Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

MGMT 30288

February 5, 2017
The Eiger Labs MPMan was the first mass-produced MP3 player sold in the United
States. Eiger Labs was a(n) __________ in the MP3 player market.
A. blockbuster
B. early adopter
C. pioneer
D. market tester
E. concept tester
The global athletic footwear market is expected to experience only very slow growth
over the next several years. Nike is the market leader. According to Boston Consulting
Group portfolio analysis, how should Nike treat its athletic shoe business?
A. Nike will probably have to invest heavily in the athletic shoe business, including
extensive promotions and new production facilities.
B. Nike should consider exiting the athletic shoe market.
C. Nike should stop investing in its athletic shoe business; it has already reaped all the
benefits it is likely to receive.
D. Nike's athletic shoe business still requires some investment, but is likely to produce
excess resources that can be invested in other divisions of the company.
E. Nike should invest in the athletic shoe market only if it helps boost the sales of other
products in fast-growing markets.
As it pertains to the marketing plan, understanding the causes of performance,
regardless of whether that performance exceeded, met, or fell below the firm's goals
A. enables firms to make appropriate adjustments.
B. allows managers to demonstrate their effectiveness.
C. offers insights into crafting an appropriate mission statement.
D. should always be followed by eliminating underperforming SBUs.
E. allows firms to better assess customer loyalty.
When Toyota introduced its Scion line of cars, the lowest-price model was listed for
$15,000 while the highest-priced model was listed for $21,000, with two other list
prices in between. Each price point represented distinct differences in the features and
quality of the cars. Toyota used a ______ pricing approach.
A. market penetration
B. zone
C. price lining
D. loss leader
E. slotting
In 2006, Ford Motor Company announced it would severely cut back its automobile
production. For parts companies supplying Ford its parts, this represented a(n)
A. weakness.
B. opportunity.
C. strength.
D. threat.
E. strategic plan.
To get us to remember their ad and the product or brand in the ad, advertisers must first
A. use persuasion.
B. offer incentives.
C. create effective PSAs.
D. get our attention.
E. vary between flighting and pulsing scheduling.
When conducting a research study attempting to understand what features were most
important to automobile consumers, Gary's Research Company used a questionnaire
containing __________ questions, with a predetermined set of response options.
A. structured
B. in-depth interview
C. open-ended
D. free-form
E. unstructured
The complete set of all products offered by a firm is called its
A. product line.
B. product categories.
C. product mix.
D. product breadth.
E. product line depth.
Natalie and her fianc Dow are planning their wedding. She knows her mother wants her
to have a traditional church wedding with a Roman Catholic priest officiating. Natalie
would like to have an informal ceremony on the beach, since that type of wedding has
become popular with her friends. Furthermore, Dow is from Thailand and would like to
have a monk officiate. Natalie and Dow's wedding decisions are most influenced by
A. impulse, habitual, and limited problem-solving processes.
B. functional and psychological profit.
C. universal, retrieval, and evoked sets.
D. cognitive, affective, and behavioral environments.
E. family, reference groups, and culture.
Caroline is assessing market growth, market competitiveness, and market access for
each segment she has identified. Caroline is assessing the __________ of each potential
market segment.
A. substance
B. responsiveness
C. identification
D. reach
E. profitability
Limited problem solving usually relies on
A. past experience more than on external information.
B. situational stimuli and attitudes.
C. external searches for information.
D. financial analysis of performance risk.
E. evaluation of the universal set.
A Groupon offer for discounted theater tickets was sent to targeted customers who had
previously purchased movie or theater tickets. This best describes which of the 4E
A. engage
B. energize
C. excite
D. experience
E. educate
Gandolph's Tires sells the same tire globally, but it uses different advertisements based
on the country and culture. This is an example of
A. cultural shift.
B. glocalization.
C. ethnic sensitivity.
D. promotional flex.
E. unethical marketing practices.
Which of the following is not a communication channel used in the IMC process?
A. radio
B. television
C. newspaper
D. Internet
E. supply chain
To become a more value-driven organization, Pokrah University is holding regular
coffee-hour discussions with its students and surveying its graduates regarding students'
educational needs and desires. By doing so, Pokrah University is becoming more value
driven through
A. sharing information across the organization.
B. balancing its customers' benefits and costs.
C. evaluating strategic competitive partnerships.
D. building relationships with customers.
E. keeping the faculty members happy.
When a manufacturer launches a new product, it may offer __________ to wholesalers
and retailers, including introductory price promotions, special events, and personal
A. trade promotions
B. trade shows
C. trade-in allowances
D. trade discounts
E. trade budgets
Sean moved to take a new job, and when he got sick he needed to find a doctor. He
discovered during the visit that he didn't like the one he had chosen, and he knew he'd
never go back to that doctor. From a marketing perspective, his situation highlights one
of the key differences between products and services, known as
A. intangibility.
B. professional competence.
C. perishability.
D. inseparability.
E. heterogeneity.
In 2006, Walmart announced that it would begin selling organic food products. In doing
so, Walmart was most likely trying to
A. gain government subsidies.
B. attract a different market segment.
C. reduce its costs.
D. save the environment.
E. offset cost-based pricing pressure.
How might a technology company like Apple most likely ensure that it behaves in a
socially responsible way toward its employees?
A. It can pay at least minimum wage when the law requires it.
B. It can adhere to government-mandated safety standards in the workplace.
C. It can ensure that pay practices are fair at all levels of the company.
D. It can ensure that its packaging materials are recyclable.
E. Social responsibility isn't relevant where employees are concerned; they are paid for
their work and that's enough.
