Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

MHR 412 Quiz 1

July 13, 2015
In a skills resume, one should use headings that reflect the jargon of the job for which
one is applying.
A letter after an office visit is essential to thank the hosts for their hospitality.
It isnt ethical to omit information that people need to make decisions.
An oral presentation needs to be simpler than a written message to the same audience.
E-mail messages are appropriate for someone to whom the writer is writing to for the
first time.
Words with similar sounds can have very different meanings.
Interpersonal messages focus on people, promoting friendliness, cooperation, and group
A successful international communicator is aware that his or her preferred values and
behaviors are seldom influenced by culture and are always right.
Some words persist, even after the reality behind them has changed.
Boolean searches receive fewer but more useful hits while searching online.
Revising for you-attitude often makes sentences shorter.
In divided presentations, during the question period, each member answers questions
that relate to his or her topic.
Where possible, one should test ones video resume with an audience similar to ones
target audience.
Baby Boomers greatest strength is their ease of using technology.
How should job applicants navigate their career course?
Differentiate between a run-on sentence and comma splice.
List some strategies for avoiding procrastination.
What are the five standard patterns of organizing a presentation?
Mention the activities that should be listed in the work schedule of a class research
What are stress interviews? How should one handle a stress interview?
What is the difference between joking and clowning?