Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

MGMT 71610

February 5, 2017
Which ethnic group tends to be not only more affluent and suburban than previously
thought, but also younger, with 47 percent between the ages of 18 and 49 years?
A. Caucasian
B. Pacific Islander
C. Hispanic
D. Asian
E. African American
A relational orientation is based on the philosophy that buyers and sellers develop
A. a complete understanding of one another's needs.
B. a long-term relationship.
C. a price-value comparison matrix.
D. supply chain synergy.
E. a marketing value transaction focus.
In the AIDA model, the do stage is the __________ stage.
A. awareness
B. action
C. interest
D. desire
E. intentions
Which of the following scenarios is not a reason a firm would eliminate an item within
a product line?
A. The firm decided to refocus marketing efforts elsewhere.
B. The firm must respond to evolving markets.
C. The product undermined its own brand.
D. The product being eliminated is unprofitable.
E. The firm has decided to capture new markets.
Alex decides to make a donation to the Autism Research Institute. Which component of
Alex's attitude toward autism research does this represent?
A. behavioral component
B. affective component
C. cognitive component
D. affordable component
E. connected component
A firm that places an emphasis on developing and maintaining positive relationships
with the media is focusing on a(n) ________ strategy.
A. personal selling
B. mobile marketing
C. advertising
D. direct marketing
E. public relations
Matt was passionate about Abercrombie & Fitch. It was the only place he'd buy his
clothes. If anyone asked him about clothes, he would talk for what seemed like hours
about why he only shopped there. From a strictly marketing perspective, this word of
mouth is an element of
A. social marketing.
B. brand loyalty.
C. self-actualization.
D. motivation.
E. brand extension.
Which of the following adopter categories refers to the last large group of buyers to
enter a new product market?
A. late majority
B. early majority
C. laggards
D. early adopters
E. innovators
A __________ package is the one a consumer uses. A __________ package is used by
retailers to display and sell the product.
A. secondary; primary
B. generic; private-label
C. primary; secondary
D. corporate; manufacturer's
E. co-branded; licensed
Some universities offer online degree programs, competing with traditional colleges
based on the convenience of taking online courses. These online programs are most
likely pursuing which macro strategy?
A. customer excellence
B. locational excellence
C. operational excellence
D. product excellence
E. purchase excellence
Marketing enriches society by
A. focusing solely on maximizing profits.
B. sponsoring charitable events.
C. recognizing that the firm can do very little by itself, and so it should stay focused on
its own core competencies.
D. facilitating the smooth flow of goods through the supply chain.
E. coordinating marketing functions with other functional areas in the company.
Marketers involved in value-oriented marketing are constantly balancing
A. promotional effectiveness with ethical advertising standards.
B. the problem of price maximization with cost-efficiency.
C. perceived customer benefits with the costs of their offerings.
D. the desire to achieve with the need for a stable source of supply.
E. the goal of efficiency with the price charged by competitors.
Which of the following statements accurately describes the current income distribution
in the United States?
A. The purchasing power of lower-income groups has been steadily rising.
B. The middle class is outpacing all other income groups.
C. Wealthy households are outpacing both poor and middle-class households.
D. The income distribution among all households is becoming more equal.
E. Wealthy households are declining rapidly in purchasing power.
Von told the sales rep he wasn't buying his product because it cost too much. In terms of
the personal selling process this is called
A. an excuse.
B. a ruse.
C. a reservation.
D. a rebuttal.
E. a rebuff.
Which type of pricing model for apps prompts/allows customers to make small
"micropurchases" to enhance the app itself?
A. ad-supported apps
B. freemium apps
C. in-app purchases
D. paid apps
E. multi-level apps
Which of the following is the definition of social media?
A. content distributed through online and mobile technologies to facilitate interpersonal
B. a collection of websites that support the posting of videos and photos
C. a group of websites that allow users to establish formal and informal connections
D. the practice of users forwarding video and photo links to one another
E. web services that allow users to share their physical locations
A small office supply company may have a person whose primary responsibility is to
process routine orders, reorders, or rebuys of products for clients. This employee is
known as a(n)
A. order taker.
B. order getter.
C. sales support rep.
D. sales team.
E. sales manager.
Shell MasterCard, created cooperatively by Shell Oil Company and MasterCard, is an
example of
A. co-branding.
B. brand extraction.
C. brand collusion.
D. a generic brand.
E. brand dilution.
In the product development process, what takes place between concept testing and
market testing?
