Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

MK 10360

February 5, 2017
Flora is frustrated with her company's supply chain management information system.
She wants to be able to receive sales data, initiate purchase orders, send and receive
invoices, and receive returned merchandise documentation. Flora needs a(n)
A. cross-docking exchange.
B. electronic data interchange system.
C. vendor-managed inventory system.
D. vertical conflict reduction system.
E. radio frequency identification system.
Service employees at the airlines' flight cancellation desks frequently encounter
travelers who get emotional about canceled or delayed flights. The first thing these
employees should do is to
A. listen to the customer.
B. contact a supervisor.
C. estimate the damage.
D. provide a fair solution.
E. resolve the problem quickly.
__________ research is a type of quantitative research that manipulates variables to
help determine cause and effect.
A. Descriptive
B. Syndicated
C. Manipulative
D. Focus group
E. Experimental
Jordan directs her salespeople to increase the company's share of wallet. Jordan is
directing her salespeople to
A. focus on increasing sales to their best customers.
B. focus on male consumers, and not female consumers.
C. sell more store brands and fewer private-label products.
D. become omnichannel salespeople.
E. expand retailing elasticity.
One of the limitations associated with break-even analysis is that
A. it assumes fixed costs are zero.
B. it cannot adjust for high variable costs.
C. it tells marketers only what price is needed to break even.
D. it assumes that there is only one price.
E. it assumes that demand is extremely inelastic.
Some banks have begun offering special accounts designed to attract junior high school
students. These kids save in such small amounts that the accounts cost banks more to
maintain than they are worth. But bankers know that consumers are creatures of habit
and hope that the young people they serve now will become adult customers. These
banks recognize
A. that operational excellence is an important macro strategy.
B. the lifetime value of customers.
C. that product excellence leads to loyal customers.
D. the importance of making decisions based on short-term results.
E. that as long as customers bring in some revenue, costs do not matter.
Kristina created a virtual prototype of her new line of swimwear on a website to show
to consumers. Kristina will ask consumers what they think of the clothing. Which is the
most important question that Kristina should ask?
A. What retailers should be used to sell the swimwear?
B. Will retailers purchase the swimwear if it becomes available?
C. What wholesale price should be charged?
D. What promotional plan will work best?
E. In which season should we introduce the product?
Retailers often perform ticketing and marking functions in their distribution centers
rather than in their retail stores because ticketing and marking is often
A. the responsibility of the dispatcher.
B. too complex for sales personnel to manage.
C. done in conjunction with supply chain promotional allowances.
D. the responsibility of the logistics department and not the marketing department.
E. inefficient and expensive.
Jim was asked to determine the ROI for a particular advertising effort. To do so, he
needs to know
A. the internal rate of return and the projected expenditure level.
B. the total number of units sold and the total cost of sales.
C. sales revenue and advertising cost.
D. gross margin and advertising cost.
E. the advertising cost and the total communications expenditures.
In most cases, countries use tariffs to reduce foreign competition, but tariffs are also
A. to shorten supply chains.
B. as a response to perceived unfair trade practices.
C. to offer domestic discounts.
D. to stimulate consumer demand.
E. as a way to equalize quotas.
After assessing the market growth potential and market competitiveness for his
company's baby products in Mexico, Harmon wanted to evaluate market access. To do
this, Harmon would consider
A. ease of accessing or developing distribution channels and brand familiarity.
B. the current size of the market and the expected growth rate.
C. ease of pricing control and number of promotional outlets.
D. the number of competitors, entry barriers, and product substitutes.
E. profitability and customer buying behavior.
A demand curve shows the relationship between _______ in a period of time.
A. income and demand
B. price and costs
C. price and elasticity
D. profit and price
E. price and demand
Benefit-cost analysis in marketing research weighs
A. the benefits of answering questions against the cost of the research.
B. the benefit of qualitative research against the cost of quantitative research.
C. the benefit of primary data research against the cost of secondary data research.
D. the benefit of a data warehouse against the cost of syndicated data.
E. the benefit of internal secondary data against the cost of external secondary data.
As an omnichannel retailing operation matures, as in the case of Walmart, what tends to
happen to its organizational structure?
