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Basic Marketing Research: Using Microsoft Excel Data Analysis 3rd Edition

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July 18, 2017
An operational definition is necessary for a construct to be measured empirically.
Categorical measures are the most difficult level of measurement to analyze.
In a disguised survey, the respondent is not identified.
Properly programmed, the computer-administered approach guarantees a 75% reduction
in interviewer errors.
Sometimes marketing research studies lead to the wrong decisions.
The treatment of each independent variable in this manner conforms to the straightline
assumptions of multiple regression analysis. This is sometimes known as additivity,
because each new independent variable is added on to the regression equation.
Kotler and Keller's definition of database marketing deals with external databases.
A marketing information system is a structure consisting of people, equipment, and
procedures to gather, sort, analyze, evaluate, and distribute needed, timely, and accurate
information to marketing decision makers.
Customized service firms tailor research services to each client's specific needs.
In regression, the variable being predicted, b, is known as the dependent variable.
The customary level of confidence among marketing researchers has a z of 3.58.
Variations of the drop-off method include handing out the surveys to people at their
places of work and asking them to fill them out at home and then to return them the
next day.
The term labels implies that the scale is metric, whereas the term levels implies that the
scale is categorical.
As with normal distributions, there are numbers that you can memorize that allow you
to determine if a chi-square value is significant.
Because the mode may affect response, mixed-mode forms of data collection are never
used in the marketing research industry.
The Greenbook is a directory of marketing research firms.
Another use of marketing research is to monitor marketing performance, which takes
place prior to implementing marketing strategies.
Secondary data refers to information that is developed or gathered by the researcher
specifically for the research project at hand.
A computer-administered survey is one in which computer technology plays an
essential role in the interview work, in all cases, completely eliminating the need for a
personal interviewer.
Expected frequencies in chi-square analysis are found in the sample; observed
frequencies are computed.
Experience surveys differ from surveys conducted as part of descriptive research in that
there is usually no formal attempt to ensure that the survey results are representative of
any defined group of subjects.
A mall survey is an example of convenience sampling.
Detecting errors, such as a respondent ignoring an agree"disagree scale and simply
writing in personal comments, requires physically examining the questionnaires.
Studies have shown that though the design of a questionnaire is very important, it does
not directly affect the quality of the data collected.
A good question should be focused on a single topic or issue.
A construct provides us with a mental concept that represents real-world phenomena
and, while useful to build complex theories, has no place in defining marketing research
Surveys conducted without the presence of an agent--human or computer--are referred
to as self-administered surveys.
A refusal occurs when a respondent reaches a certain point, and then decides not to
answer any more questions for the survey.
Summarizing is the act of estimating a population fact from a sample finding.
Directional hypotheses contain statements of "more than" or "less than."
If our research objective is to summarize the data in the sample, we should use
percentages if the variable has a metric scale.
Issuing phony RFPs is considered unethical behavior.
AE stands for allowable error.
Core-based statistical areas (CBSAs) are geographic reporting units used by the Census
When a marketing researcher compares two groups of respondents to determine
whether or not there are statistically significant differences between them, the
researcher is considering them as though two independent surveys were administered,
one for each group.
Which of the following is described by Kotler and Keller as a way that companies use
their databases?
A) to identify prospects
B) to deepen customer loyalty
C) to avoid serious customer mistakes
D) to decide which customers should receive a particular offer
E) to decide which products to offer in a particular geographic area
________ is (are) collected in a standard format and made available to all subscribers.
A) Basic data
B) Complex data
C) Written data
D) Standardized information
E) Syndicated data
Natural metric scales are inherently:
A) qualitative
B) quantitative
C) whimsical
D) scientific
E) open-ended
________ are important and deserve researcher attention because they are the glue that
holds the decision process together.
A) Problem definition assertions
B) Assumptions
C) Possible cause assertions
D) Reasonable doubts/reasonable assurances
E) Hypotheses
The question ""If you were looking for an automobile that would be used by the head of
your household who is primarily responsible for driving your children to and from
school, music lessons, and friends' houses, how much would you and your spouse
discuss the safety features of one of the cars you took for a test drive?" violates which
of the following "Do's" of question wording?
A) The question should focus on one topic.
B) The question should be brief.
C) The question should be a grammatically simple sentence if possible.
D) The question should be crystal clear.
E) The question should "lead" the respondent to a particular answer.
What type of research design should a marketing researcher use to find out how many
customers there are, what brands they buy and in what quantities, which advertisements
they recall, what are their attitudes toward the company, and who is the competition?
A) exploratory research
B) causal research
C) explicit research
D) descriptive research
E) population research
Which of the following symbols represents the change or manipulation of the
independent variable?
A) O
B) X
C) C
D) I
E) M
What is the label for the output for comparing the averages on two variables among the
same sample member?
A) Two Paired Variable Averages Differences Test Analysis Results
B) Three Independent Variable Averages Differences Test Analysis Results
C) Two Independent Variable Averages Differences Test Analysis Results
D) all of the above are used; the output label changes depending on the variables tested
E) none of the above are used; the output label is unknowable
Which of the following best describes research objectives?
