Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

MK 16559

February 5, 2017
Carol's Studio, located in a shopping mall, offers Zumba dance classes for all ages.
Carol's Studio is known as a(n)
A. service retailer.
B. category specialist.
C. specialty store.
D. outlet studio.
E. small-box specialist.
__________ fairness refers to the perceived fairness of the process with which a firm
handles customer complaints.
A. Procedural
B. Intangible
C. Distributive
D. Service
E. Empowerment
Allen is in the marketing department of a midsized firm that develops and sells
communications systems. He is proud of the human resource area in the company that
provides the firm with excellent employees. Allen himself really enjoys his work, but he
knows the work of HR helps create an operational advantage for the firm because of all
the following except
A. customers appreciate the kind of service that knowledgeable employees provide.
B. employees play a major role in the success of the firm.
C. it is easier to communicate with and inspire the customer if the employees believe in
what the firm is doing.
D. building customer loyalty depends on a committed workforce.
E. the company provides products with a high perceived value.
The IMC communication process begins with __________, who(which) must be clearly
A. the integrator
B. the sender
C. the transmitter
D. the communication channel
E. the receiver
Parents of young children have been known to drive out of their way so their kids will
not see McDonald's Golden Arches and plead with their parents to stop. For
McDonald's, the Golden Arches reduce marketing costs because people (including
young children)
A. have memorized the McDonald's menu.
B. prefer yellow to other colors.
C. know what the Golden Arches brand symbol means.
D. recognize increases in product line depth.
E. are sensitive to brand repositioning.
Which of the following global entry strategies is being used if a company collaborates
with a competitor on a globally based opportunity for mutual benefit, but the
competitors do not invest in each other?
A. franchising
B. joint venture
C. strategic alliance
D. direct investment
E. equity partnership
David manages a Shoney's restaurant. He is considering staying open later in the
evening. For David, the variable costs associated with staying open longer hours will
include all of the following except
A. ingredients used in preparing food.
B. hours worked by cooks.
C. rent on the restaurant building.
D. energy costs.
E. hours worked by the servers.
Which of the following is the best example of a reminder advertising message?
A. "Buy now, pay later."
B. "Doing business in Peoria since 1848."
C. "Buy one, get one free."
D. "Now availablethe latest fall fashions."
E. "New and improved!"
________ are free to download, but place ads on the screen when using the program to
generate revenue.
A. Ad-supported apps
B. Freemium apps
C. In-app purchases
D. Paid apps
E. Paid apps with in-app purchases
Bridgette went to the Gap ready to buy a new shirt, but was not sure which color or
style she wanted. The sales representative, sensing Bridgette's buying mode, most likely
began with the __________ stage of the selling process.
A. generate leads
B. preapproach
C. closing the sale
D. follow-up
E. sales presentation
Which of the following statements regarding brand loyalty is not true?
A. The marketing costs of reaching loyal customers are typically very high.
B. Brand loyal customers are unlikely to switch to competitor's brands.
C. Brand loyal customers generate positive word of mouth.
D. Firms tend to reward brand loyal customers with extra benefits.
E. Brand loyal customers do not need persuasion to buy the firm's brands.
Unlike other business functions like accounting or finance, people in marketing are
often singled out as the root cause of ethical concerns because
A. they are trained in the art of effective persuasive communication.
B. they are not considered to be as quantitatively skilled as accounting and finance
C. they interact directly with consumers.
D. the problems that occurred at Enron, Tyco, and WorldCom were caused by
E. doing a good job of marketing requires some degree of unethical behavior.
When a group of industry professionals discussed the ingredients necessary to attract
positive attention from Facebook's 1.19 billion users, they agreed that a successful
campaign must
A. tell a story.
B. be promotion based.
C. be unique.
D. have a celebrity endorsement.
E. generate "buzz."
The center of all marketing efforts is
A. profits.
B. the consumer.
C. corporate social responsibility.
D. top management.
E. the firm.
Tom asks you how to measure gross rating points and how to compare results from
various media. How would you respond?
The consumer buying process begins when
A. a consumer enters a store.
B. consumers' functional needs are greater than their psychological needs.
C. a consumer's performance risk is minimized.
D. a consumer recognizes an unsatisfied need.
E. learning follows perception.
Gerald's Tire Service provides each employee with a clean, sharp-looking uniform. It
also instruct employees to put all tools back where they belong and keep the work area
clean and uncluttered. Gerald's Tire Service emphasizes __________ in the five service
quality dimensions.
A. assurance
B. reliability
C. tangibles
D. responsiveness
E. empathy
Assuming that a marketing research study will answer important questions and reduce
uncertainty associated with the proposed project, a major question that needs to be
addressed before starting the study is:
A. How will the results be presented?
B. Will observational research be considered intrusive?
C. Is top management committed to the study?
D. How will the questions be defined?
E. Who will manage the research?
The strategic marketing planning process
A. is a five-step process that should always be completed in order.
B. is frequently used in reverse.
C. begins with establishing specific, measurable outcomes.
D. is not always sequential.
E. forces marketing managers to think rationally.
In a vertical marketing system, if the system is _______, the less likely conflict will
A. less formal
B. more independent
C. less independent
D. more conventional
E. more formal
Traditional demand curve economic theory is used by marketers to understand _______
in the five Cs of pricing.
