E. reseller.
One of the benefits of EDI is that it can reduce lead time, which is
A. the time between the decision to place an order and the receipt of the merchandise.
B. the time from when an RFP is announced to the time a consumer purchases the
finished product.
C. the time from when funds are committed for purchase of raw materials to the time
when the payment for the finished goods is actually received.
D. the time between when finished goods leave the manufacturer until the time they
arrive, floor-ready, at the retailer.
E. the time between when an item is sold to a customer and when a replacement is
made available for purchase by another customer.
One of the reasons service failures need to be addressed quickly is to
A. minimize the zone of tolerance.
B. increase empowerment zones.
C. avoid negative word of mouth from upset customers.
D. avoid a situational ethics conflict.
E. keep management from finding out what happened.
Trade shows are a particularly good source of B2B sales leads because
A. they are open to the general public.
B. they are almost always sanctioned by the government.
C. people who attend are interested in the products and services being offered.
D. consumers tell retailers which shows to attend.
E. they are an inexpensive way to generate leads.
Bob and George live in the United States. Bob recently asked for George's cell phone
number, but George said he didn't own a cell phone. George would probably be
considered a(n) __________ in the diffusion of innovation process.
A. innovator
B. laggard
C. late majority adopter
D. early majority adopter
E. early adopter
In a SWOT analysis, increasing gasoline prices would represent a potential __________
for manufacturers of electric cars.
A. weakness
B. threat
C. opportunity
D. operational advantage
E. locational advantage
Compared to other IMC alternatives, advertising is extremely effective for
A. closing a sale.
B. decoding messages efficiently.
C. reducing the potential for noise.
D. creating awareness and generating interest in a product.
E. repositioning consumers in the AIDA model.
Successful first movers create a market or a product category. They often benefit from
being readily recognizable to consumers and
A. not having to pay advertising expenses.
B. using prototypes to dominate the market.
C. not needing to do test marketing.
D. establishing an early market share lead.
E. motivating laggards to buy their products.
Unusual and exciting displays like Bass Pro Shops' climbing wall and stocked aquarium
are examples of
A. promotional discounts.
B. mass media gimmicks.
C. mobile marketing.
D. in-store promotions.
E. co-op advertising.
Laws that prohibit the formation of monopolies or alliances that would damage a
competitive marketplace benefit consumers through
A. increased choices.
B. higher prices.
C. protection from false advertising.
D. fair debt collection practices.
E. fewer competitors.
The final stage in the business-to-business buying process is to
A. place the order.
B. select the vendor.
C. assess vendor performance.
D. address additional needs.
E. prepare an RFP.
Every time a consumer surfs the web and clicks on a site, online marketers can place
_____ on that user's computer, showing them how that consumer navigates the web and
what he or she does or does not buy.
A. web portals
B. cookies
C. browsers
D. bookmarks
E. pirates
Labor, materials, and energy are typically __________ costs.
A. fixed
B. incidental
C. prestige
D. inelastic
E. variable
Barbara is using a test model of her firm's new inline skates to see if they work
according to the design specifications. Barbara is involved in
A. test marketing.
B. product launch.
C. alpha testing.
D. target marketing.
E. concept testing.
National manufacturers and retailers often pay a service provider to monitor television
ads around the country, to ensure that their ads are shown in their entirety during the
time frames that were purchased. This service provider is monitoring for IMC noise
problems associated with
A. competing messages.
B. lack of clarity in the message.
C. a poor choice of medium.
D. a flaw in the medium.
E. an extended feedback loop.
Robin recently bought Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service. A few of
Robin's friends bought VoIP before she did, but many other friends were interested in
Robin's opinions of the new phone service. Robin is a(n) __________ in this product
A. innovator
B. laggard
C. late majority adopter
D. early majority adopter
E. early adopter
__________ reduce costs and maintain low prices by buying opportunistically from
manufacturers with excess inventory, offering limited assortments of household goods
and groceries, as well as health and beauty aids.
A. Category killers
B. Specialty stores
C. Factory outlets
D. Extreme value retailers
E. Convenience stores
Bhakti was recently promoted to a sales management position. She had been an
effective representative, but her strengths and educational background were in
management. She was about to begin her first salesperson recruitment campaign. The
most important thing Bhakti can do to ensure that she recruits the right people is to
A. check references to determine why the job candidate was leaving his or her current
B. run a credit check to ensure that the recruit does have any hidden problems.
C. determine exactly what the salesperson will be doing and what traits and abilities job
candidates will need to succeed.
