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Basic Marketing Research: Using Microsoft Excel Data Analysis 3rd Edition

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July 18, 2017
Since every research project is different, it is wise to develop a new and novel scale
format to suit the particular needs of the existing situation.
The creation of the introduction should entail just as much care and effort as the
development of the questions on the questionnaire.
If we wanted to know if there was a statistically significant difference between males
and females on the average number of soft drinks they consumed during a week we
would be testing for the difference between averages for two groups.
When information is not available, the researcher should consider conducting marketing
Proctor & Gamble, owning the major market share for disposable diapers, published a
research report showing that cloth diapers were as least as harmful to the environment
as disposable diapers. This example illustrates why it is important to evaluate all
secondary research in terms of really understanding the true purpose of the research.
Stratified sampling is a way to select a simple random sample from a directory or list
that is much more efficient (uses less effort) than with simple random sampling,
because with a physical list, the researcher must first enumerate (assign a unique
identifier) each listing in order to select them using a random number.
On the table of contents, pages contained in the front matter section of the report should
be numbered with lowercase Roman numerals.
The Pearson product moment correlation measures the linear relationship between two
categorical-scaled variables.
When the researcher is reporting differences found from ANOVA, the table presentation
becomes more challenging as there can be overlaps of nonsignificant differences and
significant differences.
Researchers agree that screening questions should appear early, at least in the top third
of question sequencing, so as not to waste anyone's time.
Descriptive research is desirable when we wish to project a study's findings to a larger
Applied research is conducted to expand our knowledge rather than to solve a specific
One of the advantages of the person-administered survey is that the interviewer is able
to respond to questions asked by respondents.
Perhaps the most intuitive relationship between two metric variables is a linear
relationship, sometimes called a straight-line relationship.
You don't need to ask prospective respondents for their participation in the survey; your
desire for their participation is assumed.
Self-administered questionnaires have not been found to elicit more insightful
information than face-to-face interviews because there is no interviewer to draw out the
needed information.
Marketing research is the process of designing, gathering, analyzing, and reporting
information that may be used to solve a specific marketing problem.
A pretest refers to measuring the dependent variable prior to changing the independent
The Pearson product moment correlation measures the linear relationship between two
metric-scaled variables.
Demographic incidence is the percentage of respondents that qualify for a survey based
on screening for things like product use, ailments, or a particular behavior.
The ability to customize some projects is lost when using a standardized service.
Exploratory research can also be beneficial in the formulation of hypotheses.
Dependent variables are those over which the experimenter has some control; in other
words, dependent variables depend on the experimenter to manipulate them.
Standardized information is a type of secondary data in which the data collected and/or
the process of collecting the data are standardized for all users.
Because marketing research studies are continuous they cannot be referred to as
"Preparing Graphs and Bar Charts" is one of the twelve basic steps in the marketing
research process.
Studies that deal with monitoring marketing performance are control studies.
The current Marketing Research industry has quite large "behemoths" that operate
around the globe with revenues in excess of $1 billion.
Online panel sampling relies on a random selection of website visitors.
In an undisguised survey, the respondent is identified.
Since marketing research information is often used in making significant decisions, the
opportunity exists for a lack of total objectivity in the research process.
If a researcher wanted to know if there are differences between coupon users and
non-coupon users, he/she could use tests for differences between two groups.
A chi-square analysis is the examination of frequencies for two metric variables in a
cross-tabulation table to determine whether the variables have a significant relationship.
"Check all that apply" questions are really dual-choice categorical response questions.
Market-tracking studies track some variable of interest such as market share over time,
and represent a use of cross-sectional studies.
Statistical significance is the same thing as practical significance.
External secondary data was classified in your textbook into three sources: published,
non-published, and video.
Market-tracking studies measure some variable(s) of interest, that is, market share or
unit sales over time.
Judgment samples are highly subjective and therefore prone to much error.
________ refers to the creation of a computer file that holds the raw data taken from all
of the acceptable completed questionnaires.
