Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

MGT 715 Test 1

July 13, 2015
If one doesnt have to look for a job for several years, there is no reason to create a
resume now.
Putting the whole message in caps is considered as rude as shouting.
Often, a writer can create you-attitude simply by changing words in a sentence.
In a multicultural workforce, you should observe the behavior of the person listening to
you without assigning a meaning to it.
Organizing e-mails using filters, folders, and mailboxes takes time away from work
and, therefore, offers no significant advantage.
Business communication practices in the United States reflect high-context preferences.
In a sales letter, it is unacceptable to use a comma after the salutation.
The secondary audience pays close attention to the transaction between the writers and
the primary audience and may base future actions on its evaluation of the message.
Interpersonal communication is needed to resolve the conflicts that arise during the
formation stage of a group.
Confident people have an indirect style of writing.
Psychological description can be used to describe the problem a product will solve.
It is important to prove to a potential employer that youre up-to-date and motivated
even if you have been out of the job market for a while.
A 48-point font is generally considered too big for titles in presentation slides.
Which of the following is true of using MLA or APA formats?
A. The MLA style requires quotation marks around titles of articles.
B. The MLA style requires one to uncapitalize all major words in titles of articles,
books, journals, magazines, and newspapers.
C. The MLA style does not ask to give authors€, editors€ names as printed in the
D. The APA style requires quotes around title of articles.
E. None of the above.
Which of the following uses the word "complement" accurately?
A. Amy complemented Kathy for her new dress.
B. "This is indeed a beautiful watch," complemented Suzie.
C. Everyone at the party thought that the barbecue sauce complemented the baked
D. Her colleagues complemented her on the completion of the project.
E. Amanda was fishing for complements.
Which of the following will increase the chances that a human being will pay attention
to ones resume?
A. While emphasizing achievements, one should focus on the oldest ones.
B. One should avoid the jargon and buzzwords of the industry and the organization.
C. One should avoid using a career objective with the employers name.
D. One should emphasize achievements that show ones superiority to other applicants.
E. All of the above.
The best response to the question "Why should I hire you?" is to:
A. explain ones financial situation.
B. tell the interviewer that it was his or her prerogative.
C. explain ones strengths for that job.
D. list the relatives and friends who hope one gets that job.
E. ask the interviewer to change the question.
Connotation means:
A. the literal or dictionary meaning attached to a word.
B. the suffix attached to a word.
C. the associations that accompany a word.
D. the root of the word.
E. the prefix attached to a word.
Which of the following is/are recommended for developing reader benefits?
A. Keeping reader benefits specific
B. Using just a sentence or two for less important benefits
C. Linking each feature of a product or policy to the readers€ needs
D. Using the technique of psychological description
E. All of the above
What is the role of the limitations included in the introduction of a report?
A. They identify the organizational problem the report addresses.
B. They make recommendations valid only under certain conditions.
C. They identify the topics the report covers.
D. They support the conclusions.
E. They tell how people were chosen for a survey.
A company highlights the following reader benefit in its advertisement for current job
openings: "Does your current job leave you financially broke at the end of the month?
If yes, and if you are the kind of person who is keen on receiving hefty salary,
commissions, and incentives, and also likes being entitled to professional perks and
other financial benefits, then you have found your ideal job with us! Walk into our
office today for your job interview." Which of the following most accurately evaluates
the reader benefit used by the company?
A. The reader benefit lacks a psychological description.
B. The reader benefit lacks you-attitude.
C. The reader benefit fails to mention intrinsic benefits.
D. The reader benefit fails to mention extrinsic benefits.
E. None of the above.
Which of the following refers to language from a previous document that a writer
includes in a new document?
A. Grapevine
B. Groupthink
C. Boilerplate
D. Legend
E. None of the above
Which of the following is an example of a report that provides information and analyses
but not recommendations?
A. Problem-solving reports
B. Sales reports
C. Audit reports
D. Feasibility reports
E. Quarterly reports
Japan-based Cephalex Inc. ties-up with a university in South-East Asia to provide 5000
PCs to its students. However, when an earthquake temporarily shut down Cephalexs
major manufacturing unit, the sales-head of the company wrote to the university using
the following opening line: "Your order #543128 is delayed owing to unforeseen
circumstances." The university responded with the following lines: "Your failure to
process the order is unprofessional. We would be obliged to cancel the order if it is not
honored by the agreed deadline." Which of the following is true of this business
A. The opening sentence used by Cephalex in its letter to the university lacks
you-attitude because it refers to the order directly.
