Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

MGT 652 Homework

July 13, 2015
Verbs can be changed from active to passive by making the direct object the new
The APA citation requires that every word in titles of articles and books be capitalized.
The use of blueprints, transitions, and topic sentences is particularly important in
is appropriate to ask for the interviewers card during or after the interview.
When you give bad news to peers and subordinates, you must always use a subject line
that focuses on solving the problem.
While giving bad news to customers and other people outside your organization, you
should mention the negatives repeatedly.
Most meanings of words depend on their usage.
It is impractical for a person to know where each visual is in his or her presentation.
If an applicant has a scannable resume, there is no need to prepare a conventional one.
Lauren, a sales representative, is about to make her first presentation in front of an
audience consisting of important clients and her seniors. In order to harness her nervous
energy in the right direction she should typically:
A. avoid making any prior preparations.
B. use a larger amount of caffeine than she would normally use.
C. consume an alcoholic beverage of her liking.
D. avoid saying "Im scared," and use positive emphasis.
E. look away from the audience during the presentation.
Which of the following is true of the Table of Contents in a report?
A. It points out additional research that is necessary, if any.
B. It indicates the minor problems encountered in the investigation.
C. It does not list the headings if the report is shorter than 25 pages.
D. It includes the details of the format and style used in the report.
E. It lists the headings exactly as they appear in the body of the report.
You had a bad day at work and decided to express your feelings about it on your blog.
Among other things, you mentioned that you believe your boss is dishonest and might
be stealing from the company because she keeps buying expensive jewelry for herself.
You have no proof, but you know she doesnt get paid enough to afford all of the things
she buys.
Which of the following is true in the light of the above information?
A. You cannot be held legally liable for the content of your blog.
B. Questioning your supervisors integrity is most likely to enhance the morale of your
C. Your blog post can be subpoenaed in a legal case.
D. Both A and B.
E. None of the above.
Which of the following is true of a solicited letter?
A. It is used when the company is reducing headcount.
B. It is used to tap into the hidden job markets.
C. It is used when the applicant knows that the company is hiring.
D. It is used when the applicant in unaware of the job ad.
E. None of the above is true.
Which of the following purposes do acknowledgement responses serve?
A. They help carry the message that youre listening.
B. They help carry the message that the speakers discourse contains multiple logical
C. They signal the end of a meeting.
D. They indicate to the speaker that you lack interest.
E. None of the above.
You receive a Request for Proposals (RFP). Although it says to include budget
information with your proposal, youre reluctant because that information could be used
to bargain with your competitors. Is it a good idea to leave the budget information out?
A. No, because withholding information will lower your score.
B. No, because chances are your competitor will take the same strategy, and you will
seem more customer-service-oriented by comparison.
C. Yes, because taking the initiative to create your own proposal sections shows youre a
leader and not a follower.
D. Yes, because most organizations expect the proposals to differ somewhat from what
the RFP specifies.
E. Yes, because evaluators dont look under specific headings of an RFP.
Which of the following is true of the opening of a feasibility report?
A. It gives an evaluation of every alternative according to the criteria.
B. It explains the decision to be made.
C. It justifies an investment or change in policy.
D. It summarizes the problems or successes of the project.
E. It provides recommendations based on proof.
Which of the following is true about technical jargons?
A. It is appropriate to use technical jargons when it is essential.
B. Technical jargons are also referred to as "businessese."
C. Technical jargons increase the clarity of messages and should be used as much as
possible irrespective of whether its essential.
D. Technical terms are usually commonly used words and so you should avoid defining
the terms.
E. All of the above are true.
The marketing head of a luxury food brand is reviewing potential customers using the
VALS system. What VALS category is the company most likely to target?
A. Thinkers
B. Believers
C. Achievers
D. Experiencers
E. Innovators
Lisa is a part of the audience that is watching a panel of top business executives engage
in a heated debate. Some members are talking simultaneously, one member is
explaining her views through visual aids, and yet another is trying to answer questions
from the audience. Lisa cant keep up with all this simultaneous communication. Which
of the following terms best exemplifies the difficulty she faces?