A. securing financial backing
B. conducting marketing research
C. brainstorming
D. determining potential ROI
E. performing product development
The idea of value-based marketing requires firms to charge a price that
A. covers costs and generates a modest profit.
B. includes the value of the effort the firm put into the product or service.
C. captures the value customers perceive that they are receiving.
D. prioritizes customer excellence above operational excellence.
E. matches competitors' prices.
Though advertising experts wish it were true, there is not always a direct link between a
particular marketing communication and
A. supply chain effectiveness.
B. enhanced decoding processes.
C. a consumer's purchase.
D. the level of noise in the IMC channel.
E. the reach/frequency ratio.
Merchandise that arrives in the delivery truck ready to be sold is considered
A. quick-response packaged.
B. ahead of the curve.
C. lead time synchronized.
D. floor-ready.
E. synthesized.
The roots of ethical conflict in a firm are often the result of
A. value statements that are too detailed.
B. stockholder disagreement on the firm's value statement.
C. not focusing enough on company profits.
D. having different pay scales for different employees.
E. the competing values of individuals.
Gross national income equals GDP
A. minus net consumer spending.
B. plus government spending on international trade.
C. minus purchasing power parity.
D. plus the net investment income earned from abroad.
E. plus gross domestic international investment.
________ involves the process of defining the marketing mix variables so that target
customers have a clear, distinctive, desirable understanding of what the product does or
represents in comparison with competing products.
A. Target marketing
B. Market segmentation
C. Market positioning
D. Allocation
E. Value capture
Though Asian Americans comprise only about 6 percent of the U.S. population, they
A. the fastest-growing minority population.
B. the easiest minority group to access.
C. a large proportion of the minorities in the Midwest.
D. a uniform group of consumers with a common language and cultural background.
E. all of these
After Hurricane Katrina, many states reevaluated their coastal area building
requirements. These new building codes represented __________ that building
materials companies used to develop new products.
A. derived demand
B. initiator instructions
C. determinant products
D. product specifications
E. focal alternatives
People who initiate, organize, operate, and assume the risk of a business venture are
A. entrepreneurs.
B. leaders.
C. managers.
D. professionals.
E. consultants.
Supermarkets often offer great deals on milk or eggs to get customers into their stores,
knowing that many customers will also purchase items that have higher markups for the
store. These supermarkets are using a _______ pricing tactic.
A. leader
B. bundling
C. price lining
D. cumulative quantity discount
E. slotting
The three types of buying situations
A. create confusion among B2B sellers.
B. suggest that B2B sellers should develop one marketing mix to use for all situations.
C. require business sellers to be consistent in their marketing mixes.
D. are theoretical and have little relation to what happens in the real world.
E. call for different marketing and selling strategies.
Paul's family has owned and operated a small chain of conventional supermarkets for
many years. Competition from a variety of other kinds of retailers has adversely
affected the business. To address the new competitive reality, Paul wants to apply what
he recently learned as a marketing major and he has recommended that his family's
business should
A. emphasize fresh, locally sourced perishables.
B. target the broadest possible customer base.
C. eliminate customer frills and extras.
D. offer fewer private-label brands.
E. offer more national brand packaged goods and few perishables.
Budweiser is well known for the use of humor in its ad campaigns for Bud Light beer.
Based on the use of humor in advertising for beer, does Budweiser believe that beer is a
high-involvement or low-involvement purchase for most consumers? Explain your
answer using the elaboration likelihood model.
A firm must evaluate segments based on their attractiveness: identify the five criteria
and explain how a firm would use this information to establish if a segment is worth
Marketing researchers should assess the costs and benefits of conducting research as
they define objectives and research needs. What are key benefits and costs?
The Federal Aviation Administration posts monthly percentage on-time arrival data for
all the major airlines on its website. Some airlines are regularly on the top of the list,
while others are frequently on the bottom of the list. What type of service gap does this
list illustrate? What can airlines on the bottom of the list do to address this gap?
How can marketers identify potential opportunities?
Explain the three primary objectives social media is used to accomplish.
Discuss how privacy concerns have become a current social issue. What technological
invention has prompted the rise in concern over privacy?
Why are more and more marketing researchers using online surveys?
The CEO of a bank in Montana approaches the marketing director, explaining that the
bank is considering expanding into Wyoming. The CEO asks the marketing director to
design a research project to collect demographic data about Wyoming residents by
county and zip code. What is an inexpensive option for collecting this data?
T'Lene is putting together a focus group to discuss students' concerns about the business
curriculum. What should her focus group include?
What elements, outlined in your text, contribute to the success of strategic
From the consumer's perspective, what is the major drawback associated with off-price
Imagine you are stopping at the grocery store on your way home from class to buy food
for lunches for the rest of the week. Make a shopping list, and designate which items
are manufacturer's brands and which are private-label brands.
When Dee has business in Denver, she often goes out for a fancy meal. When deciding
where to go, the restaurants she usually chooses are the local Thai restaurant and the
elegant French restaurant. Do these two restaurants represent her universal, retrieval, or
evoked set of choices?
Why are price wars more common in oligopolies than in pure competition markets?
Fred really wanted the sales position and he was qualified, but the hiring manager didn't
think men could sell hair products, so she decided to hire a less-qualified woman
instead. Is this legal?
Name three ways a firm can evaluate service quality, and give examples of each.
Manufacturers like Volkswagen often have testing departments that test incoming parts
and supplies. The primary reason for these premanufacturing tests is to avoid using
faulty materials in the manufacturing process that can cause major problems later on.
How might Volkswagen also use these results in the business-to-business buying