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Basic Marketing Research: Using Microsoft Excel Data Analysis 3rd Edition

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July 18, 2017
Your XL Data Analyst software can generate random numbers for you.
Although it is preferred, there does not have to be a variable label, or a unique, short,
single-word description for that variable placed in the first row on the Data worksheet.
The advantage of the continuous panel is they represent a large group of persons who
have made themselves available for research.
2.58 standard deviations describes the range in which 95% of the area underneath the
curve is found.
It is customary to have between 300 to 500 participants in a pretest.
With simple random sampling, the probability of being selected into the sample is not
"known" but is equal for all members of the population.
Confidence intervals for averages should be calculated only on variables that are
considered metric.
Marketing research is a part of marketing.
In experimental design nomenclature, an X represents the measurement of the
dependent variable.
The Pearson product moment correlation has a range between -1.00 and +1.00.
Intuitive hypothesis testing is the same as statistical hypothesis testing.
"Making the sale" is not the end of marketing if marketers want repeat buying and
positive word-of-mouth promotion of their products and services.
Key factors influencing the choice of a survey data collection method include the
researchers' time and budget.
Cluster sampling is advantageous when there is no electronic database of the
"Anchored" means that the scale has a very high score on one end.
Adding a variable in the middle of a data set means that a new column will be created
in the Data worksheet, and the Data-Define Variable link will become misaligned.
Causal research is often undertaken to help clearly define a problem.
Primary data refers to information that has already been collected.
In regression, the variable being predicted, x, is known as the dependant variable.
Extraneous variables are those that have some effect upon the dependent variable but
yet are not independent variables.
Research objectives, when achieved, provide the information necessary to choose
between decision alternatives.
The confidence interval for an average uses the standard deviation as the measure of
In regression, the line that runs through the points on a scatter diagram is positioned to
minimize the vertical distances away from the line of the various points because of the
"least squares criterion."
Because they are more popular than some other methods, person-administered surveys
are often used.
The percentage distribution is a summary of the number of times each and every
category appears for the entire sample.
One major advantage of focus groups is that they may be directed at understanding a
wide variety of issues such as reactions to a new food product, brand logo, or television
A frequencies table contains the raw counts for the cells based on the complete data set.
Surveys allow for large samples which may be required to ensure that the study
accurately represents some larger population.
Our authors recommend some scales to measure constructs often measured in
marketing research studies. For example, they recommend a semantic differential or a
Stapel scale to measure the construct's brand image. They recommend a one-way
labeled scale to measure the construct's importance.
The title should be very brief; it does not need to communicate what the report is about;
the reader will have the full report to accomplish this goal. Rather, titles serve to
identify one report from another.
Asking how many dollars a consumer is willing to spend on a new product is an
example of a natural metric scale.
In evaluations conducted on the performance of the marketing research industry, the
conclusions have been consistent in saying that the industry is plagued with so many
problems that it has not been able to operate at any level other than "unsatisfactorily."
With a normal curve, the midpoint is also the average.
There are three basic question format options and each has two options.
Covariation is defined as the amount of change in one variable systematically
associated with a change in another variable.
Experimental designs provide procedures for devising an experimental setting such that
a change in an independent variable may be attributed solely to the change in the
dependent variable while controlling for the effects of complex variables.
Which of the following is NOT true of a drop-off survey?
A) The respondent is told the questionnaire is self-explanatory.
B) The questionnaire will be left and filled out at the respondent's leisure.
C) The representative might return to pick up the questionnaire.
D) The respondent may be instructed to complete and return it by prepaid mail.
E) Normally, the representative will return the following week to pick up the completed
Which of the following is NOT one of the subsystems of the marketing information
A) internal reports
B) marketing intelligence
C) marketing decision support
D) marketing research
E) consumer information support system
One of the most successful publishing firms in college textbook history was started
when Richard D. Irwin saw, while reading theU.S. Statistical Abstract, the rapid rise in
college of business enrollments following World War II. This success was a result of
Irwin recognizing:
A) a failure to meet an objective
B) a 'symptom" as an opportunity
C) a 'symptom" of data analysis
D) an environmental opportunity
E) a 'signal symptom"
Relationship analyses determine whether:
A) stable patterns exist between two or more variables
B) significant differences exist between two or more variables
C) stable generalizations exist between 12 or more variables
D) two variables have the same level of measurement
E) none of the above; relationships occur between clients and researchers
Which of the following is an accurate description of the null hypothesis?
A) a formal statement that there is a significant difference between the hypothesized
value and the value we find in our sample
B) a formal statement that there is no difference between the hypothesized value and the
value we find in our sample
C) a formal statement that there is a slight difference between the hypothesized value
and the value we find in our sample
D) an informal statement that there is a large difference between the hypothesized value
and the value we find in our sample
E) an informal statement that there is an average difference between the hypothesized
value and the value we find in our sample
The chi-square test is useful for determining:
A) if a relationship exists between three categorical variables
B) if a relationship exists between two metric variables
C) if a relationship exists between two categorical variables
D) if a duotonic relationship exists between two variables
E) if a beta is present in the relationship
If the research objective helps to determine terms and concepts, it is likely that the most
appropriate research design would be:
A) exploitive
B) exploratory
C) deductive
D) causal
E) standard
In multiple regression, ________ is a handy measure of the strength of the overall
A) adjusted R
B) multiple R
C) multicollinearity
A) identify exact values
B) show locations
C) show visual details
D) are line graphs
E) are photos of charts
Which of the following is appropriate when the research objective is description?