A. separation of all operations
B. escalation of costs across all channels
C. growth of retail channel and diminishment of Internet channel
D. operational integration of all channels
E. growth of Internet channel and diminishment of retail channel
Using prior sales and communication activities to determine the present communication
budget describes which method of IMC budgeting?
A. reach and frequency
B. track and decode
C. objective-and-task
D. rule-of-thumb
E. sender-receiver
Which of the following is not one of the four major growth strategies marketers
typically utilize?
A. market penetration
B. market development
C. segment development
D. diversification
E. product development
As marketing manager for a newly created software company, Katrina is deciding
whether or not to hire a company sales force. To make this decision, Katrina needs to
consider whether or not
A. her firm should attend trade shows.
B. her firm has a "hot" product.
C. having a sales force is worth more than it costs.
D. she will be able to find an effective supply chain manager.
E. online advertising will work.
During the __________ stage of the product life cycle, sales rise, profits rise rapidly,
and there are a small but increasing number of competitors.
A. introduction
B. leveling
C. maturity
D. growth
E. decline
Compared with other methods used to set prices, _______ pricing is relatively simple.
A. cost-based
B. value-based
C. improvement value
D. reference-based
E. cost of ownership
Generally, less money is spent on advertising in B2B markets because
A. B2B marketing usually involves more personal selling.
B. B2B marketing is too expensive to use advertising.
C. business customers prefer coupons.
D. B2B markets are too homogeneous to use advertising.
E. publicity is the most effective advertising in B2B markets.
Marketing research begins with
A. designing the research project.
B. analyzing data.
C. defining objectives and research needs.
D. presenting results.
E. creating the data collection process.
__________ are the three types of attribute sets.
A. Universal, retrieval, and evoked
B. University, relatives, and expression
C. United, relations, and exploration
D. Urban, random, and exchange
E. Unanimity, rule, and express
When the value of the dollar declines in relation to other currencies, it benefits U.S.
marketers who
A. export goods to other countries.
B. import goods from other countries.
C. engage in countertrade.
D. enforce import quotas.
E. outsource labor.
The __________ occurs when unit cost drops as the quantity sold increases.
A. slotting allowance benefit
B. price fixing return
C. improvement value effect
D. experience curve effect
E. cumulative bundling benefit
Which of the following products actually lost market share due to its attempt at
sustainable packaging?
A. Doritos
B. Oke Doke popcorn
C. Lay's potato chips
D. Pringles
E. Sun Chips
Many health insurance policies require patients to call and get preapproval for tests or
procedures. The health insurance company acts as a(n) __________ for the purchase of
these medical services.
A. decider
B. initiator
C. influencer
D. user
E. gatekeeper
__________ is a particularly good advertising medium for groceries and fast food.
A. Television
B. Internet
C. Direct mail
D. Radio
E. Newspaper
The __________ is a specific price at which manufacturers encourage retailers to sell a
A. key price point
B. slotting fee
C. introductory price
D. retail margin
E. manufacturer's suggested retail price
A customer orientation toward pricing implicitly invokes the concept of
A. knowing the dimensions of the target market.
B. positioning.
C. the income effect.
D. value.
E. profit.
Which of the following is not a reason listed in your text for the high failure rate of new
A. failing to assess the market properly
B. neglecting to do appropriate product testing
C. targeting the wrong segment
D. overextending a firm's abilities
E. failing to introduce lower-priced alternatives
The three elements of any IMC strategy are the consumer, the channels, and
A. the receiver.
B. the product.
C. evaluation of the results.
D. the company.
E. event sponsorship.
When Apple's famous 1984 "Big Brother" ad aired during the Super Bowl, it reached an
estimated 500 million viewers. It aired only once on commercial television, but was
seen in later years in at least 10 television programs recalling great commercials. For its
target audience, the frequency of this ad is measured as
A. 1.
B. 10.
C. 500 million.
D. one-tenth.
E. 5 billion (10 times 500 million).
A __________ is a group of associated items that consumers tend to use together or
think of as part of a group of similar products.
A. product line
B. product mix
C. product mix breadth
D. line extension
E. brand extension
Which of the following details is(are) included in the order specification stage of the
B2B buying process?
A. prices and delivery dates
B. vendor performance assessment
C. the RFP
D. bids for supplying the required components or parts
E. reasons for choosing a selected vendor