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Basic Marketing Research: Using Microsoft Excel Data Analysis 3rd Edition

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July 18, 2017
There are two options for confidence intervals: (1) the general case, and (2)
findings-specific confidence intervals.
Levels of measurement of a scale are: open-ended, categorical, and metric.
The more evidence you have, the more precise you will be in your generalization.
When done conscientiously and with a solid understanding of the quota characteristics,
quota sampling can rival probability sampling in the minds of some researchers.
When we use XL Data Analyst to test a hypothesis for a percentage, we use the F value
instead of the z value.
Telephone surveys have the potential to provide a high-quality sample.
The apex of the sampling distribution of the difference between two percents is zero to
represent the null hypothesis.
Although a table is the most common vehicle for presenting summarizations of data, a
well-designed graph can dramatically illustrate findings as well.
Projective techniques involve placing a person in a decision-making situation and
asking him or her to verbalize everything he or she considers when making a decision.
From 2007 to 2008, when the recession began, only North America experienced a net
decrease in spending for the Marketing Research industry.
"Consumer packaged goods" firms, like Wal-Mart, want to monitor the sales of their
brands and are not concerned about the sales of their competitor's brands.
The popularity of quota samples is attributable to the fact that they combine
nonprobability sampling advantages with quota controls that ensure the final sample
will approximate the population with respect to its key characteristics.
The primary advantage of laboratory experiments is that they allow the researcher to
control the effects of extraneous variables.
Managers use philosophies that guide them in their decision making.
Figures are words or numbers that are arranged in rows and columns; tables are graphs,
charts, maps, pictures, and the like.
The basis of the Stapel scale format is numerical rather than verbal or visual.
A demographic forecast that the number of teenagers will decrease dramatically over
the next ten years may be symptomatic of an opportunity to create new drugs designed
for teenage problems such as acne or weight issues.
When constructing a table with metric variables, you should absolutely include the
Ethnographic research is a term borrowed from psychiatry.
When a question has labels, i.e. "yes" or "no" answers, we can say the scale is metric.
Research reports are grouped into three major sections: title, letter of transmittal, results
and ending.
You may use your XL Data Analyst software to generate a sample size, but you must
estimate p and specify your allowable error.
Continuous panels provide data that may be used for brand-switching studies.
When comparing differences between the percentages of two groups and our z is 1.98 at
the 95% level of confidence, we may conclude the two percentages are significantly
Although they abound in other areas, codes of ethical behavior have yet to be proposed
in the marketing research industry.
The before-after with control group design is a quasi-experimental design.
When the standard deviation increases and the sample size decreases, the standard error
of the average increases.
A dummy independent variable is defined as one that is scaled with a categorical
0-versus-1 coding scheme.
External secondary data include sales records, purchase requisitions, and invoices.
Dual-choice and multiple-choice questions are both options of the metric response
Typically, population parameters are designated by lowercase Roman letters.
Essentially, possible decision alternatives include any marketing action that the
marketing manager thinks may resolve the problem.
One of the criticisms of marketing research is that there is a lack of creativity.
A(n) ________ is a self-administered questionnaire left with the respondent to fill out.
The administrator may return at a later time to pick up the completed questionnaire, or
it may be mailed in.
A) mail survey
B) online survey
C) drop-off survey
D) in-home interview
E) in-office interview
A ________ is a prediction about the population value based on prior knowledge,
assumptions, or intuition.
A) theory
B) test
C) specification
D) marketing guess
E) hypothesis
Which of the following will we use if the source of our problem is the failure to meet an
A) A control system
B) An opportunity identification system
C) A marketing opportunity analysis
D) An objectivity course
E) none of the above
Which of the following data collection modes would be more appropriate for research
on a product requiring demonstration that is targeted to the business-to-business market
as opposed to the consumer market?
B) business-to-business surveying
C) in-office interview
D) drop-off survey
E) mall-intercept
Questionnaires are designed to collect information that is represented via measurement.
This information, once compiled, can help answer specific questions. In this process,we
are really measuring ________.
A) properties of objects
B) objects of properties
C) operations
D) definitions
E) elements
Reporting the details as to how the research was conducted is contained in the:
A) method section
B) conduct of research section
C) appendix
D) body
E) certification section
Which of the following is the best definition for marketing?
A) Marketing is an organizational function and a set of business activities designed to
make profits.
B) Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating,
communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer
relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders.
C) Marketing is a business function and a process for determining the value customers
desire in order to gain profit for business organizations and to seek societal benefits
through nonprofit marketing.
D) Marketing is finding a hole and filling it while earning profitable dollars.
E) Marketing is the result of the equilibrium of supply, demand, marginal cost, and
marginal revenue.
The most commonly used nonprobability sampling method is ________.
A) convenience sampling
B) judgment sampling
C) referral sampling
D) quota sampling
E) popularity sampling
What are the two basic types of studies that are categorized as descriptive research?
