Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

MK 16899

February 5, 2017
The greater the discrepancy between a consumer's __________, the greater the
consumer's need recognition will be.
A. financial risk and performance risk
B. search for alternatives and alternatives found
C. needy state and desired state
D. universal set and evoked set
E. external and internal information search
__________ represents the systems and equipment resources that service providers
need to be able to close the delivery gap.
A. Service infrastructure
B. Quality mechanics
C. Instrumental support
D. Dynamic support
E. Customer interface architecture
One of the key characteristics of brainstorming sessions is
A. no idea is immediately accepted or rejected.
B. everyone must come up with ideas.
C. the first idea is almost always the best idea.
D. only the marketing team is included in these sessions.
E. the manager should always make the final decision.
Within a perceptual map, a(n) __________ represents where a particular market
segment's desired product would lie.
A. point of parity
B. strategic target
C. PRIZM cluster
D. ideal point
E. benefit centroid
Which of the following statements best describes secondary data?
A. Secondary data are pieces of information that have been collected prior to the start of
the focal research project.
B. Secondary data are those data collected to address specific research needs.
C. Secondary data collection is always extremely time-consuming and expensive.
D. Secondary data will always meet the researchers' needs.
E. Secondary data include only qualitative research.
"Buy one, get one free" is a __________ sales promotion.
A. deal
B. coupon
C. sample
D. sweepstake
E. rebate
A(n) __________ is the set of institutions that transfer the ownership of and move
goods from the point of production to the point of consumption.
A. marketing channel
B. distribution center
C. logistics chain
D. strategic relationship
E. electronic data interchange
A demand curve is built on the assumption that
A. income is derived from demand.
B. price remains the same, and fixed costs change.
C. everything but price and demand remains the same.
D. fixed costs change with quantity demanded.
E. the firm does not advertise.
As firms become more sophisticated in their communication efforts, the trend is toward
company blogs becoming more
A. interactive.
B. expensive.
C. company-controlled.
D. consumer-controlled.
E. entertainment-oriented.
Pioneer or breakthrough products
A. will likely result in late maturity buying.
B. can change consumer preferences.
C. incorporate reverse engineering outputs.
D. require the use of concept testing services.
E. must be geographically centered.
When Victoria's Secret offers different product lines, such as its Pink line, it is trying to
capture the market by
A. using segmentation, targeting, and positioning.
B. offering everything to everyone.
C. trying lots of options to find out which one works.
D. doing continual test marketing.
E. focusing exclusively on its Pink brand.
Retailers address the conflict between consumers wanting or needing only one item and
manufacturers wanting to produce and ship in quantity by providing
A. reciprocity.
B. simplicity.
C. discounting.
D. storage.
E. extreme value labeling.
The Salvation Army runs a campaign over the Christmas holidays called the Mobile
Bell Ringer. Volunteers send text messages to their friends' cell phones asking them to
donate. Which type of marketing communication does this represent?
A. mobile marketing
B. public relations
C. personal selling
D. sales promotions
E. advertising
Kim is the sales representative for a major textbook publisher. When she calls on the
business faculty at General University, she also tries to meet with several students to get
their feedback on textbooks. She passes this feedback to her managers to guide the
development of the publisher's future textbooks. The students are the __________ in the
buying center.
A. deciders
B. initiators
C. influencers
D. users
E. gatekeepers
Effective salespeople anticipate and handle
A. external environmental changes.
B. corporate takeovers.
C. buyers' reservations about the product.
D. role-playing conflict.
E. supply chain problems.
Of the five strategies for entering new markets, direct investment creates the
A. least investment cost.
B. greatest potential risk.
C. most franchisee control.
D. best opportunity for strong strategic alliances.
E. greatest coordination of efforts of global and local partners.
Which of the two types of appeals does each of these ads represent?
(a) "Be all you can be in the Army."
(b) "Enlist in the Army today for $20,000 in educational support."
Just as marketers create value by meeting the needs and wants of consumers, marketing
researchers create value if
A. the research is expensive.
B. all participants like the research design.
C. the research does not cost too much.
D. the results will be used in making management decisions.
E. the research is finished quickly.
__________ refer(s) to the process by which consumers select, organize, and interpret
information to form a meaningful picture of the world.
A. Attitude
B. Learning
C. Perception
D. Values
E. Consumption
What is a microblog?
A. a blog whose owner doesn't post very often
B. a blog that supports only links to other posts
C. a blog run by a small business
D. a blog service that supports only short posts
E. a blog that targets a very small consumer group
There is a saying "Never go to the grocery store hungry." This saying suggests that a
consumer's __________ state may adversely affect purchasing decisions.
A. shopping
B. social
C. theoretical
D. external
E. temporal
Most B2B buying situations can be categorized as new buys, modified rebuys, and
A. generic buys.
B. straight rebuys.
C. ordinary rebuys.
D. adapted buys.
E. minor buys.
Elena is in the process of buying a new car. There are many possible cars to choose
from, but she is focused on a few she would actually consider buying. These make up
her __________ set.