A. competitors
B. channel members
C. cost
D. customers
E. company objectives
To maximize efficiency, farmers send their eggs to a __________ who handles sales
and shipments to supermarkets.
A. distributor
B. fabricator
C. contractor
D. trafficker
E. manufacturer
Procter & Gamble is a huge national brand manufacturer. By owning its brands like
Tide and Crest, P&G
A. can monopolize store brands.
B. has greater opportunity to dictate retail pricing.
C. has greater control over its marketing strategy.
D. can increase brand dilution.
E. can eliminate any local competition.
When entering into a franchise agreement, what term is used to refer to the firm that is
granted the right to operate a business using the franchise name and business concept?
A. franchisee
B. franchisor
C. franchise agent
D. franchise partner
E. franchised owner
Pricing _______ products is especially challenging because little or nothing is known
about consumers' perceptions of its value.
A. cost-based
B. seasonal
C. service-related
D. bundled
E. new-to-the-world
An online retailer needs to be able to measure how well its website converts purchase
intentions into actual purchases. This is known as the
A. conversion rate.
B. collection ratio.
C. consumer index.
D. customer total.
E. buyer quotient.
The BRIC countries are Bolivia, Russia, Italy, and China.
Before Segway manufactured its two-wheeled people movers, it built a prototype and
had staff engineers test it for performance and stability. At this stage, Segway was
involved in
A. alpha testing.
B. product launch.
C. test marketing.
D. beta testing.
E. concept testing.
When automobile manufacturers introduced SUVs, they distributed and promoted them
in the United States, but not in Europe where gasoline is heavily taxed and roads are
much smaller. Car manufacturers recognized that this new line of cars
A. provided equivalent relative advantage for both European and U.S. customers.
B. were not compatible with European market conditions.
C. did not provide benefits that were observable.
D. involved technology that was too complex.
E. could not be easily tried by consumers.
The growth phase of the product life cycle is always dynamic. Which of the following
does not occur in this phase?
A. Profits increase as sales increase.
B. Profits increase as economies of scale are attained.
C. Some new competitors may enter the market with similar products.
D. Some competitors will exit in an "industry shakeout."
E. Price competition with protracted price wars erodes profits.
Southwest Airlines is known for being the low-cost provider in the U.S. airline industry.
What type of macro strategy has Southwest pursued?
Suppose that a friend asks you to drive him to the airport this weekend so he can catch a
flight. He pays you for the gas used driving to the airport, and for the cost of parking
the car at the airport while you help him in with his bags. He then declares that you are
now "even," since he has fully compensated you for any costs you incurred in helping
him get to his flight. From your perspective, what aspects of the "price" of taking your
friend to the airport has he omitted?
Why would a company use a micromarketing strategy versus an undifferentiated
Which generational cohort members are characterized as being "Digital Natives,"
having had access to the Internet their entire lives?
A local deli has decided that it wants to become more socially responsible. For three of
the stakeholder groups listed in the chapter, suggest socially responsible actions the deli
could take to serve those stakeholders.
How is the balance of ethnicities in the U.S. population changing, and what
implications does this have for marketers?
One professor was known for never teaching the same course the same way twice.
Which difference between a product and a service does this represent? How could the
professor use this to his or her advantage?
Coastal Glass Company provides bottles to the major beverage companies in the United
States. Coastal knows it needs to build partnering relationships with each of the
beverage companies, and the beverage companies know that Coastal is important to
them. What will both sides need to do to build and maintain a partnering relationship?
Imagine that you are a sales representative for IBM, selling consulting services. Which
of the four types of buying center cultures do you think it would be easiest to sell to?
Using the characteristics of the buying center culture you chose, explain why it was
your choice, and how you would approach selling to that type of buying center.
You see an advertisement for an internship with Best Buy to work with its regional
dispatcher. The advertisement describes the types of activities associated with working
in dispatching. What sorts of activities would you expect the ad to list?
Suppose that a restaurant near campus wants to use social media to get more people to
visit the restaurant. The manager plans to offer a free dessert to anyone who "likes" the
restaurant's Facebook page. In this situation, how would you measure the conversion
Suppose that Samsung wants to create a social media program to build consumer
engagement around a new line of smartphones. Using the 4E framework, explain (with
examples) how Samsung could build this program.
Why would a price skimming strategy probably not work for a "me-too" product,
something very similar to a new-to-the-market product?
Deonna has been asked to write a marketing plan for a new restaurant. What questions
will Deonna likely address in her marketing plan? Be specific and offer questions
related to a restaurant.
Demographically speaking, what are the advantages to retailers in utilizing mobile
List the steps in the AIDA model and explain why each step is important to marketers.
Describe when each of the following five business-to-business pricing tactics would be
most appropriate:
seasonal discounts
cash discounts
quantity discounts
uniform delivered versus zone pricing
If senior management already has made its decision, should marketing research be
conducted? What questions should be considered?