When Procter & Gamble added teeth-whitening products under the Crest brand, the
firm was engaged in
A. corporate branding.
B. brand extension.
C. brand licensing.
D. brand association.
E. perceived value branding.
For years, when considering new products, marketers at Celestial Seasonings asked
themselves, "What would Stacy think?" Stacy was a fictional character representing 25-
to 50-year-old educated, upper-income women who rarely watched television but did a
lot of reading. "Stacy" represented Celestial's primary
A. mission statement.
B. positioning.
D. target market segment.
E. sustainable competitive advantage.
When a restaurant chain, Big Burgers, launches its own brand of frozen meals, this is an
example of a
A. brand extension.
B. line extension.
C. licensed brand.
D. copycat brand.
E. premium brand.
Cora will be a bridesmaid next summer, and has purchased her dress online. The next
time she turned on her computer, Cora was surprised to see special offers for matching
accessories. This is an example of which marketing strategy?
A. sales promotions
B. media advertising
C. direct marketing
D. personal selling
E. public relations
Using __________, researchers ask questions, listen to and record responses, and ask
additional questions based on initial responses.
A. questionnaires
B. experiments
C. in-depth interviews
D. primary data mining
E. observation
Which of the following is a potential negative factor for foreign investment in China?
A. China's population is aging rapidly.
B. China drastically restricts the goods it allows U.S. companies to export to China.
C. China's standard of living has dropped over the past 30 years.
D. China has imported fewer goods from the United States each year for the past
E. Chinese consumers are not interested in purchasing products from the United States.
In a(n) __________ marketing channel, several independent members each attempt to
satisfy their own objectives and maximize their profits, often at the expense of the other
A. cooperative
B. independent
C. contractual
D. administered
E. corporate
According to purchasing power parity theory, if __________ is(are) in equilibrium,
products will cost the same in each country.
A. imports and exports
B. consumer spending
C. interest rates
D. domestic products
E. exchange rates
When Pat was talking with his customer about the new accounting system, his customer
mentioned that she thought the new system was not going to fit into their budget. Pat
explained that once her people were trained on it, it would require less time to process
orders, and therefore save her money in payroll. Which part of the sales presentation is
demonstrated in this example?
A. generating and qualifying leads
B. the presentation
C. overcoming reservations
D. the preapproach
E. follow-up
Exchange control refers to the regulation of a country's
A. comparative inflation rate.
B. countertrade exchange.
C. quota rate of exchange.
D. exchange tariffs.
E. currency exchange rate.
One problem in relying on price elasticity and demand curves when setting prices is
A. the way a product or service is marketed can have a profound impact on price
B. the underlying ideas of the demand curve and elasticity are less relevant in the
modern economy.
C. only economists can properly analyze demand curves and set prices using this tool.
D. competitors can construct the same demand curves, so there is no advantage in using
E. marketing split from economics over the ideas of demand and elasticity.
The first question a marketing researcher should ask before embarking on a research
study is,
A. Who will pay for it?
B. Will the research be useful?
C. What is the due date?
D. What sample size will be needed?
E. Should we use structured or unstructured questions?
The content of an advertising message is closely tied to
A. the size of the advertising team.
B. the characteristics of the media selected to carry the message.
C. the opportunity for posttesting.
D. the sales promotion opportunities.
E. the coupon redemption rate.
Once the marketing communication has captured the interest of its target market, the
goal of subsequent IMC messages should be to move the consumer from
A. "I want it" to "I like it."
B. action to desire.
C. "I like it" to "I want it."
D. interest to awareness.
E. feeling to thinking.
How have radio frequency identification tags made work easier for distribution centers?
How do you create and use a perceptual map? What positioning criteria might
toothpaste manufacturers use in creating a perceptual map?
You are assigned the task of developing an advertising plan for the marketing program
at your university. What will you include in your plan?
Belinda is opening an upscale outdoor cooking equipment store. If she wants to
differentiate her store from competitors based on product offerings, what will she likely
need to do?
Debbie spoke to the customer service representative at Sprint Cellular and was told her
text messages would be unlimited on her plan. However, when she got her bill, she had
been charged extra for text messages. She called the company back and was told that
since she didn't record the conversation, they couldn't verify what she was told and
she'd have to pay the bill. Explain which service gap(s) occurred in this instance.
Define derived demand and give an example of how demand for B2B sales is often
derived from B2C sales.
When Fulton University built its first dormitories, it hired a consulting engineer to
advise the university in choosing an architectural firm and contractor. For Fulton
University, building its first dormitories represented what kind of buying situation?
How is advertising different from publicity?
What are consumers likely to do if they perceive an inexpensive brand to have about the
same quality as a premium brand?
When catalog companies send sale catalogs to their current customers, which type of
growth strategy are they pursuing?
What are the two major problems related to QR systems?
What is the experience curve effect? What pricing strategy is it associated with?
Explain how the demand curve works, and how it benefits a firm.
What are the four mental stages in the AIDA model?
Kim's Kayak Tours identified active retirees living in the retirement community nearby
as one of her potential target markets. She knows she can tailor her service and
marketing message to the schedules and interests of this audience. How will Kim
evaluate the attractiveness of this segment?
How does the shopping situation affect consumer behavior, both positively and
Creating brand awareness is the first step in creating brand equity. Political candidates
know name recognition is critical to successparticularly for incumbents to get reelected.
If you were a marketing adviser to a challenger for the congressional seat in your
district, what would you recommend the candidate do to create brand/name awareness?
What are the ways that brands add value?
Sales experts have identified five key personal traits that are often found in successful
salespeople. List and define these five traits.
What does it mean to say that a service is perishable? Name three services that would
be considered perishable.