A. Channel overload
B. Information overload
C. Misperception
D. Transmission interruption
E. None of the above
What is the best time to negotiate salary and benefits during an interview?
A. When a person receives the call for an interview
B. Before the interview officially starts
C. Immediately after an interview
D. When a person already has the job offer
E. At any time during the interview process
An insurance company describes its reader benefit in the following words: "Imagine
you lose your job today! Have you ever thought about what your loved ones will have
to sacrifice? In order to avoid all of the sacrifices, to improve your standard of living,
and to secure your present as well as your future, we introduce our new range of
pension, insurance and retirement plans. Help us plan a bright future for you, while you
live your today free of worries!" The company is aiming to motivate readers by
appealing to their _____ needs.
A. safety
B. recognition
C. love and sense of belonging
D. esteem
E. self-actualization
According to meeting expert Michael Begeman, which of the following information
should be recorded at the end of a meeting?
A. Decisions reached
B. Action items
C. Open issues
D. Follow-up issues
E. All of the above
Which of the following should be done to increase the number of matches or "hits" for a
scannable resume?
A. Avoid industry buzzwords and jargon.
B. Always limit it to one page.
C. Avoid putting personality traits and attitude in the Keywords section.
D. Use nouns as some systems do not handle verbs well.
E. All of the above.
Which of the following facts about a company will be useful for a person planning to
attend a job meeting in the company?
A. The kind of computer or manufacturing equipment the company uses
B. The companys corporate culture
C. Names of officers and directors of the company
D. All of the above are useful facts
E. None of the above are useful facts
Which of the following is true of using you-attitude in business communication?
A. Using the word "you" in business messages does not necessarily signify you-attitude.
B. In a positive message, focusing primarily on what you can do for the reader signifies
C. Using the word "you" when criticizing the reader or limiting the readers freedom
displays you-attitude.
D. Keeping the word "you" to a minimum, in job application letters, signal a lack of
Rose and Victoria are working at Lance Inc. for the past two years. A week back, Rose
was admonished by her manager for not achieving her sales target for three consecutive
months. Prior to this, Rose had a healthy track record and even won a Star of the month
award for good performance. Rose is hurt but knows that she is capable of doing well.
She tries talking to Victoria about what happened. Victoria does not listen to all that
Rose wanted to tell her but offers her advice saying that she should focus on the future
instead of dwelling in the past. Which of the following is true of this scenario?
A. Victorias response blocks further communication and suggests that Roses concern is
B. Victorias response demonstrates active listening and shows that she fully understands
Roses predicament.
C. Roses failure in getting Victoria to listen to her shows that Rose is a poor speaker.
D. Since Rose is emotionally affected, she cannot express her concerns clearly.
E. Rose is an active listener.
_____ refers to putting yourself "in the other persons shoes."
A. Sympathizing
B. Empathizing
C. Creativity
D. Accountability
E. Observing
Which of the following statements is true of body language?
A. Open body positions include leaning back, sometimes with both hands behind the
B. Closed body positions include leaning forward with uncrossed arms and legs, with
the arms away from the body.
C. North American whites see eye contact as a sign of dishonesty.
D. Gestures mean approval in the United States as well as in other countries.
E. Japanese may see the U.S. tendency to fidget and shift as an indication of a lack of
mental or spiritual balance.
How can integrated group presentations be made more effective than divided
_____ sentences have one main and one subordinate clause.
How should a readers request or order be referred to in a business message?
What are the criteria for writing recommendations in a long report?
When should one use a chronological resume?
A writer must use a _____ chart to best enable the readers to compare a part to the
Referral interviews, an organized method of networking, offers the most systematic way
to tap into the _____ job market.
_____ include leaning forward with uncrossed arms and legs, with the arms away from
the body.
What is the difference between a behavioral interview and a situational interview?
In _____, receivers actively demonstrate that theyve heard and understood a speaker by
feeding back either the literal meaning or the emotional content or both.