Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

MGT 354 Final

July 13, 2015
To know whether your design is functional, you should consider testing it with your
A listener who mirrors the speakers feelings demonstrates active listening.
Writers must use technical jargons to create a good impression irrespective of whether
its essential.
In an information interview, a person asks for a job.
The "you" statements that many people use when theyre angry illustrate you-attitude.
Writers should avoid using the topic of the request of direct requests in the subject line
as it reduces its credibility.
Progress reports are only used for projects that will take more than a year to finish.
Late collection letters are typically more lenient than middle letters.
If reader benefits are not phrased in _____ , they will sound selfish and won€t be as
effective as they could be.
When discussing a visual, the main point that summarizes the visual should appear
_____ presenting the visual.
"Affect" means to influence or modify, whereas "_____" means to produce or cause.
What does citation and documentation mean?
List the roles and actions that help a group build loyalty, resolve conflicts, and function
Why is good listening crucial even when you are criticized by your superior?
Mention the three ways in which progress reports can be organized.
In what ways can an organization add to its employees intrinsic benefits?
If the recommendation in the progress report is likely to meet strong resistance, the
_____ pattern is more effective.