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Basic Marketing Research: Using Microsoft Excel Data Analysis 3rd Edition

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July 18, 2017
The statistician Tukey coined Type II errors as those made solving the wrong problem.
The three basic question formats are: open-ended, categorical, and metric.
The marketing intelligence system gathers information generated by internal reports,
which includes order billing, receivables, inventory levels, stockouts, and so on.
The expected frequencies perfectly embody the null hypothesis for chi-square analysis.
In multiple regression, the multiple R, also called the coefficient of determination,
ranges from 0 to +1.00. It represents the amount of the dependent variable "explained"
by the combined independent variables.
There was "no sense of industry" for the Marketing Research industry in the 1950s.
The introduction to the questionnaire has only one function and that is to introduce the
potential respondent to the research project.
All of your outstanding data and significant findings and recommendations are
meaningless if you cannot communicate them in such a way that the client knows what
you have said, understands your meaning, and responds appropriately.
In experimental design nomenclature, an O represents the measurement of the
independent variable.
Each and every step (in the ten step research process) should be followed in a
step-by-step fashion in order to ensure a quality research project.
Whereas self-administered surveys are faster than personal or computer-assisted
surveys, they have the highest cost.
A sample is a subset of the population that should represent that entire group.
Sometimes someone, such as the marketing manager or marketing researcher, makes a
prediction about the population value based on prior knowledge, assumptions, or
intuition. This statement, called a theory, commonly takes the form of an exact
specification as to what is the population parameter.
Market difference testing holds that within a product market, there are different types of
consumers who have dissimilar requirements, and these differences can be the bases of
marketing strategies.
To return to the original data set after using a selected subset for analysis, simply use
the Utilities-Unfilter Data operation.
If you use a metric measure, you can calculate an average.
In multiple regression, the multiple R is like a lead indicator. Researchers often convert
it into a percent to indicate what percent of the dependent variable is explained by the
multiple regression.
In testing for significant differences between the averages of two variables, two
variables should be measured on the same metric scale.
A scatter diagram that resembles a ball represents a correlation of zero.
With a cartoon test, participants are asked to pretend they are a "third person," such as a
friend or neighbor, and to describe how they would act in a certain situation or to a
specific statement.
Online surveys are making profound changes in the marketing research landscape.
The way you set up your code book in XL Data Analyst is through the Define Variables
According to your authors, "unnecessary and redundant words should be eliminated"
fits with the idea that a question should be focused on a single topic.
Telephone surveys, while yielding high-quality samples, do not have fast turnaround
times. This is why they are rarely used for political polling.
Whether a question format is categorical or metric greatly impacts what he or she can or
cannot say about these concepts.
Marketing research projects, like the other MIS components, are continuous, running
Analysis of variance is used to test the difference between percentages between more
than two groups.
The standard test market is one in which the firm tests the product or marketing-mix
variables through the company's normal distribution channels.
External validity, carried out through field experiments, measures the extent to which
the relationship between independent, dependent and complex variables hold up in the
real world.
There is always some cause(s) to change. However, researchers only must determine
the very likely causes to change in properly defining the problem.
When it comes to determining the strength of a statistically significant correlation
coefficient, there are rules of thumb. For example, .81 to 1.00 is considered "weak."
A research objective should specify from whom information is to be gathered.
A double-barreled question is one that places undue emphasis on some aspect of the
Online research created the opportunity for several new companies to emerge, offering
panels recruited to respond to online queries.
Which type of scaled-response format contains bi-polar words such as "hot-cold,"
"wet-dry," "convenient-inconvenient," and so on?
A) constant sum scale
B) life-style inventory
C) semantic differential scale
D) synthetic action/ information/ online format
E) none; these are not measured by scaled-response formats
Which of the following does NOT refer to a disadvantage of standardized information?
A) The ability to customize some projects is lost when using a standardized service.
B) The company providing the standardized service may not know the idiosyncrasies of
a particular industry.
C) There is a greater burden on the client to ensure that the standardized service fits the
intended situation.
D) Buyer firms often must commit to long-term contracts when buying standardized
E) Client firms need to be very familiar with the service provided, including what data
are collected on which population, how the data are collected, and how the data are
reported before they purchase the service.
When testing for the differences between two percentages, a computed z value that is
larger than the critical z value (i.e. +or -1.96) amounts to no support for:
A) a significant difference
B) the null hypothesis
C) the alternative hypothesis
D) null alternative
E) none of the above
The term ________ implies that the scale is metric, whereas the term ________ implies
that the scale is categorical.
A) levels; labels
B) labels; levels
C) levels; variances
D) labels; variances
E) variances; labels
To perform the test of significance of differences between two percentages, each
representing a separate group (sample), the first step requires:
A) that the arithmetic difference between the two percentages be translated into a
number of standard errors away from the hypothesized value of zero
B) a comparison of the two percentages
C) a computation of z by dividing the difference between the two sample percentages
by the standard error of the difference between percents
D) determining whether the null hypothesis is supported or not supported at your
chosen level of confidence
E) reviewing the normal curve
Which type of relationship is described by the formula: y = a + bx?
