Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

MK 56645

February 5, 2017
To meet or exceed customers' expectations, marketers must
A. know where customers live.
B. know how often consumers buy their products.
C. determine what those expectations are.
D. recognize that expectations are tangible.
E. empower customers to meet their own expectations.
During the preapproach stage, a salesperson usually conducts additional research about
prospects and
A. assists the prospect through the buying process.
B. decides what role to play during the handling reservations stage.
C. develops plans for meeting with the customer.
D. offers initial concessions to gain the sale.
E. determines which of the customer's buying support team need to be present at the
sales presentation.
Fingerprints are an example of biometric data.
A restaurant chain is working on improving the quality of its food and service. To track
its progress it recruits customers who agree to respond to customer satisfaction surveys
once every three months over the next two years. What kind of data is the restaurant
chain collecting?
A. panel data
B. internal secondary data
C. focus group data
D. external secondary data
E. scanner data
When a salesperson calls you to sell a cemetery plot, this is most likely what type of
A. unsought product
B. shopping product
C. convenience product
D. line extension
E. secondary product
Sometimes brand names become synonymous with a product itself. If that happens, the
A. has achieved brand stabilization.
B. could lose its trademark status.
C. should try co-branding to avoid brand dilution.
D. should consider a new packaging strategy.
E. easily eliminates all competition.
There is an old saying "If you have to ask the price of a yacht, you cannot afford it."
Products like yachts are most likely to be associated with
A. cross-shopping.
B. competitive parity pricing.
C. target return value.
D. prestige pricing.
E. break-even point pricing.
The Northwoods University IT department is planning to buy additional computers for
the computer lab. Pedro Bechara, manager of the lab, is asked for a recommendation,
and he suggests buying Macintosh computers instead of Windows PCs. What role does
Pedro play in the buying center?
A. gatekeeper
B. influencer
C. decider
D. buyer
E. initiator
In terms of the 4E framework, in order for a firm's offer to excite its targeted customers,
the offer must be
A. unique.
B. relevant.
C. substantial.
D. easy to understand.
E. tangible.
Everyday low pricing (EDLP) provides value to consumers by
A. continually offering items on sale.
B. minimizing the number of options a consumer can evaluate.
C. offering noncumulative quantity discounts.
D. reducing their search costs.
E. creative use of reference pricing.
Both major political parties have developed proprietary databases that contain vast
information about voters, broken down by demographic and geographic information.
This kind of information is
A. primary data.
B. secondary data.
C. syndicated data.
D. neuromarketing.
E. qualitative research.
Ronaldo wants to develop an Internet auction-based business and is working through
the STP process. After establishing his objectives, describing potential market
segments, and evaluating the attractiveness of each segment, Ronaldo now has to
A. differentiate his product line.
B. consider future customer loyalty.
C. create a perceptual map.
D. select a target market.
E. divide geographic segments into lifestyle groups.
The attitudes that Ryan's customers develop after they have purchased his yearly lawn
care service will become the basis for determining whether they renew each year. He
needs to be ____________, quickly addressing any problems that occur.
A. reliable
B. responsive
C. assuring
D. empathic
E. tangible
Hinsdale High School has recently decided to sponsor a rugby team. It is in the process
of considering where to buy the uniforms. This is a ________ situation.
A. straight rebuy
B. new buy
C. straight new buy
D. modified new buy
E. modified rebuy
What type of pricing tactic is being used when several airlines agree to charge the same
fare for a single route?
A. horizontal price fixing
B. vertical price fixing
C. horizontal price discrimination
D. vertical price discrimination
E. loss leader pricing
Kohl's, JCPenney, and Bloomingdales are examples of
A. department stores.
B. off-price retailers.
C. discount stores.
D. extreme value stores.
E. category specialist stores.
__________ pricing tactics lower the price of a product below the store's cost.
A. Fixed
B. Zone
C. Regular
D. Loss leader
E. Cost-based
TT TOYS manufactures toys. The company recently started buying paint for its toys
from a Chinese firm. This Chinese company is part of TT Toys'
A. supply chain.
B. corporate vertical marketing system.
C. distribution center.
E. voluntary chain.
Paul listens to music on his iPod and iPhone, but he still buys vinyl records at his local
music store on occasion, although they are getting harder to find. Vinyl records are in
the __________ stage of the product life cycle.
