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Basic Marketing Research: Using Microsoft Excel Data Analysis 3rd Edition

MGMT 24730

July 18, 2017
Qualitative research involves collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data by observing
what people do and say.
Test marketing is the phrase commonly used to indicate an experiment, study or test
that is conducted in a field setting.
The formula holds that each cross-tabulation cell expected frequency be subtracted
from its associated observed frequency, and then that difference be squared to avoid a
cancellation effect of minus and plus differences.
Longitudinal studies are called such because they are long, very complex surveys taken
at one point in time but taking several months to complete the data analysis.
Test markets do not yield infallible results. Sometimes test markets lead to the wrong
Eye Tracking Inc., which specializes in eye movement research, would be considered a
specialized research technique firm.
Exploratory research is often undertaken to help clearly define a problem.
When a respondent knowingly provides a false answer to a survey question, this is
known as an intentional respondent error.
Using summarization analysis is perfectly acceptable when the researcher wishes to
quickly communicate the basic nature of the central tendency and variability of the
findings in a sample.
An overstated question is one that places undue emphasizes on some aspect of the topic.
Test marketing is the most accurate method of forecasting future sales.
The primary advantage of field experiments is that they are conducted in
non-naturalistic settings which allow for tightly controlling extraneous variables.
Focus groups represent 85% to 90% of the total money spent on qualitative research.
Ethics may be defined as a field of inquiry into determining what behaviors are deemed
appropriate under certain circumstances as prescribed by codes of behavior that are set
by the government.
The process of developing response formats that are very clear and that are used
identically by the various respondents is called scale development.
Anonymity means that the researcher knows who the respondent is but does not identify
the respondent with any information gathered from that respondent to a client.
The FTC's "do not call" registry has not been successful at all.
Marketing research is synonymous with market research.
The American Community Survey may represent the most significant change in the
availability of secondary data to be used for marketing research purposes in several
Designs that control for the effects of extraneous variables are known as
quasi-experimental designs.
When you are working with a percent hypothesis, the interpretation of a hypothesis test
is directly linked to the sampling distribution concept, but that is not the case with an
average hypothesis.
Invitation online sampling is when potential respondents are alerted that they may fill
out a questionnaire that is hosted at a specific website.
An experiment is defined as manipulating a dependent variable to see how it affects an
independent variable while controlling for the effects of a complex variable.
Most of the research firms found in the Honomichl Global Top 25 and Honomichl Top
50 would qualify as full-service firms.
Research objectives specify which properties are to be measured in any particular
research project.
Laboratory experiments, then, are desirable when the intent of the experiment is to
achieve high levels of internal validity.
The t value is agreed by statisticians to be more proper than the z value, but the t value
does not have set critical values such as 1.96.
The researcher strives to minimize question bias, defined as the ability of a question's
wording or format to influence respondents' answers.
Directional hypotheses are NOT feasible in the case of tests of statistically significant
Words like all and worst are considered "extreme absolutes."
A data collection method that can easily and inexpensively screen respondents is
desirable with a low incidence rate situation because a great many potential respondents
must be contacted, but a large percentage of these would not qualify to take the survey.
Many of the software programs for questionnaire design have provisions for data
analysis, graphic presentation, and report formats of results.
You may perform regression analysis, using your XL Data Analyst by the command:
A valid scale is one in which a respondent responds in the same or in a very similar
manner to an identical or nearly identical question.
A correlation coefficient, an index number constrained to fall between the range of -1.0
and +1.0, communicates both the strength and the direction of association between
three or more categorical variables.
Description, division, deviance, and derivation are the four functions of data analysis.
When the answer is a number that expresses some quantity of the property being
measured, we have a metric response format question.
Which of the following is defined as the value of readily available access to willing
A) respondent availability
B) panel equity
C) respondent value
D) respondent accessibility
E) panel value
You may have statistical significance and still not have:
A) practical significance
B) large z values
C) small p values
D) small differences
E) average x values
What type of question format is the following question?
When you purchased your most recent automobile, what features do you take into
consideration? (Check all that apply.)
_____Style (e.g., sedan, coupe, wagon, SUV)
_____Quiet ride
_____Trunk space
_____EPA mileage rating
A) Multiple-choice category
B) Aided open-ended
C) Continuous response
D) Dual-choice
E) Metric response
When testing a hypothesis, if the computed value is 39.7 and the critical z is 1.96, then:
A) the hypothesis is not supported
B) the hypothesis is supported
C) the critical z value needs to be changed
D) a major assumption has been violated
E) no statement can be made about the hypothesis based on this information
Sample methods that embody random sampling are often termed ________.
A) probability sampling methods
B) nonprobability sampling methods
C) congruent sampling methods
D) incongruent sampling methods
E) randomized sampling methods
In an experiment, which type of variable does a researcher have control over and wish
to manipulate?
A) dependent variables
B) independent variables
C) extraneous variables
D) exploitive variables
E) reliable variables
Which of the following products was actually a failure after marketing research
predicted it would be successful?
A) Ice Breakers Pacs
B) Coca-Cola C2
C) Wolfgang Puck's Self-Heating Latte
D) Coca-Cola Blak
E) all of the above
How many respondents are normally involved in a pretest?
A) 1-5
B) 5-10
C) 20-25
D) over 25
E) as many as the researcher can possibly get to participate
Which of the following best describes the role of the researcher in problem definition?
