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A Preface to Marketing Management 14th Edition
J. Paul Peter, James Donnelly
An advertising expenditure approach that initially formulates the advertising goals and
defines the tasks to accomplish these goals is known as a(n) _____.
A. objective approach
B. task approach
C. percentage sale approach
D. functional approach
Which of the following kinds of research collects data by means of a feedback form
through mail, phone, or in person?
A. Experimental research
B. Mathematical modeling
C. Survey research
D. Observational research
Which of the following is true of a global corporation?
A. It does not pit its resources against its competition in an integrated fashion.
B. It emphasizes universal consumer differences rather than needs and wants.
C. It emphasizes cultural differences across countries.
D. It views the world as one market.
Starlight Inc. is a company that manufactures and sells decorative LED lights. Which of
the following is a demographic factor that is likely to influence Starlight's pricing
A. The position of potential buyers
B. The nature of the product
C. The perception of price in the minds of potential buyers
D. The prestige orientation of potential buyers
Which of the following represents the largest group of organizational buyers?
A. Intermediaries
B. Government agencies
C. Producers
D. Other institutions
The cell phone market is experiencing rapid growth, but the cell phones made by
Broadwing Inc. have such a small market share that Broadwing is looking to sell its cell
phone division. According to the BCG Portfolio Model, the cell phone division of
Broadwing Inc. is an example of a _____.
A. dog
B. cash cow
C. question mark
D. star
Which of the following best defines guarantee?
A. It refers to the statement of what a selling company will do to compensate a buyer if
a product is defective.
B. It refers to the measure used to check if products conform to established standards of
C. It is an assurance that a product is as represented and will perform properly.
D. It is a promise by a customer to pay for goods and services in a timely manner.
Aster Inc. has developed a new digital three-tier food steamer. Though the product
comes with a self-explanatory manual, the controls and the operation of the appliance
have to be explained to the customer on a one-to-one basis, in great detail. Which of the
following elements of the promotional mix is Aster most likely to rely on to sell its
A. Advertising
B. Public relations
C. Sales promotion
D. Personal selling
Which of the following is true of the purchasing role of influencers in a buying center?
A. They control the flow of information in the buying center.
B. They have the formal power to select a supplier for contract.
C. They have the informal responsibility to negotiate terms of a contract.
D. They affect a buying decision by helping define requirement specifications.
Which of the following is true about a sales forecast?
A. It is useful in predicting customer reactions to pre-launched products.
B. It might not be suitable for use in situations that involve personal selling efforts.
C. It is typically used by a marketing manager to budget selling expenses.
D. It is typically used to implement customers' comments into product development.
Products that are inventions and create a whole new market are called _____.
A. new-to-the-world products
B. new-to-the-firm products
C. additions to existing product lines
D. product improvements
Benefit segmentation is a _____ approach.
A. technology-oriented
B. production-oriented
C. market-oriented
D. mass marketing
Which of the following would need significant amounts of personal selling?
A. Calculators
B. Paints
C. Insurance
D. Soda
In order to forecast the sales for a marketing management textbook in his geographic
vicinity, Lauren, a bookstore owner, decides to use the time-series analysis of sales
forecasting. In this case, which of the following is Lauren more likely to do?
A. Combine and average the views of top management representing marketing,
production, finance, purchasing, and administration.
B. Request his sales personnel to submit estimates of the future sales in their territories.
C. Measure the relationship between the dependent variable and one or more
independent variables.
D. Analyze past sales data and the impact of factors that influence sales like seasonal
_____ is a method of differentiating a relatively homogeneous product.
A. Mass marketing
B. Product line extension
C. Distinctive packaging
D. Family branding
Marketers who seek to accomplish the strategic goals of marketing communications
A. more likely to attract new customers than retain existing customers.
B. less likely to build a relationship with an organization's channel members.
C. less likely to support efforts to create value for existing customers.
D. more likely to use modern technology to stay close to their customers and identify
Which of the following is a feature of selected-lead generation?
A. It generates leads from predetermined markets.
B. It is often used by firms that enter new markets.
C. It is usually done using mass appeals.
D. It requires a high number of contacts to gain a sale.

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