A) Data entry
B) Data coding
C) Data matrix
D) Data filing
E) Data surveying
A final task in questionnaire design is ________ questions, which is the use of numbers
associated with question response options to facilitate data analysis after the survey has
been conducted.
A) re-writing
B) testing
C) coding
D) response-writing
E) numbering
Which of the following is the symbol for population mean?
A) µ
B) π
C) β
D) Ω
E) Σ
In the confidence interval formula for sample size, the symbol r represents an estimate
A) the relationship between the p's and q's in the population
B) the resolution of the population
C) the robustness needed to have an accurate sample
D) the restricted power of the sample
E) none of the above; the formula has no r
When calculating the confidence interval for an average, the standard deviation is used:
A) because it indicates lack of variability
B) because it is the appropriate measure of variability for a metric variable
C) because it is the appropriate measure of variability for a categorical variable
D) because it is smaller and less expensive to calculate
E) none of the above; standard deviation is not used to calculate confidence for an
A researcher may be interested in seeing how shoppers behave when exposed to a
promotional display in a supermarket rather than knowing what they think about the
display. In this case, the researcher would want to observe the behavior of the shoppers.
What form would the researcher use?
A) questionnaire
B) observation form
C) behavior form
D) permanent record
E) survey
When using XL Data Analyst to compare two mutually exclusive groups as to their
respective percentage on a category of some variable, you must define:
A) a grouping variable to identify groups and a target variable
B) a target variable to identify groups and no other variable
C) a grouping variable on which the percentages are calculated
D) the hypothesized value
E) none of the above; XL Data Analyst cannot perform this task
________ is the analytical technique that assesses the statistical significance of
categorical variable relationships.
A) A stacked pie chart
B) Cross-tabulation analysis
C) Cross-label analysis
D) Cross-category analysis
E) A stacked bar chart
Which of the following is the survey created by the U.S. Census Bureau in 1996 to
collect economic, social, demographic, and housing information as part of the
Decennial Census Program?
A) American Community Survey
B) American Census Survey
D) Buying Index
E) Survey of Buying Power
The quantity and quality of evidence a manager possesses for each of his or her
assumptions is known as the:
A) quantity and quality of evidence
B) information gap
C) information state
D) hypothesis state
E) hypothesis statement
Research is conducted to determine which type of car is most preferred. The sports car
has the highest preference ratings among the five cars that were test-driven. This is:
A) a recommendation
B) a conclusion
C) information that should be included in the front matter
D) a fact that must be substantiated in an oral report
E) a fact that should only be included in an oral report
A(n) ________ sample is any other allocation that would occur if we based our sample
size per stratum not on its proportionate share of the population but on its variance as
per our sample size formula.
A) unequal
B) proportionate
C) disproportionate
D) restrictive
E) variable
Appendices should:
A) be labeled with a letter
B) be labeled with a title
C) be included in the Table of Contents
D) be labeled with a letter and a title
E) be labeled with a letter and a title and included in the Table of Contents
Which of the following would NOT be considered an application of secondary data?
A) predicting very broad changes in a culture's "way of life"
B) selecting a street address for a new car wash
C) determining the likelihood of customers purchasing a brand new product
D) determining population growth rates in different geographical areas
E) examining information about competitors
Which of the following is the best statement reflecting the purpose of marketing
A) to provide information that improves profitability
B) to link the environments to the firm
C) to link the consumer to the marketer by providing information that can be used in
making marketing decisions
D) to link target markets to specific decision makers at all levels within firms
E) to be perceived as providing value to higher level executives within the firm
Which of the following is NOT used to test hypotheses?
A) sample statistic (mean or percentage)
B) Greek parameter
C) standard error of the statistic (mean or percentage)
D) hypothesized parameter value
E) a calculated value for z
________ is when potential respondents are alerted that they may fill out a
questionnaire that is hosted at a particular Web site.
A) Random online intercept sampling
B) Invitation online sampling
C) Online panel sampling
D) Systematic online sampling
E) Snowball sampling
If appropriate, materials, such as data collection forms or actual computer printouts,
should be included in the:
A) printout section of the report
B) Table of Computer Printouts
C) Appendix
D) fore matter section of the report
E) none of the above; computer printouts should never be included in the report given
to a client
In chi-square analysis, the formula for an expected cell frequency shows the cell
column total * by the cell row total in the numerator and ________ in the denominator.
