Book Title
A Preface to Marketing Management 14th Edition

MK 187 Final

October 29, 2015
Marketers who are aware that consistent investment spending is a key factor in
advertising are:
A. more likely to cut advertising budgets to fund price promotions.
B. less likely to invest in advertising than discounting.
C. less likely to raid their advertising budgets to increase earnings.
D. more likely to view advertising as a discretionary cost.
In the process of market segmentation, while determining consumer needs and wants, it
is advisable for a company to:
A. forego undiscovered needs even if it possesses adequate venture capital to uncover
B. transcend the barriers that the industry places upon its range of need satisfaction
C. use this step for the generation of theoretical strategies, rather than operational
D. modify or enhance offerings with relevant changes in technology for practical
Which of the following is a primary consideration in evaluating demand influences on
pricing decisions?
A. Cost considerations in pricing
B. Government regulations
C. Competition
D. Price elasticity
Travel agencies offering vacation packages that include travel, accommodation, and
entertainment at a single price to connote value and convenience for customers is an
example of _____.
A. odd-even pricing
B. prestige pricing
C. bundle pricing
D. rate of return pricing
Which of the following is an example of qualitative research?
A. Mathematical modeling
B. Long interviews
C. Experimental research
D. Observational research
A(n) _____ refers to a middleman who buys from manufacturers and sells to retailers.
A. broker
B. non-wholesaler
C. jobber
D. agent
_____ segmentation refers to a market segmentation approach in which people are
grouped into segments on the basis of research findings, and then the size of each of
these groups and their demographic and psychographic profiles are determined.
A. Post hoc
B. Empirical
C. Benefit
D. Psychographic
Harini owns Books Galore, a chain of libraries that she has managed with the help of
Zainab, her manager, for over a decade. Zainab is aware that finding qualified librarians
who are committed to their job is difficult especially considering the number of
branches Books Galore had. She decides to look up how computers could be used to
meet their needs and finds an advertisement for an "E-Register." This software consists
of indexing and search features that facilitate the lending and locating of books in a
library. She decides to propose the idea of installing this software in their libraries.
Zainab is a(n) _____ in this scenario.
A. initiator
B. decider
C. gatekeeper
D. user
Major and minor equipment, such as basic machinery, tools, and other processing
facilities, can be categorized as _____.
A. specialty goods
B. organizational goods
C. semifinished goods
D. convenience goods
Believers, according to the VALSâ„¢ model, are:
A. driven by knowledge and principles.
B. driven to demonstrate success to their peers.
C. driven by a desire for social or physical activity.
D. driven by a desire for variety and risk taking.
_____ stores are an example of exclusive distribution arrangement.
A. Grocery
B. Home appliance
C. Apparel
D. Retail paint
Soliciting orders and assuming business risks pertain to the _____ functions of a
marketing intermediary.
A. logistical
B. facilitating
C. transactional
D. grading
Which of the following statements is true of salespeople involved in personal selling?
A. They dispense knowledge about products to manufacturers.
B. They act as a source of marketing intelligence for buyers.
C. They act as intermediaries between product providers and buyers.
D. They design and develop improved products for buyers.
A test marketing study result could be invalidated when:
A. pretest measurements of competitive brand sales are made.
B. the sample size is large.
C. the test-market period is too short to determine whether the product will be
repurchased by customers.
D. the effects of factors such as the sales force, season, weather conditions, and shelf
space are considered in the research.
According to the growth vector matrix, which of the following products usually require
a firm to make significant investments in research and development and make
significant changes in its organizational structure?
A. New products
B. Repositioned products
C. Improved products
D. Additions to existing products