Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

MHR 362 Quiz

July 13, 2015
In low-context cultures, most of the information is inferred from the context of a
message; little is spelled out."
To find out if a woman prefers a traditional title, it is useful to check the signature block
in previous correspondence.
In a prospecting letter, the applicant should ask for a job in the first paragraph.
A colon and a semicolon are functionally similar and are used to indicate that a word
has been divided between two lines.
Causation means that one thing causes or produces another.
Not every formal report must contain a Methods section in the Introduction.
You should use labels, such as wrong and bad, and inferences in appraisals for a better
If a business associate refuses to look you in the eye while you and he are speaking, you
A. ask why he wont look you in the eye.
B. realize that hes probably telling you the truth.
C. keep moving toward him, until you force him to look you in the eye.
D. realize that he may have learned that constant eye contact is not appropriate in a
business situation.
E. none of the above.
Which of the following is most likely to be used in order to examine the basic points
needed for successful informative and positive messages?
A. Cluster analysis
B. The PAIBOC questions
C. The T-test
D. The Z-test
E. None of the above
Which of the following statements is true about parliamentary meetings?
A. They are the most common type of meeting practiced in businesses.
B. These are highly informal meetings that are crucial to an employee being seen as
C. In business organizations, they are often used by boards of directors.
D. These meetings are run under strict rules.
E. Both C and D are true about parliamentary meetings.
Which of the following is true with regard to testing the functionality of a documents
A. Watching someone as he or she uses a document is unlikely to provide any useful
insight with regard to the documents functionality.
B. Asking the creator of a document to revise the content is the best way to test the
functionality of a document.
C. Testing a document with the people who are most likely to have trouble with it must
be avoided at all costs.
D. Testing a documents design with the audience is most likely to lead to valuable and
useful insights.
E. Readers opinions must be completely ignored while testing a documents design.
Which of the following patterns for organizing information in reports takes up each
alternative in turn and discusses the strengths and weaknesses?
A. Comparison/contrast
B. Problem-solution
C. Elimination of alternatives
D. General to particular or particular to general
E. Geographic or spatial
Which of the following should be done if the resume does not fit the standard
A. The applicant should combine Education and Experience.
B. The applicant should create separate categories for Honors, Awards, and Activities,
even if he or she has only one item under each head.
C. If the applicant has more than seven items under a heading, he or she should
consider using subheadings.
D. Even if the applicant has impressive work experience, he or she should put that
category at the bottom, after his or her name, Education, and address.
E. All of the above.
Which of the following guidelines should be followed when organizing
problem-solving messages?
A. Avoid using an indirect approach of organization when you expect resistance from
your reader.
B. Try to mention personalities while describing the problem you share with your
C. If you know that the reader will favor another solution, start with your solution rather
than with the readers preferred solution.
D. Use the problem-solving pattern of organization when you expect resistance from
your reader.
E. Both A and B are correct.
A subordinate tells you that he is upset with the treatment he receives from his peers.
He wants your help to resolve the conflict. A good first response would be to:
A. ask him to solve his own problems.
B. tell him about your problems with the same people.
C. ask him to be arrogant with those who maltreats him.
D. acknowledge his feelings.
E. none of the above.
While writing dates in a business document, you should:
A. use figures for the day and the year.
B. always spell out the year.
C. be sure to use figures for the month in international business communication.
D. never use a comma before the year in accordance with modern punctuation.
E. none of the above.
Jason has prepared a report on gender discrimination in various organizations. He wants
to compare the disparities between male and female employees with regard to
promotions, salary hikes, incentives, and positions in top management. Which of the
following visual aids will best enable Jason to make this comparison?
A. Table
B. Bar chart
C. Pie chart
D. Paired graph
E. None of the above
Which of the following is the most inappropriate question in an information interview?
A. How do you spend your typical day?
B. Have your duties changed a lot since you first started working here?
C. How did you get this job?
D. Could you offer me a job in your organization?
E. What do you like best about your job? What do you like least?
Which of the following proof reading symbols is used to mark text that should be
moved to the right?
The difference between behavioral and situational interviews is that behavioral
A. put applicants in situations that allow interviewers to see whether they have the
qualities the company is seeking.
B. deliberately put the applicants under stress.
C. ask the applicant to describe actual habits, rather than plans or general principles.
D. probe every weak spot in applicants records and ask questions that elicit negatives.
E. are not face-to-face interviews.
Which of the following is true of memos?
A. Memos omit both the salutation and the close.
B. Memos usually indent paragraphs.
C. Memos do not require subject lines.
D. Memos require a separate heading for the first paragraph.
E. Memos have both close as well as signature.
Which of the following guidelines helps candidates prepare for an interview?
A. Dress in interview clothing that is more casual than that of the interviewer.
B. Wear casuals when attending a management or office job interview.
C. Avoid using cologne or perfume.
D. Bring the names, addresses, and phone numbers of references if the r©sum© doesnt
contain them.
E. Avoid addressing negative points or weaknesses that come up in the interview.
Which of the following is useful when developing the style for an effective message?
A. Using complex jargon to impress the audience
B. Using hot button words
C. Using conversational, not "academic," language
D. Using sentences of the same length
E. All of the above
Which of the following sentences displays good you-attitude?
A. Why have you submitted last years sales report instead of this years?
B. You should learn to be more careful when editing documents.
C. I think that the quality of this document can be improved with proofreading.
D. I dont think you have the necessary knowledge or skills to complete this simple task.
E. You must get this work done within an hour.
Define random, convenience, and judgment samples.
According to Dory Hollander, what are the telltale signs Dory Hollander recommends
to look for when determining if its time to leave a job?
How can information be effectively organized in order to create goodwill?
What information does a person need about companies that might hire him or her in
order to perform well at the interviews?
What is the pattern for organizing justification reports when a writers recommendation
is easy for the reader to accept?
_____ and positive emphasis help applicants to sound assertive without being arrogant.