Book Title
Basic Marketing Research: Using Microsoft Excel Data Analysis 3rd Edition

MET AD 44525

July 18, 2017
Since its first completion, the American Community Survey has been offering
________ estimates for geographic areas with a population of 65,000 or more, while
geographic areas with populations of 20,000 or more can access ________-year
estimates, and areas with populations less than 20,000 can access ________-year
estimates beginning in 2010.
A) yearly; five; seven
B) bi-annual; three; four
C) bi-annual; two; three
D) yearly; three; five
E) yearly; two; three
Of the following, which is a potential disadvantage of using a simulated test market?
A) It is not as accurate as full scale test markets.
B) The distribution network may or may not properly represent the firm's actual
distribution system.
C) It is often very time consuming and expensive.
D) They allow competitors to acquire knowledge of the test.
E) all of the above
The essential objective of the drop-off survey is:
A) low cost because there is no mail-out expense
B) to gain a prospective respondent's cooperation
C) to minimize item omission bias
D) to combine computerization with telephone surveying
E) all of the above
The generalization process is often referred to as:
A) parameter estimation
B) statistical interval positioning
C) estimation of sample findings
D) deductive rationale statistics
E) Roman estimation
What is the purpose of the "marketing intelligence system" subsystem of the marketing
information system?
A) to obtain everyday information about pertinent developments in the environment
B) to supply collected data that may be accessed and analyzed using tools and
techniques that assist managers in decision making
C) to gather information generated by internal reports, which includes orders, billing,
receivables, inventory levels, stock-outs, among others
D) to generate the particular information needed for the specific situation
E) to gather information not gathered by the other MIS component subsystems
Which of the following statements best describes the state of the marketing research
industry in the 1950s?
A) There was "no sense of industry."
B) Marketing research was needed for survival.
C) There were quite large "behemoths" that operated around the globe with revenues in
excess of $1 billion.
D) The industry was composed of many small, privately owned firms that didn't report
their revenues.
E) both A and D
A question asks respondents to write in how many times they have visited an ATM in
the last week. This is an example of a:
A) synthetic metric scale
B) natural metric scale
C) natural categorical scale
D) closed-ended scale
E) synthetic open-ended scale
When testing for the differences between two percentages, the formula subtracts the
differences between the two percentages and divides this difference by the standard
error of the difference between two:
A) groups
B) averages
C) differences
D) percentages
E) people
The accuracy of a sample is often expressed as:
A) the number of centimeters it is from the true population frame
B) the cost of making an inaccurate estimate
C) the number of respondents needed to make the sample 100% accurate
D) a plus-or-minus percentage, such as + or " 5%
E) a mistake
What year was the ACS first completed?
A) 2003
B) 2004
C) 2005
D) 2006
E) 2008
Which of the following is NOT true about the title Page?
A) The title should be as informative as possible.
B) The title should be centered and in all caps.
C) Items other than the title should be centered and in all caps.
D) It should be counted as Page i but no number should be shown on the page.
E) Individuals' designations or titles should be shown if appropriate.
What is the purpose of a market tracking study?
A) to measure some variable of interest, such as market share or unit sales over time
B) to determine if consumers switched brands from one time period to the next
C) to determine the relationship between several variables
D) to search for and interpret existing information relevant to the research problem
E) to track causality
Choice of survey method can be made by answering which of the following questions?
(Choose the most complete answer.)
A) "Which of the data collection methods will be the least expensive?"
B) "Which data collection method is the customer most comfortable with?"
C) "What data collection method will generate the most complete and generalizable
information within the time horizon and without exceeding the allowable expenditure
for data collection?"
D) "Which data collection method is the researcher most comfortable with?"
E) "How many data collection methods can be used to validate the data?"
When a researcher wants to compare the averages of several (more than two) groups, he
or she should use:
A) multiple tests of differences between two averages
B) three way differences tests
C) analysis of variance
D) analysis of covariance
E) multiple z tests
Lawrence Gibson would probably be considered an expert on:
A) sample plans
B) client billing
C) data collection
D) problem definition
E) report writing
What Greek symbol denotes the true intercept in regression analysis?
