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Basic Marketing Research: Using Microsoft Excel Data Analysis 3rd Edition

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July 18, 2017
Discontinuous panels are sometimes called ________ panels.
A) inquisitional
B) repeatability
C) population
D) sample
E) omnibus
According to your text, which of the following is NOT true regarding syndicated data?
A) Syndicated data are collected in a standard format and made available to all
B) Syndicated data can include data such as Marketing Evaluations Inc.'s Q Scores
C) ESRI's Tapestry™ Segmentation is a syndicated data service that uses a process to
profile residential neighborhoods.
D) Nielsen Media Research's Nielsen Television Index is an example of syndicated
E) Subscribers to syndicated data include advertisers, television and movie production
companies, licensing companies, talent and public relations companies.
In regression analysis, the statistical significance of the intercept and the slope are
deemed significant if they are significantly different from:
A) their values on a previous test
B) the least squares' criterion
C) the most squares' criterion
D) zero, the null hypothesis
E) the .05 criterion
A question about choice of drink with the answers being "coffee" or 'soft drink" would
be considered to have:
A) categorical levels
B) metric levels
C) level metrics
D) categorical labels
E) average labels
Which of the following was NOT discussed as a way that "Online data collection has
profoundly changed the marketing research landscape, particularly in the case of online
A) Company managers can retrieve tabulated customer reactions on a daily basis.
B) Online surveys are generally believed to effect response quality equal to telephone
or mail surveys.
C) Because the researcher can monitor the progress of the online survey on a continual
basis, it is possible to spot problems with the survey and to make adjustments to correct
these problems.
D) The speed, convenience, and flexibility of online surveys make them very attractive.
E) Online questionnaires afford a great deal of control to marketing researchers,
normally with the survey being self-administered.
To make sure that you have objectively and ethically prepared your visuals, you should:
A) double and triple check your visuals
B) exercise caution using three-dimensional figures
C) make sure all parts of the scale are presented
D) all of the above
E) none of the above
A procedure for ensuring that the change in the dependent variable may be solely
attributed to the change in the independent variable is called:
A) an experimental design
B) a variable design
C) a procedural design
D) a design procedure
E) a change procedure
What Greek symbol denotes the true slope in regression analysis?
A) β
B) α
C) π
D) Σ
E) Ω
Software programs that allow researchers to use computer technology to develop and
disseminate questionnaires and, in some cases, to retrieve and analyze data gathered by
the questionnaire are referred to as:
A) computer-assisted questionnaire design
B) computerized questionnaires
C) high-tech CAQD
D) CQD programs
E) CANINE Programs
What does the phrase "hearing the voice of the consumer" mean?
A) Companies have the information they need to effectively satisfy wants and needs in
the marketplace.
B) Companies specifically use telemarketing to hear their customers' opinions.
C) Marketing is carried out for the benefit of the customers.
D) Marketing managers should take the time to listen in on focus groups.
E) Market trials are necessary for certain products.
Members of a population who are less well known, disliked, or whose opinions conflict
with the respondents' have a low probability of being selected into a ________.
A) convenience sampling
B) judgment sampling
C) referral sampling
D) quota sampling
E) popularity sampling
Which of the following scales might have an example that ranges from "Not Important"
to "Extremely Important"?
A) Likert scale
B) one-way labeled scale
C) importance scale
D) unimportance scale
E) semantic differential scale
Errors in collecting data may be attributed to fieldworkers and respondents. What is
important about these errors is that:
A) researchers keep a list of all the errors that occur and report them in the "Error
B) researchers know the sources of these errors and their history
C) researchers know the source and history of these errors and maintain a catalog of
D) researchers know the source of the errors and implement controls to minimize them
E) researchers do NOT know the source of these errors but must watch for them
What is question bias?
A) a respondent reacting negatively to a question
B) the process of writing a question so that only a small group of the respondents
understand the question
C) the ability of a question's wording or format to influence respondents' answers
D) using screening questions to disqualify unwanted respondents
E) none of the above
Which of the following would be classified as a part of internal secondary data?
A) online information database
B) internal database
C) demographic data within a company's target market
D) any government data
E) Google
When a researcher must communicate with respondents which choice of data collection
method may be selected?
A) have person ask questions
B) use a computer to assist or to directly ask questions
C) allow respondents to answer questions themselves
D) any of the above may be selected
E) none of the above may be selected
Ad hoc is a Latin word, meaning ________.
A) out of chaos
B) from one, many
C) by that very act
D) with respect to a specific purpose
E) and the rest
________ is the act of estimating a population fact from a sample finding.
A) Summarization
B) Generalization
C) Comparison
D) Relating
E) Sample/population estimation
CATS stands for:
A) completely automated telephone survey
B) computerized aromatic telegraphed senses (surveys involving the sense of smell)
C) computerized aerial telegraphy survey (surveys taken from airplanes)
D) completely aided toll standard (calls are automatically charged to individual clients
as they are made)
E) completely aided T-line service
How many general ways for organizing observations are there?
A) 2
B) 3
C) 4
D) 5
E) 6
________ measurement is difficult to work with and requires interpretation skills or
even special computer programs.
A) Scientific
B) Open-ended
C) Metric
D) Whimsical
E) Elemental
In a 90%/10% split between two possible answers to a survey question, p times q
A) 9
B) 90
C) 900
D) 9,000
E) 0.090
When a researcher sets up the data set for the first time in XL Data Analyst, each
variable can be defined in three ways. They are:
A) create a variable label, variable description, and value codes and labels
B) create a variable label and a variable definition file and import from
C) create a variable definition file, enter data in row 1, column 1 and the variable will
automatically appear
D) symbols, codes, rows
E) none of the above; XL Data Analyst does not require you to define variables
A graph is considered one of which of the following?
A) illustrations
B) figures
C) tables
D) pictures
E) content
In the following sample size formula, which level of confidence is being used?
A) 90%
B) 95%
C) 99%
D) 68%
E) none of the above
What would you use to summarize a categorical variable?
A) categorical summarization analyses
B) mode and average
C) mode and frequency or percentage distribution
E) none of the above; you cannot summarize categorical variables
Which of the following is NOT an advantage of self-administered surveys?
A) reduced cost
B) respondent can control the pace of the survey
C) there is no interviewer apprehension
D) there is considerable interviewer-evaluation apprehension
E) none of the above
The question: "What was your reaction to the Sony CD player advertisement you saw
on television last?" is an example of which response format?
A) unaided open-ended
B) un-probed closed-ended
C) scaled-response
D) ad reaction measurement
E) metric, open-ended
According to the AMA definition of marketing, which of the following is true of
A) "Making the sale" should be considered the end of marketing.
B) Marketing is carried out for the benefit of the customer.
C) Marketing is carried out for the benefit of the stakeholders.
D) Marketing should not be considered an organizational function.
E) all of the above
Which of the following is true of marketing MANAGERS?
A) They are in staff positions.
B) They are trained in research techniques.
C) They are responsible for generating information.
D) They possess line positions.
E) none of the above