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Consumer Behavior: Building Marketing Strategy 12th Edition

MET AD 101 Quiz 3

July 17, 2015
Asian Americans are the highest educated and highest income group with substantial
purchasing power.
Research indicates that disclaimers such as "Part of a nutritious breakfast" or "Each sold
separately" are fully understood even by children as young as 3 years old.
Consumers typically attend the theater for utilitarian purposes.
The tendency of an owner to evaluate an object more favorably than a nonowner is
known as the mere ownership effect.
The U.S. Census has projected for the African American population to reach 20 percent
of the overall population in the U.S. by 2030.
Which of the following enhances the strength of learning?
A. importance
B. message involvement
C. mood
D. repetition
E. all of the above
List the key provisions of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).
Which of the following occurs when a consumer actively acquires a product that is not
used or used only sparingly relative to its potential use?
A. consumption guilt
B. nonconsumption guilt
C. product nonuse
D. counterfactual thinking
E. prefactual thinking
Since latent motives often are less than completely socially desirable, _____ are
frequently used.
A. affect appeals
B. indirect appeals
C. latent appeals
D. direct appeals
E. cross referencing appeals
Roughly what percentage of children are born to unmarried mothers, a percentage that
has risen by thirteen percentage points since 1990?
A. 10
B. 25
C. 40
D. 50
E. 66
Which of the following is NOT a situational characteristic influencing interpretation?
A. time pressure
B. mood
C. number of other individuals present
D. nature of the material surrounding the message in question
E. all of the above are situational characteristics influencing interpretation
Renee sat down and did some serious soul searching. She wanted to understand her
perception of her self-concept of who she is now. Renee is searching for her _____.
A. actual self-concept
B. ideal self-concept
C. private self-concept
D. social self-concept
E. present self-concept
Beverly went to the store to purchase instant hot chocolate mix for her family. A sign
near the hot chocolate directed her to a specific aisle where she could purchase
marshmallows. This is an example of a(n) _____.
A. cross-promotion
B. brand extension
C. co-brand
D. overlay
E. simultaneous promotion
Program-length commercials with an 800 number and/or Web address through which to
order or request additional information are known as _____.
A. infomercials
B. direct-to-consumer advertisements
C. advertorials
D. infotorials
E. product placement
Howard is 30 years old, does not create his own content, but consumes other people's
content by reading blogs, and watching videos. Which category of social media
participant is Howard?
A. Creators
B. Critics
C. Joiners
D. Spectators
E. Inactives
Dawn and her two daughters went to see Pride & Prejudice at the movie theater. They
all loved the movie and came out saying "we're so glad she married Mr. Darcy!" This
movie provided them with _____.
A. affective performance
B. direct performance
C. instrumental performance
D. symbolic performance
E. consummatory performance
Which motives reflect needs for observable cues or symbols that enable people to infer
what they feel and know?
A. need for consistency
B. need for attribution
C. need to categorize
D. need for objectification
E. need for autonomy
Individuals born between 1977 and 1994 belong to which generation?
A. baby boom
B. Generation X
C. Generation Y
D. Generation Z
E. Millennial generation
Which of the following is a characteristic of a consumption subculture?
A. an identifiable, hierarchical social structure
B. a set of shared beliefs or values
C. unique jargon, rituals, and modes of symbolic expression
D. a and b
E. a, b, and c
Which of the following factors is the MOST likely reason consumers change providers
of a service?
A. core service failure
B. service encounter failure
C. pricing
D. attraction by competitors
E. ethical problems
Name and describe the six roles that frequently occur in family decision making.
Name and describe McGuire's cognitive preservation motives.
The company you work for wants to integrate its philanthropic charitable giving with its
own corporate performance. Explain how this can be accomplished, and discuss how
consumers might respond to this effort.
Jacqueline went to Walgreens to purchase some cold medicine, but the brand she
wanted was not on the shelf. There was an empty space on the shelf where it should
have been. Explain the variable that most likely will influence Jacqueline's brand
decision right now and the impact of this situation.
Discuss the two dimensions on which the VALS typology is based.
Name the seven factors influencing nonverbal communications and describe four of

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