A. universal
B. retrieval
C. immediate
D. evoked
E. focus
All of the following are ways that manufacturers use promotion to generate demand for
new products with consumers except
A. short-term price reductions.
B. coupons.
C. rebates.
D. advertising.
E. coordination of delivery and storage.
A consumer's external social environment includes
A. impulse, habitual, and limited problem-solving processes.
B. functional and psychological needs.
C. universal, retrieval, and evoked sets.
D. cognitive, affective, and behavioral environments.
E. family, reference groups, and culture.
One important purpose of a brand is to
A. sell advertising space.
B. minimize product line depth needed to be effective.
C. increase consumer recognition and awareness of product offerings.
D. reduce product packaging.
E. meet government regulations.
Sales representatives are often compensated, at least in part, on a percentage of the sales
revenue. This percentage is known as a
A. bonus.
B. sales increment.
C. base salary.
D. commission.
E. finder's fee.
Which of the following is an example of greenwashing?
A. A company markets a product made from recycled glass bottles.
B. A company charges more for a hybrid car than for a similar gas model.
C. A company donates money to a school reading project so it can advertise itself as
environmentally friendly.
D. The Smiths installed energy-saving lightbulbs in their rental apartment buildings.
E. The corner Laundromat stocks only phosphate-free detergent in its vending
________ can be defined as raw numbers or other factual information that, on their
own, have limited value.
A. Statistics
B. Charts and graphs
C. Marketing research
D. Formulas
E. Data
From charitable giving to medical records to Internet tracking, consumers are more
anxious than ever about
A. secondary data retrieval systems.
B. exploitation by foreign marketers.
C. their ability to get credit cards.
D. preservation of their right to privacy.
E. the unstructured nature of marketing research.
How might Starbucks ensure that it behaves in a socially responsible way toward
members of its supply chain?
A. It can pay its employees minimum wage as required by law.
B. It can use cups made from recycled paper.
C. It can offer healthy drinks and snacks in its stores.
D. It can purchase coffee beans from suppliers who pay coffee growers a fair price.
E. Social responsibility isn't relevant where channel partners are concerned; it has to do
with serving society as a whole.
When considering the use of a radio commercial in England that was designed for U.S.
markets, a marketer would likely need to consider which of the following aspects of
culture that might be different between the two countries?
A. dress
B. symbols
C. demographics
D. language
E. social trends
In mid-2010, Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) acquired Palm Computing Inc., a
manufacturer of personal devices and smartphones. Before deciding to acquire the
company, strategic planners at HP spent time thinking about how Palm and HP would
"fit" together, and how the acquisition might change HP's core goals and objectives.
The strategic planners were engaged in the ____________ step of the marketing
planning process
A. perform situation analysis
B. implement marketing mix and allocate resources
C. identify and evaluate opportunities
D. evaluate performance
E. define the business mission
The commercial airline industry is considered what type of market?
A. duopoly
B. monopoly
C. monopolistic competition
D. pure competition
E. oligopolistic competition
A(n) _______ market legally circumvents authorized channels of distribution to sell
goods at prices lower than those intended by the manufacturer.
A. black
B. outsourced
C. gray
D. oligopolistic
E. unauthorized
NASCAR redirected its marketing efforts when a survey indicated that almost 50
percent of its race fans were female. What type of segmentation was used based on the
survey results?
Two of the characteristics of this generational cohort that distinguishes them from Baby
Boomers are that they were the first generation to grow up with both parents working,
and that half of them have divorced parents. They are the first generation of latchkey
children. Which generational cohort has these characteristics?
As demographic factors, why are marketers interested in the education level,
occupation, and income of consumers?
If sales revenue for Becky's Balloons was $35 a day and the advertising cost was $10,
what would be the return on investment?
Kim and David's Kayak Tours offers a variety of coastal kayaking trips. When they
started their business, they experimented with advertising but were disappointed with
the results. A friend has suggested using sales promotions instead. What are their sales
promotion options? Which would have the best potential for success, and why?
As the text states, "Students of marketing often overlook or underestimate the
importance of place in the marketing mix." Why? Create an example to describe how
place is important to consumers.
Give an example of how social media can be used to provide improved customer
How is consumer behavior affected by the "income effect"?
John Deere farming equipment has been around for over a century and is known for its
durability. Its equipment is usually priced higher than competitors' offerings, but over
the long run it will eventually cost less to own than the competition. What type of
value-based pricing method would be appropriate for John Deere, and why?
Jae is adapting the new routing software his company bought for its distribution center.
What factors will he likely include in the software program in order to maximize
distribution efficiency?
You are a marketer working for a firm that manufactures a wide range of products.
Many of your traditional retail outlets are cutting back on the number of products they
stock in a store, and you are receiving complaints from customers who cannot find their
favorite products. Your firm has developed an efficient operation that makes it possible
to continue to expand the number of items you can offer customers. Which channel
should be your focus, and why?
Russia scores notably high uncertainty avoidance and power distance scores on
Hofstede's cultural dimensions graph. What does this mean to someone looking to
market a product in that country?
Many states have enacted "lemon" laws providing rights to consumers who purchase
cars that need an excessive number of repairs. Service departments at auto dealerships
quickly figure out which new models are going to create problems and often what the
problems will be. If you were the service manager at a dealership, what would you do
to address service problems like these?
If you were hired as a supply chain manager, whom would you interact with?
What are some of the benefits provided by product labels?
Of the three buying situations, in which one is a salesperson most likely to be involved?
How do marketers measure the value of a brand?