A) averages
B) confidence intervals
C) cross-tabulation
D) correlation
Signals that indicate the topics of each section and act like signals and signposts along
the "road" of a marketing research report are referred to as:
A) headings and subheadings
B) table of contents
C) tables
D) visuals
E) road signs
What are the intercept and the slope computed on the basis of in regression analysis?
A) parsimony
B) the least squares' criterion
C) the most squares' criterion
D) the size of the coefficients
E) none of the above; the intercept and slope are not computed in regression analysis
Which of the following was NOT listed in your textbook as a secondary information
source on marketing?
A) Reference guide
B) Index
C) Dictionary
D) Directory
E) Google
Questionnaire organization refers to:
A) the order of words within a question
B) the order in which a firm conducts questionnaires
C) the ability of a researcher to produce an organized questionnaire
D) a professional group of experts whose specialty is designing questionnaires
E) none of the above
A toy store owner hypothesizes, at the 95% level of confidence, that parents spend less
than $100 on toys per visit to her store. A sample is taken and the hypothesis test shows
a z value of -1.65. We:
A) accept the hypothesis
B) do not support the hypothesis
C) accept the alternative hypothesis
D) fail to support the hypothesis
E) none of the above; we do not have sufficient information
The introduction written to accompany a mail survey or online survey is normally
referred to as a(n):
A) opening
B) cover letter
C) salutation
D) greeting
E) request for honest opinion
Fieldworkers who cheat by submitting bogus questionnaires are an example of:
A) intentional fieldworker error
B) unintentional fieldworker error
C) intentional respondent error
D) unintentional respondent error
E) none of the above; fieldworkers do not cheat
When a scale has "labels" as opposed to "levels" we can normally assume the level of
measurement is:
A) metric
B) in small increments
C) categorical
D) to scale
E) average
Which of the following is NOT true of the letter/memo of transmittal?
A) It may include a brief identification of the nature of the research.
B) A review of the conditions of the authorization to do the researcher might be
included e research if no letter of authorization is included.
C) Comments on findings, suggestions for further research, and an expression of
interest in the project and further research might appear in the letter/memo.
D) It should end with an expression of appreciation for the assignment,
acknowledgment of assistance from others, and suggestions for follow-up.
E) Personal observations, unsupported by the data, are inappropriate.
The ________ is the percent of individuals in the sample who qualify to take the
A) qualification rate
B) qualification percentage
C) incidence rate
D) response rate
E) none of the above
Whenever a percentage, average or some other analysis value is computed with a
sample's data, we refer to it as:
A) a designated statistic
B) a sample finding
C) a computed value
D) a composite estimate
E) a confidential statistic
Assume you run a correlation analysis and your XL Data Analyst informs you that you
have a significant relationship. What can you use to determine how strong the
relationship is?
A) the strength coefficient, which ranges from 1 to 10, with 10 being the strongest
B) the strength coefficient, which ranges from 1 to 5, with 5 being the strongest
C) the size of the correlation coefficient
D) the size of the beta
E) none of the above; correlation is not measured in terms of strength
Why is it important for marketing managers to know the motivations underlying the
sample size recommendations of the researchers that they hire?
A) A manager's cost may be unnecessarily inflated.
B) Unethical researchers may use large sample sizes to increase profits.
C) Unethical researchers may have ownership in a data collection company.
D) Researchers' profits may be a percentage of total costs.
E) all of the above
What is the intersection of a row and a column in a cross-tabulation table called?
A) a "cross-tabulation cell"
B) a dangerous intersection
C) a chi-square
D) a "cross-cell interaction"
E) an intersect cell
A(n) ________ is a definition of a construct.
A) research method
B) standard definition
C) problem statement
D) hypothetical difference
E) operational definition
When is marketing research not needed?
A) The information is already available.
B) The timing is wrong.
C) Funds are not available.
D) Marketing research is always needed.
E) A, B and C
What does the p stand for in the confidence interval formula for sample size?
A) estimated percentage of the population
B) actual percentage of the population
C) estimated percentage of the sample
D) a parsimonious sample size
E) none of the above
When using XL Data Analyst to compare two mutually exclusive groups as to their
respective percentage on a category, the ________ variable is the variable on which the
groups will be compared.
A) target
B) grouping
C) independent
D) group
E) segmenting
Which level of measurement has order and distance?
A) scientific
B) open-ended
C) metric
D) categorical
E) elemental
Which is a self-administered survey?
A) group self-administered survey
B) in home surveys
C) telephone surveys
D) CATI surveys
E) dual data collection
Which of the following is NOT an advantage of CATS?
A) All of the advantages of computer-driven interviewing are found in this approach.
B) The interviewer expense or extra cost of human voice communication capability for
the computer is eliminated.
C) Because respondents' answers are saved in a file during the interview itself,
tabulation can take place on a daily basis.
D) Even if the interviews are conducted in remote locations across the United States, it
is a simple matter to download the files to the central facility for daily tabulations.
E) Researchers can take the advantages of different modes to achieve their data
collection goals.
Which of the following questions should researchers ask when assessing symptoms?
A) Can the symptoms be corroborated by other factors identified in the situation
B) Are the symptoms aberrant?
C) Are the symptoms likely to occur again?
D) A and B
E) all of the above
Where do you enter the "hypothesized value" in XL Data Analyst to test a hypothesis
about an average?
A) Hypothesized Value box
B) Hypo Val box
C) Hypothesized Average box
D) Hypothesized Data box
E) None of the above; XL Data Analyst does not test hypotheses for percentages.