Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

MHR 385 Midterm

July 13, 2015
Instead of simply mirroring what the other person says, many of us immediately
respond in a way that analyzes or attempts to solve or dismiss the problem.
Coordination is the longest phase of a groups development, during which most of the
groups work is done.
The two most common letter formats are block and modified block.
Parliamentary meetings are regularly held in most businesses and nonprofit
organizations to announce new policies and products, answer questions, share ideas,
and motivate workers.
Purging files periodically enhances efficiency and saves time.
Blind copies are usually mentioned on the original document.
The advantage of audio messages is that it provides both tone of voice and nonverbal
Listening responses hardly vary in different cultures.
The title of a report should be as small as possible.
The standard memo format mimics block format but has no salutation, close, or
All audiences have the same attitudes.
It is not necessary to learn the readers thought processes while testing a designs
Unlike e-mail messages, instant messages cannot be saved for future reference.
Goodwill endings focus on the business relationship that the writer shares with his/her
In your organization, you walk into the elevator and find that youre going to ride up the
elevator together with your boss. Which of the following reactions would most
appropriately help you gain a favorable image?
A. Ignore your boss completely.
B. Keep the conversation highly informal by discussing sports, cars, and personal
C. Wait for your supervisor or boss to acknowledge your presence and then indulge in a
D. Talk to your boss about how excited you are to learn more and to add more value to
the organization.
E. Behave extremely formally and avoid indulging in any conversation with the
supervisor or the boss.
Which of the following is true with regard to reader benefits in situations where it is
particularly hard to persuade the reader?
A. In such situations, reader benefits should be supported by logical evidence.
B. In such situations, reader benefits should be emotionally convincing.
C. In such situations, reader benefits should provide enough detail so as to be vivid and
D. In such situations, reader benefits should use the technique of psychological
E. All of the above are true.
To increase the chances that the resume is scanned correctly, the applicant should:
A. use 16- or 18-point type.
B. use a full justification rather than ragged right margin.
C. italicize or underline words especially titles of books or newspapers that
grammatically require such treatment.
D. use two-column formats or indented or centered text.
E. not write anything by hand on the resume.
Which of the following is true of the orientation stage of group development?
A. Insistence on information in this first stage can hurt the groups long-term
B. During orientation, conflicts almost always arise when the group chooses a leader
and defines the problem.
C. Orientation is the longest phase, during which most of the groups work is done.
D. In the orientation stage, conflict occurs as the group debates alternate solutions to
E. In this final stage, the group seeks consensus.
Which of the following factor(s) influence(s) a readers reaction to a negative message?
A. Do you and the reader have a good relationship?
B. Does the organization treat people well?
C. Have readers "bought into" the criteria for the decision?
D. Have readers been warned of possible negatives?
E. All of the above.
The visual that will best allow readers to compare the percentage of promotions
between male and female employees within a company over a time span of ten years is
a _____.
A. table
B. pie chart
C. line graph
D. deviation bar graph
E. scatter diagram
Which of the following is a defining characteristic of complex sentences?
A. They have two main clauses often joined with "and" or "but."
B. They have one main and one subordinate clause.
C. They contain gerunds.
D. They primarily consist of two subordinate clauses.
E. None of the above statements are true.
In the first paragraph of a prospecting letter, an applicant should:
A. specify where he or she learned about the job.
B. specify the position for which he or she is applying.
C. catch the readers interest.
D. give a detailed description of his or her skills and experience.
The range for a set of numbers is:
A. calculated by adding up all the figures and dividing by the number of samples.
B. the number that is exactly in the middle of the set.
C. A sequence of numbers where each subsequent number is the sum of the previous
D. the high and low figures for a variable.
Amy, a team leader at Monee Reserve Inc. wants to convey a good news to her team. In
her letter to the team, where should Amy ideally put the good news?
A. In the letters subject line
B. In the first line of the last paragraph of the letter
C. In the last line of the letter
D. The good news should be included in a separate enclosure
E. None of the above
Which of the following is true about denotation?
A. In English, most words have more than one denotation.
B. In English, there is no difference between the denotation and the connotation of
C. Denotation is typically the emotional colorings or associations that accompany a
D. Denotation is the prefix attached to a word.
E. Denotation is the suffix attached to a word.
When is it acceptable to take a while to make a point?
How should sales promotion ideally be like in an informative or positive message?
_____ is predrawn images that a person can import into a newsletter, sign, or graph.
How do writers settle on the appropriate format and style while preparing a report?
Is it necessary to apologize in business?