A) causal relationship
B) linear relationship
C) categorical relationship
D) Boolean relationship
E) a beta relationship
Computing the average number of dollars college students have on their credit card
balances exemplifies:
A) summarizing
B) generalizing
C) comparing
D) relating
E) type III error
In making the decision to use a symmetric or non-symmetric scale, a good rule of
thumb is to:
A) use neither
B) use the symmetric scale unless the researcher is confident respondents will only use
one side of the scale
C) use the non-symmetric scale unless the researcher is confident that respondents will
use both sides of the scale
D) always use both to be certain that the respondent has a choice of how to best express
his or her attitude
E) none of the above
To estimate a parameter, you need to know the sample statistic, which is either a mean
or percentage derived from sample data.
In stratified sampling, there is a procedure that allows you to take information from
each stratum to calculate an estimate of the overall population average. The procedure
A) a skewed average
B) a non-skewed average
C) a disproportionate average
D) a weighted average
E) the restrictive power, r, of the sample
Which of the following is NOT part of the front matter?
A) title page
B) introduction
C) table of contents
D) abstract/executive summary
E) list of illustrations
Estimating a population percentage is done when the variable is scaled as:
A) average
B) categorical
C) mean
D) metric
E) large
When a researcher communicates with a respondent, what type of data collection form
is used?
A) questionnaire
B) observation form
C) data sheets
D) either A or C
E) either A or B
Pie charts are particularly useful for illustrating:
A) relative size or static comparisons
B) items over time
C) relationships found in the data
D) ratio-scaled data
E) flow of topics
Which of the following is NOT an advantage of computer-administered surveys?
A) ability to develop rapport with the respondent
B) speed
C) error-free interviewing
D) use of pictures, videos and graphics
E) real time capture of data
A ________ is defined as one that is scaled with a categorical 0-versus-1 coding
A) screening variable
B) dummy independent variable
C) standardized beta coefficient
D) binary independent variable
E) p value
Your authors list memory, relevance and believability as examples of ________.
A) standards
B) actions
C) assertions
D) constructs
E) consequences
Complete the following sentence with the answer that most completely answers the
question. Typical fields in a customer database include ________.
A) name
B) name and address
C) name, address and email address
D) name, address, email address and products purchased
E) name, address, email address, products purchased and dates of purchase
Which of the following best represents the criteria discussed by your authors to be used
in selection of a test market city?
A) representativeness, isolation and cost
B) representativeness, existing company presence, control of promotion
C) representativeness, isolation and control of distribution and promotion
D) representativeness, cost and control of competitor's intelligence
E) representativeness, cost and ability to meet the federal codes regulating test markets
The ________ format asks respondents to indicate their degree of agreement or
disagreement with a statement.
A) l-Lifestyle statement inventory
B) semantic differential
C) constant sum scale
D) Likert scale
E) the "hiking"
The memo of transmittal is used
A) to deliver the document
B) to deliver the document to a client outside the firm
C) to deliver the document within the firm
D) only when the document is transmitted electronically
E) only when the document is displayed publicly
According to the "do's" of question wording, a question should be:
A) focused
B) grammatically simple
C) brief
D) crystal clear
E) all of the above
Which of the following is NOT true of group-administered surveys?
A) Variations for group-administered surveys are limitless.
B) Students can be administered surveys in their classes.
C) Twenty to thirty people might be recruited to view a television program sprinkled
with test commercials.
D) The researcher will often compensate the group with a monetary payment as a
means of recruiting the support of the group's leaders.
E) A survey administrator works the whole group through the survey as a group, rather
than an individual pace.
A correlation coefficient is an index number constrained to fall between the range of:
A) 0 to 1.00
B) 0 to 100
C) -1.00 to +1.00
D) .05 to .95
E) none of the above; it is not constrained
Frequencies' tables, part of cross-tabulation, contain raw data.
A preponderance of "no opinion" responses would tend to indicate a:
A) yea-saying pattern
B) nay-saying pattern
C) middle-of-the-road pattern
D) riding the fence pattern
E) non-existent pattern
What is the name of the online report writing tool that your textbook authors have
provided for you?
A) Digital Dashboard
C) iReport Writer Assistant
D) Burke Online Writer
E) Digital Writer
"Our sales were $X but could have been $Y had we introduced a new, more competitive
product" is an example of what type of problem?
A) An opportunity
B) A failure to meet an objective
C) A major problem
D) A marketing failure
E) none of the above
Certification of marketing researchers, as discussed in your text, means:
A) marketing researchers have to register and pay a fee that would increase the budget
of the American Certified Marketing Researchers
B) marketing researchers have to pass a test or other certification criteria to become
certified much like accountants earn CPAs
C) marketing researchers "certify" that every project they completed would have been
conducted using standard marketing research procedures
D) marketing researchers would NOT have to pass a test but would have to meet other
certification criteria to become certified much like accountants earn CPAs
E) certified marketing researchers would be required to audit the books of competitive
marketing research firms
Which section of the marketing research report presents the findings of the research,
organized around the objectives of the study?
A) body
B) results
C) conclusions
D) recommendations
E) none of the above