A) β
B) α
C) π
D) Σ
E) Ω
What type of research is unstructured and informal?
A) deductive
B) exploratory
C) causal
D) exploitive
E) custom, non-standard
________ analysis is defined as describing the data in the sample with the use of
percentages or averages.
A) Comparison
B) Generalization
C) Relationship
D) Summarization
E) Confidence
When testing whether a true difference exists between two group percentages, the
________ hypothesis is that there is a true difference between the two group
percentages (or averages) that we are comparing.
A) null
B) true
C) accurate
D) alternative
E) independent
Using XL Data Analyst, there should be a ________, which is a phrase or sentence that
identifies the variable in more detail and refers to the question on the questionnaire.
A) value label
B) value code
C) variable description
D) variable code
E) value description
When you are comparing the averages on two variables for significant differences,
which of the following sequences of commands should you use in XL Data Analyst?
A factual message that transmits research results, vital recommendations, conclusions,
and other information to the client, who in turn uses the information as a basis for
decision making is known as:
A) the marketing research report
B) the body report
C) the advancement report
D) the title fly page
E) the decision rule
Which of the following data collection modes comes closest to being patterned after the
"man-on-the-street" interview?
A) person-on-the-street interview
B) mall-intercept interview
C) drop-off survey
D) online survey
E) mail survey
In your text your authors discuss how research was conducted by the disposable diaper
industry that demonstrated that disposable diapers were no more harmful on the
environment than cloth diapers. The cloth diaper industry found just the opposite. The
point of this example is:
A) research studies are always objective and are conducted to provide the truth
B) when evaluating research studies you should understand that some studies are
conducted with a clear purpose in mind to "prove" some position or advance some
special interest
C) chambers of commerce have always been able to clear up discrepancies between
research studies
D) if you are really concerned about the environment, don't wear any type of diaper
E) secondary data be discarded because those collecting it always have a hidden agenda
What type of panel would be used to determine how consumers feel about two different
product concepts by varying panel questions from one panel measurement to the next?
A) inquisitional panel
B) discontinuous panel
C) population panel
D) continuous panel
E) repeatability panel
Which of the following is NOT a survey mode mentioned in your text?
A) person-administered
B) computer-administered
C) self-administered
D) mixed-media
E) mixed-mode
What is the general purpose of projective techniques?
A) to gain information through small groups of people brought together and guided by a
moderator through an unstructured, spontaneous discussion
B) to explore hidden consumer motives for buying goods and services, by asking
respondents to project themselves into a situation
C) to review available information about a former situation that has some similarities to
the present research problem
D) to gather information from those thought to be knowledgeable on the issues relevant
to the projective research problem
E) to project answers from focus group participants to a much larger population
Which of the following is true of quantitative research?
A) It is sometimes referred to as 'survey research."
B) It often involves a sizable representative sample of the population.
C) Data format and sources are clear and well defined.
D) Its purpose is very specific.
E) all of the above
What type of scale uses words to indicate different gradations or levels of the
respondent's opinion?
A) synthetic label metric scale
B) natural label metric scale
C) natural categorical scale
D) closed-ended scale
E) synthetic natural label scale
What is the intersection cell for the Row Totals column and the Column Totals row in a
cross-tabulation table called?
A) the Row and Column Totals Cell
B) the Grand Total
C) the Total cell
D) the Grand Column
E) none of the above; rows and columns do not intersect
Which of the following is a possible decision alternative (as discussed in the book)?
A) Price changes
B) Product modification
C) Product improvement
D) both B and C
E) all of the above
The ________ is a measure of the variability in a population based on the variability
found in the sample.
A) sampling distribution
B) standard error
C) limit
D) p
E) q
Descriptive studies are conducted to:
A) specify the causality in the problem
B) describe previous findings in similar problems
C) answer who, what, when, where, and how questions
D) describe secondary data from previous studies
E) all of the above
Which of the following means that the respondent's name is known by the researcher,
but not divulged to a third party?
A) Anonymity
B) Confidentiality
C) Exclusivity
D) Secrecy
E) Secret identity