Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

MK 36850

February 5, 2017
__________ are subtle forms of promotion that encourage shopping in retailers' stores.
A. Electronic signs
B. Store credit cards and gift cards
C. Large stocks of popular national brands
D. Quick response and just-in-time delivery systems
E. Extreme value offers and specialty share of the wallet programs
In Arthur Miller's play, Death of a Salesman, Willie Loman portrays
A. a leading example of an ethical salesman.
B. the loneliness of a traveling salesman.
C. the ruthlessness of a pushy salesman.
D. the lifestyle and success of people in sales.
E. the value salespeople provide to consumers.
Jim wants to position his firm against his competitors. In doing so he should
A. never select a competitor in the same neighborhood.
B. avoid making the competitor's product look undesirable.
C. avoid looking too much like the competitor so that he'd confuse the target segment.
D. avoid discussing the strengths of his product so that competitors won't be aware of
his product quality.
E. avoid discussing the weaknesses of his competitors so they won't retaliate.
Julia is driving down Interstate 95 on her way from New England to Florida and sees a
billboard saying "South of the Border Restaurant and Motel is just 100 miles away."
Julia has never heard of South of the Border before. After seeing the sign, she will most
likely need additional exposure to the product before deciding whether to stop at South
of the Border. This is an example of
A. rejection of advertising.
B. subliminal advertising.
C. product underwhelm.
D. IMC strategy.
E. the lagged effect.
Ryan believes he is responsible for his actions, and he will conduct extensive searches
before making a purchase. Michael's favorite phrase, when confronted by the need to
make a decision, is "Whatever." In marketing terms, Ryan is said to have a(n)
__________ and Michael, a(n) __________.
A. obsessive personality; laissez-faire approach
B. formal search function; casual search function
C. increased search anxiety; decreased search anxiety
D. internal locus of control; external locus of control
E. focused sense of information; unfocused sense of information
Companies that develop customized-business software often work closely with their
users when installing their products. This close contact often creates new product ideas
A. reverse engineering.
B. licensing technology.
C. customer input.
D. R&D consortia.
E. clinical trials.
Most banks now have customer relationship software that, when a customer contacts
the bank, tells the service representative what types of accounts, loans, and credit cards
the customer currently has. Service representatives use this information to sell some of
the other services the bank currently offers to these customers. This is a
___________________ growth strategy.
A. product proliferation
B. market development
C. market penetration
D. diversification
E. product development
Martin has hired a marketing research company to bring together a small group of soft
drink consumers and get feedback on the three new advertising slogans his firm is
considering. The marketing research firm might conduct a(n) __________ to provide
the information Martin has requested.
A. industry survey
B. experiment
C. focus group
D. observational study
E. primary data mining analysis
Golden Years Vitamin Corporation targets consumers living in Florida who are over age
65. Golden Years is using __________ segmentation.
A. benefit
B. self-actualization
C. psychographic
D. loyalty
E. geodemographic
Brenda wants to reduce mass media IMC and to increase the use of personalized
marketing communication messages. To achieve this goal, Brenda will likely increase
her use of
A. sales promotions.
B. advertising.
C. public relations.
D. price reductions.
E. direct marketing.
Each year in December, Anheuser-Busch runs television ads featuring the Clydesdale
horses pulling a stagecoach with an Anheuser-Busch logo. The message is low-key,
wishing everyone well during the holiday season. This is an example of _________
A. informative
B. persuasive
C. reminder
D. discussive
E. institutional
As owner of a retail franchise food store, Mary Gray purchases supplies based on
specials advertised nationally throughout the franchise system. One Monday, she was
surprised to find customers asking for specials she hadn't been informed of in advance.
The franchise company failed to live up to the value-driven activity of
A. sharing information across the organization.
B. balancing customers' benefits and costs.
C. evaluating strategic competitive partnerships.
D. building relationships with customers.
E. keeping prices below those charged by competitors.
As the old clich claims, the three most important things in retailing are
A. size, location, and convenience.
B. price, promotion, and place.
C. location, location, location.
D. price, price, price.
E. before, during, and after the sale.
When there is a significant difference between the service customers receive and the
service the firm promotes, the firm has a _______ gap.
A. knowledge
B. standards
C. social expectations
D. delivery
E. communications
Derek bought a pickup truck to transport his equipment to fishing tournaments. He also
bought a trailer for his lawn maintenance business. His purchases were
A. both B2C purchases since he is the user in both situations.
B. both B2B purchases since he is the user in both situations.
C. neither B2C nor B2B since he is the consumer and his uses might be mixed.
D. B2C and B2B, respectively.
E. B2B and B2C, respectively.
Each time an employee at an audio store makes a sale of $500 or more, the department
manager awards a chocolate gold coin in recognition of the employee's
accomplishment. This reward is known as a
A. nonfinancial reward.
B. financial reward.
C. bonus.
D. commission.
E. salary increase.
Beverage companies often use television commercials with images of young people
laughing and enjoying themselves on a beach or in a club. These images are designed to
appeal to consumers' __________, suggesting "be like me."
