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A Preface to Marketing Management 14th Edition
J. Paul Peter, James Donnelly
The number of different targeted audience members exposed at least once to the
advertiser's message within a predetermined time frame is known as:
A. "average frequency."
B. "reach."
C. "width."
D. "depth."
Which of the following groups is characterized by people who have more frequent
interactions among themselves than with the population at large and thus tend to think
and act alike in some respects?
A. Dyads
B. Introverts
C. Subcultures
D. Out-groups
There are subcultures in the American culture where people have more frequent
interactions than with the population at large and thus tend to think and act alike in
some respects. Subcultures are based on such things as geographic areas, religions,
nationalities, ethnic groups, and age.
A _____ supports the sales staff by providing training or other technical assistance to a
A. missionary salesperson
B. technical sales specialist
C. techno-functional sales team
D. chief technology officer
The primary goal of a test market is to:
A. evaluate and adjust the general marketing strategy to be used and the appropriate
marketing mix.
B. place emphasis on the organizational structure and management talent needed to
implement the marketing strategy.
C. evaluate the product plan from the standpoint of engineering, manufacturing,
finance, and marketing.
D. increase frequency of consumption or increase the number of customers using the
firm's product(s).
A research plan can be developed once:
A. the research data has been evaluated.
B. the research data has been collected.
C. the research team identifies the data source that should be used.
D. the specific research question or questions have been agreed upon.
Roy supervises the production line of Waddell Inc., a manufacturing unit that
manufactures molded plastic components for a leading toy manufacturer. He prefers to
see the company use an injection molding machine that has a faster cycle time. Marcus
is a quality control manager in the research and development wing of the company who
has just returned from a trade show with information on Logic Device's new range of
molding machines. Marcus is vested with the formal authority of taking a call on the
implementation of the new logic devices molding machines by his manager, Zhilei.
Roy, Marcus, and Zhilei hold a discussion with the company's employees on why the
company needs to buy the new machine. Who among the following plays the
purchasing role of a "decider" here?
A. Roy
B. Marcus
C. Zhilei
D. Employees
Which of the following is a psychological factor affecting pricing decisions?
A. The expected consumption rates of potential buyers
B. The location of potential buyers
C. The likelihood of potential buyers using price as an indicator of quality
D. The economic strength of potential buyers
Which of the following is the most market-oriented approach to segmentation?
A. Segmentation based on social class
B. Segmentation based on different customer lifestyles and purchasing habits
C. Segmentation based on geographic area
D. Segmentation based on benefits that potential customers are seeking
Which of the following steps in the research process determines why a particular
research study is undertaken?
A. Plan of the research
B. Processing of research data
C. Purpose of the research
D. Preparation of the research report
Which of the following critical components of internal marketing would typically help
people who deliver service to know how their work fits in the broader scheme of
business operations?
A. An emphasis on teaching employees to have good attitudes.
B. An energetic follow-through process.
C. A careful selection process in hiring frontline employees.
D. A clear, concrete message conveying a particular service strategy.
_____ involves offering products and services in many channels such as in stores, in
catalogs, and online.
A. Multichannel marketing
B. Multi-level marketing
C. Vertical channel system
D. Network channelization
A contractual vertical marketing system is exemplified by:
A. a florist shop that buys from a wholesale plant nursery.
B. a coffee producer who owns a chain of coffee shops.
C. the relationship of a popular grocery chain of stores with its suppliers.
D. the franchise system of a reputed sandwich brand.
The stage of performance of research involves:
A. coding, labeling, and structuring data.
B. defining the nature and purpose of collecting the data.
C. analyzing and interpreting the collected data.
D. preparing for data collection and collecting them.
Which of the following steps of the market segmentation process aids in determining
objectives, opportunities, and constraints to be considered when selecting target markets
and developing marketing mixes?
A. Delineating a firm's current situation
B. Designing the marketing mix
C. Developing product positioning
D. Deciding segmentation strategy
The _____ for a soft drink manufacturer would include other manufacturers of soft
drinks, fruit juices, bottled water, sports drinks, caffeine-free colas, and dairy
A. competitive environment
B. technological environment
C. cooperative environment
D. economic environment
Which situational influence includes an intent or requirement to select, shop for, or
obtain information about a general or specific purchase?
A. Current conditions
B. Task features
C. Social features
D. Physical features
Which of the following statements is true of the strategic goal of retaining customers?
A. It costs far more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing customer.
B. Producers tend to seek out new customer segments instead of trying to retain old
C. Interactive modes of communication do not assist marketers in increasing the value
of their products.
D. Including salespeople in the supply chain can be obtrusive to retaining consumers
and end-users.
During the _____ stage of the research process, it should be decided whether the
company will do its own research or contract with a marketing research specialist.
A. report preparation
B. data processing
C. performance
D. planning
Which of the following is true of a global corporation?
A. It emphasizes cultural differences across countries.
B. It emphasizes universal consumer needs and wants rather than differences.
C. It competes on a market-by-market basis.
D. Each of its international subsidiaries operates independently.
_____ refer to situational influences such as momentary moods and states that influence
consumer behavior.
A. Physical features
B. Current conditions
C. Task features
D. Time factors
Mike wanted to build a bowling alley in Canada. Market research shows that Western
Canadians enjoy bowling and similar pastimes significantly more than those in Eastern
Canada. By locating his alley in the Western province of Alberta, Mike used a _____
segmentation strategy.
A. post hoc
B. mass market
C. psychographic
D. geodemographic
Identify a key characteristic of organizational buyers in lethargic firms.
A. They have no interest in prescribing their role activities and hence accept their role
as given to them.
B. They often demand that they be kept constantly advised of all new developments to
develop and further their own role.
C. They seek to take charge in their role as buyer and have little commitment to
company expectations.
D. They are extremely innovative and have a casual stance toward performing the
expected role.
Which of the following is true of inseparable services?
A. Inseparable services can be distributed only by third parties.
B. Service quality of inseparable services is completely standardized due to the ability
to completely mechanize the service encounter.
C. Inseparable services cannot be produced and marketed simultaneously.
D. The main concern of a marketer of inseparable services is usually the creation of
time and place utility.
Matrixautos, an automobile rental unit, rents its cars at $499 rather than $500 to
encourage its consumers to think of its services as less expensive. This is an example of
_____ pricing.
A. prestige
B. bundle
C. markup
D. odd-even

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