Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

MGT 680 Midterm

July 13, 2015
Professional listservs and electronic bulletin boards are a good way to get information
about the industry one hopes to enter.
If reader benefits are in you-attitude, they will sound selfish and won€t be as effective
as they could be.
Feasibility reports summarize completed work.
A transmittal is considered overly negative when you want the reader to acton the
All progress reports should use a chronological pattern of organization.
It is safest to experiment with color with a heterogeneous, multicultural audience.
Most cultures are more formal than the United States. This must be taken into account
when writing to international audiences.
Good document design rarely saves time and money.
When a letter runs two or more pages, a letterhead must be used for all the pages.
Linking ones comment to the comment of a powerful person reduces the chances of
being taken seriously.
In proportional fonts, every letter takes the same space.
To lead without being arrogant, leaders should look at their goal and identify the steps
needed to get there.
Thinking about the legal implications of what you say is particularly important in
negative messages.
Informal reports typically contain elements such as a title page, a transmittal, a table of
contents, and a list of illustrations.
In a _____ dictionary, words are defined as they are supposed to be used.
What should an applicant do if the first job offer is not from his or her first choice?
What does minimizing a problem most likely suggest?
What should you do avoid listening errors caused by self-absorption?
Good messages apply you-attitude beyond the sentence level by using content and
organization as well as style to build _____.