A) focus groups and case analysis
B) longitudinal studies and case analysis
C) longitudinal studies and cross-sectional studies
D) focus groups and cross-sectional studies
E) population research and cross-sectional research
There are ________ basic question"response formats, and each one has ________
variations., so there are ________ format options:
A) two; five; ten
B) two; three; six
C) three; two; six
D) two; two; four
E) four; two; eight
A researcher may want to compare:
A) two percentages
B) two averages
C) one percentage with one average
D) either a or b
E) none of the above; researchers cannot make comparisons
If you are asked to orally present the conclusions of a research project, you would:
A) practice your presentation
B) identify and analyze your audience
C) determine the key points
D) make sure visuals portray key points
E) all of the above
With cross-tabulation, two variables are arranged in a:
A) consistent and significant pattern
B) cross-tabulation cell
C) chi-square cell
D) cross-tabulation table
E) stacked bar table
Which of the following is defined as a failure on the part of the prospective respondent
to take part in the survey or to answer specific questions on the questionnaire?
A) respondent failure
B) respondent stubbornness
C) nonresponse
D) noncompliance
E) insubordinate
Which of the following was NOT listed as a step in making an enhanced pie chart with
A) Make the pie slices look much better.
B) Format the plot area.
C) Consider using a picture file to personalize your graph.
D) Enhance the chart title, legend, and plot area.
E) Avoid re-using the template since you will need to produce specific charts for
specific objectives.
________ is defined as the amount of change in one variable systematically associated
with a change in another variable.
A) Correspondence
B) Covariation
C) Covariable change analysis
D) An alpha relationship
E) A beta relationship
A list of the members of the population and a skip interval are used in which of the
following sampling methods?
A) simple random
B) systematic
C) cluster
D) stratified
E) convenient skip
What type of panel should be used in brand-switching studies?
A) repeatability panel
B) inquisitional panel
C) discontinuous panel
D) population panel
E) continuous panel
Which of the following is true regarding worldwide spending on marketing research?
A) From 2007 to 2008, when the recession began, only North America experienced a
net increase in spending.
B) Latin America had the lowest growth rate from 2007 to 2008.
C) Total global spending for the industry was about $1 billion in 2008 according to the
European Society of Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR).
D) The 2009 estimates indicate that total global spending for the industry will be greater
than in 2008 despite the worldwide recession.
E) It is safe to say that, as of 2010, the marketing research industry is about a $30
billion industry.
________ is some list of all the members of the population.
A) Sample estimate
B) Sample directory
C) Sample frame
D) Population directory
E) all of the above
A toy store owner hypothesizes that parents spend less than $100 on toys per visit to her
store. This is:
A) an ordinary hypothesis
B) a directional hypothesis
C) a negative hypothesis
D) a positive hypothesis
E) an average hypothesis
Which scale is a good substitute for a semantic differential scale as it is easier to
construct because the researcher does not need to think of bipolar adjectives for each
A) life-style inventory
B) Stapel scale
C) minus/plus scale
D) balanced pole scale
E) positive/negative scale
Which of the following is a use of secondary data?
A) to determine the population and growth rate in almost any geographical area
B) to evaluate market performance
C) to help make public policy decisions
D) to predict broad changes in a culture's "way of life"
E) all of the above
Using XL Data Analyst, there must be a ________, a unique, short, single-word
description for that variable placed in the first row on the Data worksheet.
A) value label
B) value code
C) variable label
D) variable code
E) value description
________ refers to questionnaires that are not returned.
A) Nonresponse
B) Interview evaluation
C) Self-selection bias
D) Omission bias
E) Survey bias
Consider the following scenario. A researcher believes that although there is a violation
of the right to privacy among shoppers who are observed without their knowledge (the
cost), there is a benefit if the company learns how to market goods more efficiently,
thus reducing long-term marketing costs. This researcher is most likely a:
A) teleologist
B) deontologist
C) sociologist
D) demonologist
E) deaconologist
When defining the problem it is important:
A) to define the most likely possible causes
B) to define at least ten possible causes
C) to define all possible causes
D) to assess nothing; you must define the cause
E) none of the above; you are seeking to determine the problem, not causes
Which of the following symbols represents the experimental effect?
A) O
B) X
C) C
D) E
E) none of the above
The yea-sayer has a persistent tendency to respond in the affirmative regardless of the
question, and yea-saying implies that the responses are not ________.
A) correct
B) valid
C) negative
D) important
E) opinionated
A) should be acknowledged in the appendix
B) should be acknowledged; a statement should be made as to how they impact the
C) should not be acknowledged as they take credibility away from the findings
D) should be included in the conclusions section of the report, if at all
E) should be totally omitted from a written report
Which of the following sampling methods would the following formula be used with?
Probability of selection = Sample size/Population size
A) Simple random
B) Systematic
C) Cluster
D) Stratified
E) Judgment
The refusal rate for telephone survey is estimated to be as high as:
A) 30%
B) 40%
C) 50%
D) 60%
E) 75%