Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

MHR 691

July 13, 2015
A written job offer must not only specify salary but also fringe benefits and any special
provisions the applicant had negotiated during the interview.
Strivers are motivated by achievement and are relatively low in resources and
Thinking about design at each stage of the writing process is most likely to adversely
affect the quality of the document.
If the reader has not asked for a justification report, a writer must not link his or her
request to the organizations goals.
Reader benefits are not needed in messages that present factual information only.
Compound sentences have one main and one subordinate clause.
It is unnecessary to refer to every visual in a text, so one must refer only to the ones that
are most important.
Conflicts will arise in any group of intelligent people who care about the task at hand.
The design functionality of a document is best tested with people who are most likely to
have trouble with it.
A resume is a persuasive summary of ones qualifications for employment.
Good documents are likely to use visuals to convey numerical data clearly and
Of the six questions in PAIBOC, five relate to the audience.
Which of the following is/are the most inappropriate way(s) to open a presentation?
A. Talking about local events rather than events at a distance
B. Using recent events as examples and quotes rather than things that happened long
C. Talking about new and unknown people rather than the people who the audience
already know
D. Using humor thats directed against the audience
E. Both C and D
Providing alternatives to your reader:
A. allows them to react in a way that does not hurt you.
B. is most likely to hurt your organization.
C. is most likely to reduce goodwill in the long run.
D. allows you to restrict their psychological freedom.
E. none of the above.
Which of the following will help an individual gain work experience for a person when
he or she who has six to twelve months before hunting for a job?
A. Getting promoted while working in a fast-food job
B. Volunteering his or her services to a local fundraising organization or other small
C. Creating portfolios of relevant documents in the field he or she is interested in
D. Working as a freelancer with the diverse skills he or she has
E. All of the above
Which of the following is a defining characteristic of a descriptive dictionary?
A. It defines words as they are supposed to be used.
B. It prescribes how a word should be used.
C. It defines words on the basis of their usefulness in professional writing.
D. It defines words based on how people use them.
E. It exclusively contains words that connote status.
To find the median in a list of salaries:
A. calculate the average, which is the same thing.
B. add up all the figures and divide by the number of samples.
C. determine the salary amount exactly in the middle.
D. find the range of the salaries.
E. none of the above.
The primary purpose of a job application letter is to:
A. ask for a salary raise.
B. get an interview.
C. get contacts.
D. get a referral.
E. None of the above is a primary purpose.
A confectionery store wants to re-launch its candy bars with a new range of flavors in
the market. Which of the following sentences conveys this information with a positive
A. "Now our candy bars taste better."
B. "Now our candy bars taste even better."
C. "Our candy bars have never tasted better."
D. "The best our candy bars can taste."
How should a person respond if an interviewer asks about salary requirements before
making a job offer?
A. "You should pay me 50 percent more than what I got previously."
B. "Id like to take home the same salary as the last person who held this post."
C. "You could offer me the same salary as you are offering other candidates."
D. "Im sure the firm can pay me what Im worth."
E. "Im here for experience. So, salary and other benefits do not matter."
Which of the following is not an example of a hidden negative?
A. The word "but" after a positive statement.
B. The word "however" after a negative statement.
C. The sentence, "Now Choco Puffs taste better."
D. The sentence, "Please be patient as we change the slides."
E. All of the above.
Choose the best re-write of this career objective: "To use my four-year degree, PC
certification courses, and business experience to generate revenue for an international
computer company."
A. To use my education and experience to effectively sell computer products or
B. To use my four-year degree, PC certification courses, and business experience to
market computer products or services for an international computer company.
C. Selling advanced routers made by Cisco Systems, and to help it generate more
D. An entry-level sales position in PC applications with Cisco Systems, where my
four-year degree in computer science, PC-based certification courses, and significant
and lengthy business experience in a fast-paced environment can help generate
increased sales revenue for Cisco.
E. To use what I know to get a job.
In a long report, which of the following include bar graphs, pie charts, and maps?
A. Tables
B. Transmittals
C. Assumptions
D. Figures
E. Modules
Which of the following does not help create you-attitude in business messages?
A. Talking about the reader, not about yourself
B. Focusing on reader benefits
C. Using the word "I" more often than the word "you" in positive situations
D. Not being presumptuous about a readers emotion or reaction to your message
E. None of the above
While linking the negative element of your message with a benefit, you must ensure
A. it is a unique benefit.
B. you tell the reader that you are doing things "for their own good."
C. it is a benefit the reader will acknowledge.
D. Both A and B.
E. None of the above.
_____ reports evaluate several alternatives and recommend one of them.
Briefly describe the best way for conveying bad news to superiors.
Applicants must make their acceptance contingent upon a written _____ confirming the
What courtesy titles should you use when you are aware of your readers name and
gender? List exceptions, if any.
Are there any deviations from standard grammar in business writing?
_____ meetings are those that run under strict rules, often used by boards of directors,
but they are rarely part of the day-to-day meetings common in most businesses.
List five elements of diversity in the workplace.
What is the difference between compound and complex sentences?