D. make sure the application forms are filled out correctly.
E. make sure her boss is happy with the number of candidates interviewed.
All of the following terms are generally associated with the definition of corporate
social responsibilityexcept
A. voluntary.
B. stakeholders.
C. social impact.
D. environmental impact.
E. profit.
After posting an RFP for telecommunications equipment, USF Corporation received six
proposals from qualified vendors. Next, USF will
A. recognize obstacles that must be circumvented.
B. reevaluate the firm's needs.
C. give one vendor a purchase order.
D. conduct vendor analysis.
E. evaluate the proposals and narrow the choice to a few suppliers.
Research indicates that positively engaged consumers tend to be
A. more socially outgoing.
B. more profitable consumers.
C. older and wealthier than average.
D. younger and poorer than average.
E. more critical consumers.
The beginning of the sales presentation may be the most important part of the selling
process, because this is where the salesperson establishes
A. where the customer is in the buying process.
B. how much time has been allocated for the presentation.
C. which of the alternative products to demonstrate.
D. whether to quote a full price or discount price.
E. which type of follow-up will be needed.
While JIT systems have many benefits, they
A. make the logistics function more complicated.
B. interfere with new product development functions.
C. confuse customers.
D. work only in vertical marketing systems.
E. decrease the accuracy of demand forecasts.
Which of the following is the least interactive IMC strategy?
A. personal selling
B. mobile marketing
C. online marketing via social media
D. direct marketing via catalog
E. direct marketing via telemarketing
Denny is considering the question, "Did our actions have a negative impact on any
stakeholder group?" Denny is addressing marketing ethical issues in the __________
phase of the strategic marketing planning process.
A. planning
B. control
C. implementation
D. brainstorming
E. situation analysis
When a business customer engages in a straight rebuy, the member of the buying center
most likely to be involved in the purchase is the
A. decider.
B. initiator.
C. influencer.
D. user.
E. buyer.
Yesterday, Lorinda overheard a surprisingly unpleasant encounter between the manager
of the hardware store where she works and a sales rep who sells a well-known line of
tools. The rep insisted that his tools should be more prominently displayed and that a
better assortment would mean more sales. The manager had other plans and told him so,
and the conversation turned into a loud argument. What Lorinda observed was an
example of
A. sales tactics.
B. channel conflict.
C. retail strategy tension.
D. passive aggressive behavior.
E. a failure of EDI processes.
A former advertising campaign for GEICO Insurance used the slogan "So easy, even a
caveman could do it" to emphasize the ease of buying insurance on GEICO's website.
This campaign was part of GEICO's
A. mission statement.
B. market segmentation plan.
C. product strategy.
D. customer excellence strategy.
E. positioning strategy.
The buying decision is likely to be most complex and take longest to complete in a(n)
__________ B2B buying situation.
A. new buy
B. modified rebuy
C. straight rebuy
D. adapted buy
E. generic buy
Mary's Bakery is trying to determine what price to charge for its cookies, so Mary
places a low price on them and raises it each week, keeping track of how many she
sells. Then she determines what her cost was for the cookies and determines which
price was the most profitable. What form of research was Mary conducting?
A. observation
B. survey
C. scanner-based
D. an experiment
E. a panel
The firms that work along with the focal firm to provide goods and services to
consumers are viewed as
A. cultural cohorts.
B. corporate partners.
C. cartels.
D. cooperatives.
E. customers.
The office policy and procedure states that any purchase requests that are $3,000 and
over must be given to Mary Reynolds, who will obtain authorization from the chief
financial officer. Mary serves as a(n) __________ in the buying center.
A. gatekeeper
B. decider
C. buyer
D. user
E. initiator
Compare the role of corporate, professional, and personal bloggers regarding a new
product. Choose one product/service and use this as an example in your explanation.
Briefly define public relations. Why is public relations an important part of a marketing
Many car manufacturers have developed prototypes of alternative energy vehicles like
hydrogen-fueled cars. When developing their marketing strategies, how can these firms
use the diffusion of innovation curve in the early stages of product development?
Many marketers think personal computers in the United States are in the maturity stage
of the product life cycle. What does this mean for manufacturers of personal
computers? What can they do about it?
Distinguish between primary and secondary packaging.
McDonald's introduced its Favorites Under 400 Calories menu, attempting to change
consumers' negative views of McDonald's as a seller of unhealthy food. It would like to
survey customers to see if attitudes are changing, but it would like to collect some
qualitative data first. Suggest two approachesone offline, and one onlinethat
McDonald's could use to collect qualitative data before designing a survey.
Years ago, a hardware store had a sign that said, "If we don't have it, you don't need it."
How is the implementation of a quick response system the complete opposite of this
marketing philosophy?
Which type of advertising scheduling would you recommend for your university, and
What are some of the problems with using secondary data?
Once a company has decided to pursue a global market, it will explore the four Ps. List
the potential global product strategies a firm can employ.
Provide a real-world example of a national brand and a private-label brand.
Identify three tactics that a midpriced motel chain might employ to take advantage of
the social trends discussed in the text, in hopes of increasing its business. For each
tactic, identify the social trend it is based on.
During a recent budget cutting session, the finance manager at Eastern Shore Bank
proposed eliminating the marketing research budget. You are the marketing director.
What general arguments would you use to defend expenditures on marketing research?
How is vendor analysis different from a consumer's postpurchase evaluation?
Why would a huge retailer like Walmart carry national brand products?
Why are innovators important to marketers?