A) to help managers ensure they have properly defined the problem
B) to help managers ensure they have properly defined the problem particularly when
managers have not yet defined the problem in general terms
C) to help managers ensure they have properly defined the problem particularly when
managers have already defined the problem very specifically
D) the researcher should not be involved in problem definition but must remain totally
E) none of the above - managers define problems and researchers carry out the research
Which of the following formats provides response options to questions on the
A) co-existing response options format
B) categorical response format
C) categorical open-ended format
D) probed format
E) open-ended with response options format
________ provide(s) an overview or 'skeleton" of the research report, including
conclusions and recommendations.
A) The table of contents
B) The title page
C) The executive summary
D) The synopsis
E) Skeleton results
"Should people be allowed to protect themselves from harm by using mace as
self-defense?" is an example of a(n) ________ question.
A) leading
B) loaded
C) double-barreled
D) overstated
E) screening
In order for a synthetic number scale to have meaning, you must know ________.
A) the standard deviation of the scale
B) the range of the scale
C) the mean of the scale
D) the mode of the scale
E) the standard error of the scale
In the following sample size formula, what percent level of accuracy is desired?
A) 0%
B) 5%
C) 9%
D) 3%
E) 0.025
What is the first step in estimating the population value for an average?
A) Calculate the standard error of the average.
B) Calculate the standard deviation of the metric variable.
C) Calculate the average of the metric variable.
D) Find the limit.
E) Find the upper and lower boundaries.
A ________ is a range (lower and upper boundary) into which the researcher believes
the population parameter falls with an associated degree of confidence (typically 95%
or 99%).
A) boundary estimation
B) hypothesis testing
C) parameter boundary determination analysis
D) confidence interval
E) range estimate
"Rate your satisfaction level on a scale from 1 to 10" is an example of:
A) a natural but non-metric response format
B) a natural metric response format
C) a natural synthetic response format
D) a synthetic metric format
E) a synthetic satisfaction format
To determine if more than two groups averages are significantly different using XL
Data Analyst we would use which command?
A) CompareANOVAAverages
B) DifferencesANOVA
C) Compare3+ Group Averages
D) Compare2 Group Averages
E) CompareANOVAGroups
Which type of interview technique offers the advantages of cost, quality and speed?
A) telephone interview
B) in-office interview
C) mall-intercept interview
D) in-home interview
E) dual data collection
What type of research design should a researcher use if he/she wishes to determine the
effect of a change in price on the sales of a particular brand?
A) exploitive
B) longitudinal
C) exploratory
D) after-only
E) causal
Which of the following is NOT one of the items to report when regression is used as a
screening device or for understanding?
A) dependent variable
B) statistically significant independent variables
C) signs of beta coefficients
D) standardized beta coefficients for the significant variables
E) dummy coded variable
Which of the following is NOT true of a scatter diagram?
A) It plots data pairs in an x- and y-axis graph.
B) It will portray the amount of covariation between two metric variables.
C) It plots the points corresponding to each matched pair of x and y variables.
D) When there is no apparent association or relationship between two variables, the
points on a scatter diagram fail to create any identifiable pattern.
E) There is no relationship between scatter diagrams and correlation coefficients.
Which of the following marketing concepts is an important reason for analyzing
A) new product development
B) market segmentation
C) channel of distribution strategy
D) promotion mix
E) product differentiation
Which of the following did the statistician Tukey coin as errors solving the wrong
A) Type I errors
B) Type II errors
C) Type III errors
D) Problematic errors
E) Inconsistent errors
An experiment is defined as:
A) something men and/or women in white coats do
B) manipulating an independent variable to see how it affects a dependent variable,
while also controlling for the effects of additional complex variables
C) manipulating an independent variable to see how it affects a dependent variable,
while also controlling for the effects of additional extraneous variables
D) manipulating a dependent variable to see how it affects an independent variable,
while also controlling for the effects of additional complex variables
E) controlling for the effects of reliable variables on dependent variables
The summary of the percent of times each and every category appears for the entire
sample is called the:
A) mode
B) mean
C) categorical percentage rate
D) percentage distribution
E) frequency distribution
A ________ (where the target variable is clearly indicated, probably in the title, and the
statistically significant positive and negative correlations are identified and separated) is
suggested when presenting correlation findings.
A) table
B) cross-tabulation table
C) lengthy discussion
D) graph
E) none of the above; there is no "best" communication vehicle for cross-tabulation
When a scale has "levels" as opposed to "labels" we can normally assume the level of
measurement is:
A) metric
B) in small increments
C) categorical
D) to scale
E) average
"How many times have you visited the library in the last month?" is an example of:
A) a natural but non-metric response format
B) a natural metric response format
C) a natural synthetic response format
D) a synthetic metric format
E) a synthetic annual format
A ________ question is one whose answer affects which question will be asked next.
A) screening
B) warm-up
C) complicated
D) transition
E) skip
Which is true about the "neutral point" on symmetric synthetic scales?
A) there are no neutral points on these scales
B) the neutral points should be counted as zeroes
C) the neutral point is not considered an origin or zero
D) there cannot be a "neutral point" on a synthetic scale
E) none of the above
What type of descriptive research study measures units from a sample of the population
at only one point in time?
A) sample surveys
B) cross-sectional studies
C) longitudinal studies
D) population research
E) Both B and C are correct.