B. In order to create you-attitude, the sales-head of Cephalex should have opened his
letter by expressing his personal feelings.
C. The university lacks empathy and fails to see the situation from Cephalexs point of
D. Cephalex lacks accountability and appears to be presumptuous.
E. Cephalex lacks empathy.
Which of the following best describes listening?
A. Recognizing the source of the sounds
B. Decoding and interpreting sounds correctly
C. Perceiving sounds
D. Focusing on the secondary meanings of words and sentences
E. None of the above
Robin is in a referral interview with a person who doesnt have the power to create a job
position for him. However, the person is helping Robin revise his resume. Which of the
following will be an appropriate behavior from Robins side?
A. He should ask for further referrals from the person at the end of the interview.
B. He need not follow up the referral interview as the person did not create a job for
C. He should enclose a copy of his revised resume with a personal thank-you letter after
the interview.
D. He should ignore any advice from the person as the person has no power to create a
job position.
E. Both A and C are appropriate.
A follow-up letter should do all of the following except:
A. reminding the interviewer of what he or she liked about the applicant.
B. being enthusiastic.
C. referring to the next move in the process.
D. asking for the status of the application.
E. using the jargon of the company.
Kevin is the sales manager at Cosmos Inc. He has to write a letter to a new customer
named Ronald Schilling, whom he has never met before. In his letter to the customer,
which of the following salutations should Kevin ideally use?
A. Dear Ron
B. Dear Ronald
C. Dear Mr. Schilling
D. Dear Ron Schilling
E. None of the above
Talking to internal and external audiences helped writers:
A. involve readers in the planning process.
B. avoid procrastination.
C. skip revising their own works.
D. reduce their dependency on publishers.
E. None of the above.
Which of the following need not be checked while revising a document?
A. Style and tone
B. Organization
C. Punctuation and spelling
D. Content and clarity
E. All of the above.
A popular American radio station announced a contest in which one lucky winner
would win an all-expenses-paid trip to Paris. To participate, listeners must tune in from
7 a.m. to 12 p.m. every day and complete a quiz on the radio stations Web site within 1
p.m. on the same day. The person who answered most of the questions correctly at the
end of a month was to be declared the winner. However, a month later, the winner of the
contest found out that the trip is to Paris, Texas, and not to Paris, France. Which of the
following is the most fitting evaluation of this situation?
A. This is an example of using positive emphasis ethically since the winner was
promised a trip to Paris which is a substantial benefit.
B. This is an example of using positive emphasis ethically since the radio station fairly
evaluated all the listeners who participated in the contest and declared a winner as
C. This is an example of using positive emphasis unethically because the winner might
not have participated if she had known the true nature of the contest and the prize.
D. This an example of using positive emphasis unethically because the radio station had
failed to provide full disclosure of all the details pertaining to the contest and the prize.
E. Both C and D are correct.
Under which of the following circumstances is it most appropriate to omit the reason
for a refusal in negative messages?
A. If you think that the reason is most likely to upset the reader
B. If you think that the reason is weak or is most likely to defame your organization
C. If you are able to offer alternatives to help solve the problem
D. If you share a good rapport with the reader
E. None of the above
When is it safest to use color in visuals?
A. When the audience is from different national backgrounds
B. When the audience consists of readers from different professions
C. With a homogenous audience that the writer knows well
D. With an audience from different cultural histories
E. It is safest in case of both A and D
List and explain the three functions of progress reports beyond reporting progress.
What should you do in order to reduce the number of conflicts in a group?
Define the terms: average, median, and range.
What is the purpose of the Introduction in a long report?
A business jargon is also known as _____.
As chair of a meeting, what should a person do in case of contentious issues being
discussed in the meeting?
What are the different parts of an interview?
What is an informative report? What are the different elements of informative reports?
To show enthusiasm, reserved people should lean _____ as they talk.