A) the cell column total
B) the cell row total
C) p*q
D) n
E) the grand total
Which of the following describes a simulated test market?
A) It is one in which the firm tests the product or marketing-mix variables through the
company's normal distribution channels.
B) It is conducted by outside research firms that guarantee distribution of the product
through prespecified types and numbers of distributors.
C) It includes a panel of consumers that has agreed to carry identification cards that
each consumer presents when buying goods and services.
D) A limited amount of data on consumer response to a new product is fed into a model
containing certain assumptions regarding planned marketing programs, which generates
likely product sales volume.
E) none of the above
In the question, "What was the most important factor that convinced you it was time to
make this purchase?" which word is one of the "words to avoid in question
A) important
B) convinced
C) you
D) most
E) factor
What makes an experimental design a "true" experimental design?
A) There are no "false" variables.
B) It truly isolates the effects of the independent variable on the dependent variable
while controlling for effects of any extraneous variables.
C) It is performed by a certified marketing researcher.
D) both A and C
E) none of the above
Which of the following is true of the dependent variable in regression analysis?
A) used to predict the independent variable, and it is the x in the regression formula
B) used to predict the independent variable, and it is the y in the regression formula
C) predicted, and it is usually termed x in the regression formula
D) predicted, and it is usually termed y in the regression formula
E) predicted by the categorical variable, termed i, in the regression formula
Which of the following is correct?
A) Every sample contains information about its population and there is never any
sampling error.
B) Few samples contain information about populations, demographics give you
information about populations.
C) Every sample contains information about its population and there is always some
sampling error.
D) Populations that contain information about samples are free of sampling errors.
E) Sampling errors are not free, they are costly and contain poor estimators.
Research companies who select shopping malls for the purpose of conducting
mall-intercept interviews tend to select malls:
A) only in the largest cities
B) that have a regional versus local market area
C) where the crime rates are exceptionally low
D) in cities where interview cooperation rates are the highest
E) in cities where mall security is available
Which company policy regarding marketing research would be used by a firm to make
sure that problems were spotted early?
A) A policy of not conducting marketing research
B) A policy of conducting different types of studies on a continuous basis at specified
C) A policy regarding the use of certain types of studies being used whenever a
particular situation occurs
D) A policy of marketing research on an as needed basis
E) none of the above
What would you use to summarize a metric variable?
A) mean, range, standard deviation
B) mode, range, standard deviation
C) mean, frequency or percentage distribution
D) metric distribution of the mean
E) none of the above; you cannot summarize metric variables
When consumers fill out warranty cards or register their boats, automobiles, or software
programs, this information is stored in the form of secondary data.
In your textbook, which industry was used as an example of violating the integrity of
A) the cereal industry
B) the athletic shoe industry
C) the automobile industry
D) the alcoholic beverage industry
E) the home furnishings industry
One form of probability sampling is known as ________ sampling, in which the
population is divided into subgroups, each of which may represent the entire
A) simple random
B) systematic
C) cluster
D) stratified
E) convenient skip
Which of the following should a researcher do to summarize findings for categorical
A) not try to summarize findings for categorical measures; it is inappropriate
B) use a percentage distribution (sometimes called a frequency distribution)
C) compute an average such as a mean
D) compute a standard deviation
E) compute a range
If a researcher uses a(n) ________ question format, there is a response probe in the
form of a follow-up question instructing the interviewer to ask for additional
A) unaided open-ended
B) aided open-ended
C) response probed
D) continuous response
E) categorical, close-ended
Firms that specialize in collecting data are called:
A) data storage firms
B) lab service firms
C) market segment data specialists
D) field service firms
E) collection agents
________ amounts to scrutinizing the wording of a question to ensure that question bias
is minimized.
A) Error minimization process
B) Question construction
C) Question evaluation
D) Bias minimization
E) Screening question process