Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

MGT 460 Homework

July 13, 2015
A high-paying job always holds more value than a low-paying job.
A sales presentation is considered a conversation, even if the salesperson stands up in
front of a group and uses charts and overheads.
In a formal report, tables and figures are numbered together in a sequence.
In internal memos, it is not permissible to comment that a project has been gratifying or
The purpose statement goes only in the final report and not in the proposal.
"In a letter to "consumers" or "voters," different people will have different concerns."
The more of these concerns you speak to, the less persuasive you will be.
A person is only part of one audience for a message.
Volunteering hurts the interests of both the individual and the group.
Having a resume while looking for a job makes one seem organized and prepared.
"Advice" means counsel and "advise" means to give counsel or advice someone.