A. introduction
B. growth
C. evaluation
D. maturity
E. decline
Yolanda is the new restaurant manager in a major hotel. When considering changes in
the restaurant that will increase value to customers, Yolanda will likely attempt to either
provide the same quality at a lower cost or
A. improve products and services at the same cost.
B. increase prices to increase revenue.
C. offset higher hotel rates with lower restaurant prices.
D. reduce customer expectations through reduced service.
E. lower the quality and the price.
When a business buyer decides to change specifications such as quality or options
associated with products purchased in the past, the buyer is engaged in a(n)
__________ situation.
A. new buy
B. modified rebuy
C. straight rebuy
D. adapted buy
E. side-by-side
The term _______ refers to the enormous amount of information that firms now have
access to but cannot handle using conventional data management and data mining
A. big data
B. churn
C. data mining
D. data dump
E. information overload
Which of the following is not one of the roles typically played by one of the members
of a buying center?
A. leader
B. initiator
C. influencer
D. decider
E. gatekeeper
In a modified rebuy situation, __________ are likely to have an advantage in getting the
A. consumers
B. resellers
C. current vendors
D. gatekeepers
E. new vendors
Another name for a manufacturer's brand is a(n) __________ brand.
A. systematic
B. extended
C. national
D. premium
E. private-label
The centerpiece of the marketing environment analysis framework is
A. the economy.
B. corporate partners.
C. culture.
D. competitive intelligence.
E. consumers.
Talbots, an upscale women's clothing store, targets college-educated women between 35
and 55 years old with average household income of $75,000 or more. This is a form of
__________ segmentation.
A. benefit
B. geodemographic
C. psychographic
D. demographic
E. geographic
Kimberly has just learned that Caribou Coffee is looking for a new source of
commercial-grade coffee makers, one of the products she sells. She knows Caribou has
been in business for many years, but she has not been able to get any business from
them. When developing her marketing strategy, Kimberly will probably assume that
this represents a(n) __________ situation for Caribou Coffee, and she will want to find
out why Caribou is considering alternatives.
A. adapted buy
B. new buy
C. modified rebuy
D. straight rebuy
E. generic buy
LinkedIn is an example of what type of social media site?
A. social networking
B. media sharing
C. thought sharing
D. photo sharing
E. corporate blogging
The automobile manufacturing industry closely watches annual consumer satisfaction
surveys. For years, Japanese car companies consistently had the highest levels of
customer satisfaction, creating a(n) ________ for these companies.
A. strategic marketing plan
B. clear mission statement
C. operational advantage
D. sustainable competitive advantage
E. diversification strategy
Sue spends much of her time checking inventories, processing straight rebuys, and
making sure that everything is going smoothly. Sue is primarily a(n)
A. business development specialist.
B. caretaker rep.
C. order getter.
D. order taker.
E. sales support rep.
Lauren decides to use Twitter to market her hand-painted scarves to other women on
her campus. She sets up a Twitter account with the name @uniquedesignsbylauren and
posts this on her Facebook page, making sure to tweet every few days. Soon Lauren is
selling a lot of scarves. Lauren's Twitter account is an example of
A. microblogging.
B. media sharing.
C. thought sharing.
D. professional networking.
E. social bookmarking.
Internet buyers are sometimes surprised to see online retailers using information about
their past purchases to customize promotions targeted to them the next time they visit
the retailer's website. The retailer is using the information to
A. comply with Homeland Security requirements.
B. shift from a general merchandise retailer to a private-label retailer.
C. increase the share of wallet from their best customers.
D. create traffic in their brick-and-mortar stores.
E. reward customer loyalty.