A. geographic choices
B. self-concepts
C. loyalty references
D. benefit perceptions
E. demographics
Fourteenth National Bank prides itself on offering better service than any of its
competitors. If this is accurate, and if customers recognize and value Fourteenth
National's superior service, the bank creates and delivers value through
A. promotional excellence.
B. product excellence.
C. operational excellence.
D. global excellence.
E. customer excellence.
When evaluating the attractiveness of the segment, if a segment is expected to react
positively to the firm's offering, we say that the segment is
A. responsive.
B. identifiable.
C. reachable.
D. substantial.
E. reactive.
In determining the price of his company's new small-business accounting software,
Raymond is assessing how much better his company's software is as compared to
alternative products available in the market. Raymond is using _______ pricing.
A. cost-based
B. improvement value
C. reference-based
D. cost of ownership
E. market-based
A(n) __________ is a need or want strong enough to cause a person to seek
A. locus of control
B. motive
C. attitude
D. perception
E. learning curve
Bob Roberts founded Robertico, an equipment leasing company, three decades ago.
Although he is now in his seventies, he still has a "hands on" management style. His
employees have learned that there isn't much point in making purchase
recommendations for new equipment, because Bob is going to choose whatever he
thinks is best regardless of their views. Robertico has a(n) __________ buying center
A. autocratic
B. democratic
C. consultative
D. consensus
E. bureaucratic
Marketers selling milk, bread, and other consumer staples know that most customers do
not spend much time searching or comparing alternatives. For most consumers, these
are _____________ goods.
A. specialty
B. shopping
C. convenience
D. ritual
E. impulse
Current research points to which pricing model for apps as the most effective?
A. ad-supported apps
B. freemium apps
C. in-app purchases
D. paid apps
E. paid apps with in-app purchases
Sales representatives add value for customers by doing all of the following except
A. educating them about the firm's products.
B. providing advice on solving business problems.
C. saving them time.
D. simplifying communication with the firm.
E. reducing the firm's marketing costs.
Break-even analysis is useful because it allows managers to
A. quantify the relationship between price elasticity and product elasticity.
B. reposition products based on their break-even positioning revenue.
C. estimate the quantity they will need to sell at a given price to break even.
D. determine the relationship between price and quantity demanded.
E. analyze the different elements contributing to their variable costs.
Which of the following is not considered typical financial compensation for sales
A. commissions
B. salaries
C. bonuses
D. extra vacation days
E. sales contests
From a firm's perspective, the biggest advantage of RFID is
A. it enables the firm to track an item from the moment it was manufactured.
B. it tells the firm who is buying the product and how it is being used.
C. it provides demographic information on the consumer for marketing use.
D. it is less expensive to use than other forms of marketing research.
E. it eliminates the need for communicating with the supply chain.
When Ramona, the keynote speaker at a major business leaders' conference, arrived in
the middle of the night at the Ritz-Carlton, she was exhausted and her suit was wrinkled
from her 10-hour plane trip. The night clerk found someone to dry clean Ramona's suit
and have it ready for her morning presentation. She has been a loyal Ritz-Carlton
customer ever since. In this example, Ritz-Carlton demonstrated the macro strategy of
A. customer excellence.
B. operational excellence.
C. product excellence.
D. promotional excellence.
E. global excellence.
Chet was struggling selling his golf photography outside a PGA event. When he offered
a tee shirt with a golf photograph on it with any framed golf photo, sales picked up.
Chet discovered the value of sales promotionsspecifically _________in encouraging
customers to buy.
A. deals
B. premiums
C. samples
D. sweepstakes
E. rebates
Manufacturers use cash discounts primarily because it allows them to benefit from
A. uniformed delivered pricing.
B. seasonal slotting allowances.
C. price skimming.
D. the time value of money.
E. high/low pricing.
Generally, which of the following media outlets relies on a mix of visual and auditory
techniques and is typically very expensive?
A. Internet
B. newspaper
C. radio
D. television
E. billboards
The purpose of __________ is that it confirms insights and provides a basis for taking a
course of action.
A. primary data collection
B. data mining
C. qualitative research
D. quantitative research
E. statistical sourcing
Tariffs, quotas, and currency exchange policies affect global
A. offshore product design.
B. pricing strategies.
C. advertising.
D. logistics.
E. promotion.
If marketing communications are effective, they will
A. result in purchases by some consumers receiving the communications.
B. offset any negative publicity the firm may have received.
C. minimize the number of communication channels used by the firm.
D. generate interest in the product in over half the consumers reached.
E. include all steps of the AIDA model with equal weighting to each step.