A) When achieved, they provide a clear picture of the problem.
B) When achieved, they provide a basis for future research.
C) When achieved, they provide the necessary information to solve the problem at
D) When achieved, the researcher may go on to the next step in the research process.
E) When achieved, they provide a basis for secondary data research.
Which type of relationship is a 'straight-line" relationship between two variables which
allows us to know one variable if we have knowledge of the other?
A) causal relationship
B) linear relationship
C) categorical relationship
D) Boolean relationship
E) a beta relationship
Which of the following does not identify the sponsor's name?
A) a disguised survey
B) a confidential survey
C) an anonymous survey
D) an "undercover" survey
E) none of the above; sponsors must always be identified to comply with FTC rules
When time is an important consideration, which data collection method is best?
A) mail surveys
B) drop-off surveys
C) in-home interviews
D) telephone surveys
E) in-office surveys
In the question, "Do you always buy electronic products from Dell?" which word is one
of the "words to avoid in question development"?
A) always
B) buy
C) you
D) from
E) Dell
Which of the following does NOT refer to an advantage of syndicated data?
A) Many client firms may subscribe to the information.
B) The cost of the service is greatly reduced to any one subscriber firm.
C) The quality of data is typically very high.
D) The data are normally disseminated very quickly.
E) The key advantage is taking advantage of the experience of the research firm
offering the service.
Which sampling method is not based on fairness, equity or equal chance?
A) non-equity sampling
B) disproportionate sampling
C) unfair sampling
D) non-probability sampling
E) simple samples
Which type of sampling method uses area sampling?
A) geographical sampling
B) stratified sampling
C) cluster sampling
D) two-step judgment sampling
E) convenience sampling
With generalization analysis, there are just two types of evidence: ________ and
A) variability; summary
B) summary; sample size
C) variability; sample size
D) variability; error
E) error; sample size
A(n) ________ is a set of advance decisions that makes up the master plan specifying
the methods and procedures for collecting and analyzing the needed information.
A) research design
B) exploratory study
C) research plan
D) sample description
E) research action plan
What does "frugging" refer to?
A) selling under the guise of a survey
B) collecting data through telephone interviews
C) fund raising under the guise of a survey
D) falsifying data
E) funding under gross margin
40% women video renters buy snacks; 65% male video renters buy snacks. A computed
z of 4.5 is calculated. Assuming the critical value of z is + or " 1.96, this means:
A) nothing; z does not determine anything
B) the null hypothesis is not supported; there is a true difference between the two
C) the null hypothesis is supported; there is a true difference between the two
D) the alternative hypothesis is not supported; there is a true difference between the two
E) the null alternative is supported; there is a true difference between the two
Many marketing research firms have white papers on varied topics on their website.
The one discussed in your text is ________.
A) Wikipedia
B) AMA's "Research Papers"
C) Burke's "Literature Library"
D) MRA's "Research Library"
E) AMA's "More Research Topics"
Which of the following is a key monitor that measures the achievement of an objective?
A) the triple crown
B) metric
C) symptom
D) key-metric
E) digital dashboard
If you were to ask a sample of marketing researchers today what their biggest concern
is, it would no doubt be:
A) the lack of a certification program leading to a CPA-MR
B) the future economy
C) the lack of graduates with Marketing Research degrees
D) the questionable legitimacy of the industry
E) the image of the industry
Which of the following secondary information sources provides a baseline of data every
ten years?
A) Baseline Reports
B) NAICS (decade report)
C) Census of the Population
D) Survey of Buying Power
E) Decennial Database Reports
The ________ represents how many people will actually complete the interview.
A) qualification rate
B) completion rate
C) incidence rate
D) response rate
E) incidental level
What kind of research firm would provide the technical assistance necessary to analyze
and interpret data using the more sophisticated data analysis techniques such as conjoint
A) a limitless service supplier firm
B) a full service supplier firm
C) a syndicated data service firm
D) a data analysis firm
E) specialized research technique firm
Which of the following is appropriate when the research objective is generalization?
A) averages
B) confidence intervals
C) cross-tabulation
D) correlation
Which of the following is NOT an advantage of a focus group?
A) generate fresh ideas
B) allow clients to observe their participants
C) allow easy access to special respondent groups such as lawyers and doctors
D) produce quantifiable results suitable for statistical testing
E) can provide information on a wide variety of issues
Which of the following is listed in your textbook as an advantage of
person-administered surveys?
A) speed
B) error-free interviews
C) use of pictures, videos, and graphics
D) real-time capture of data
E) rapport
The proper name for the population value is the ________.
A) population
B) generalized value
C) total value
D) parameter
E) statistic
Which of the following would be considered to be qualitative research studies?
A) depth interviews
B) protocol analysis
C) projective techniques
D) ethnographic research
E) all of the above
The list of specific ________ often serves as a good framework for organizing the
results section of the report.
A) method sections
B) illustrations
C) appendices
D) research objectives
E) purposes