Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

MET 62886

February 5, 2017
When her salespeople bring in five new customers, Marissa gives them a $1,000
payment. This is an example of a
A. commission.
B. bonus.
C. sales contest.
D. nonfinancial reward.
E. salary.
Charging a relatively high price for new and innovative products to those consumers
most willing and able to pay the high price is called price
A. penetration.
B. bundling.
C. fixing.
D. referencing.
E. skimming.
A(n) _______ is used in the shipment of products directly to customers.
A. fulfillment center
B. distribution center
C. administration center
D. data warehouse
E. vendor warehouse
A(n) __________ is a document used by a forklift driver indicating how much of each
item to get from specific storage areas.
A. pick ticket
B. warehouse receipt
C. bill of lading
D. certificate of origin
E. RFID tag
The process of dividing the market into groups of customers with different needs,
wants, or characteristics is called
A. target marketing.
B. market segmentation.
C. positioning.
D. allocation.
E. value capture.
The sender of an IMC message hopes the receivers are
A. the people for whom the message was originally intended.
B. the people with the most buying power.
C. consumers who are capable of discerning value.
D. consumers who have purchased the firm's products in the past.
E. the market segment with the most gross rating points.
Celia's firm has developed a breakfast cereal targeted toward children. Rather than
compete in the mature U.S. market, she has decided instead to introduce the product in
Europe, where she feels it will be innovative. Her advertising agency urged caution
A. advertising regulations differ in other countries, including advertising to children.
B. print media are different in Europe, and it would be difficult to create a global
C. literacy rates are significantly lower in Europe, and print ads would be ineffective.
D. research indicates that European children do not eat breakfast as often as American
E. domestic advertising agencies cannot earn commissions on advertising they place
Considering what you know about their target markets and merchandise, which of the
following retailers is leastlikely to have an online presence?
A. department stores
B. convenience stores
C. category specialists
D. off-price retailers
E. full-line discount stores
Suppose your university made a sizable investment in its career servicesadditional
counselors, increased efforts to bring in recruiters, and other services aimed at helping
students find jobs. This investment would enhance the university's _____________ in
an attempt to create value for students and recent graduates.
A. segmentation strategy
B. place strategy
C. locational excellence strategy
D. diversification strategy
E. product value
Because services like airline flights and hotel beds are _________, many marketers
attempt to match demand with supply using pricing strategies.
A. intangible
B. inseparable
C. heterogeneous
D. perishable
E. accountable
Which of the following would not be part of the launch of a new product?
A. determining the marketing budget for the first year of the product
B. finalizing the marketing mix variables
C. determining the price for the product
D. making decisions regarding positioning the product
E. starting to make preliminary decisions about the target market
If a few of Nintendo's customers are asked to try out a new video game that has not yet
been released on the market, this is an example of
A. beta testing.
B. market testing.
C. premarket tests.
D. test marketing.
E. concept testing.
Anne's Pita Bread Chips offers free POP (point-of-purchase) displays to retailers
ordering its product. Anne's is using a __________ strategy.
A. pull
B. puffery
C. publicity
D. push
E. posttesting
One important measure of social media's effectiveness is the percentage of site visitors
who take the action the site owner hoped formaking a purchase, subscribing to a
service, or donating money, for example. This measure is called the site's
A. conversion rate.
B. extended network.
C. bounce rate.
D. hits.
E. click paths.
If you were a marketer for a clothing manufacturer and you wanted to improve
revenues from irregulars, production overruns, and returns, you would be attracted to
A. department stores.
B. specialty stores.
C. category specialists.
D. off-price retailers.
E. supercenters.
The process of salespeople creating blogs to draw customers in and generate leads is a
process known as
A. telemarketing.
B. inbound marketing.
C. target marketing.
D. test marketing.
E. team selling.
Whenever Donald considers upgrading his personal computer system, he consults with
Jeremy, a knowledgeable friend who always has the newest technology. For Donald,
Jeremy is a(n) __________ in the diffusion of innovation curve.
A. innovator
B. laggard
C. late majority adopter
D. early majority adopter
E. early adopters
Jennifer's spending decisions are heavily influenced by her family, her peers, and her
religious education. These influences on her spending decisions are all ________
A. psychological risk
B. external social environment
C. physiological need
D. cognitive need
E. evoked set
Every Monday during the month of December, salespeople who had the highest sales
the previous week participated in a package surprise, where each would receive a
package containing either a $50 or a $100 bill. This short-term incentive is known as a
A. sales contest.
B. bonus.
C. commission.
D. salary.
E. rebate.
The major objectives associated with a market penetration pricing strategy are to
A. capture the high end of the market demand curve and lower introduction costs.
B. quickly build sales and market share.
C. minimize customer dissatisfaction and maximize reference price value.
D. provide an incentive to purchase a less desirable product to obtain a more desirable
E. match competitors' prices and communicate high quality.
In marketing's four Ps, place refers to all activities required to get
A. the design of the terminal location for products accomplished.
B. the right products to the right customer when that customer wants it.
C. access to the physical space within a retail establishment.
D. consumers to the destination.
E. demand chain management functionally operable.
Firms can use __________ to bring customers together to share experiences around the
A. surveys
B. social media
C. consumer outlets
D. brand associations
E. public relations
In the early stages of an ad campaign, the objectives are established. To determine if
those objectives have been met, the marketer will
A. posttest.
B. conduct feedback analysis.
C. initiate content analysis.
D. pretest.
E. arrange for peer analysis.
The fundamental goal of marketers when creating goods, services, or combinations of
both is to
A. defeat the competition.
B. serve all consumers.
C. operate according to government regulations.
D. stimulate short-term sales.
E. create value.
When Toyota owners began to report problems with sticking accelerator pedals and
nonfunctioning brakes, Toyota at first ignored or rejected the claims. Eventually, the
company evaluated the issue and issued a recall. Which of the four steps of the ethical
decision-making framework was Toyota performing when it recalled several of its
2007-2010 models?
A. assess risk
B. identify issues
C. gather information and identify stakeholders
D. brainstorm and evaluate alternatives
E. choose a course of action
One of the benefits of value-driven marketing is that attention to customer needs and
wants will likely result in
A. higher prices than the market leader charges.
B. increased competition.
C. long-term relationships.
D. strong connections among competing firms in the marketplace.
E. lower prices.
Colin has just received a delivery from the company's distribution center. He opens the
containers and finds the popcorn and snacks are all bar-coded and priced and the
package includes an end-of-the-aisle display rack. Colin has received a(n) __________
A. quick-response packaged
B. ahead of the curve
C. lead time synchronized
D. floor-ready
E. synthesized
After creating awareness that the firm's products or services exist, the next goal of
integrated marketing communications is to
A. generate consumer action.
B. increase the level of interest among consumers.
C. determine the level of desire needed to sustain action.
D. gain the attention of the consumer.
E. create intentions to purchase the product.
Having no intermediaries between the buyer and seller is a defining characteristic of
a(n) _______ marketing channel.
A. indirect
B. vertical
C. horizontal
D. simple
E. direct
Along the service-product continuum, which of the following would be considered the
most service dominant?
A. grocery store
B. apparel specialty store
C. doctor's office
D. bookstore
E. restaurant
A major advantage of primary data collection is
A. it can be easily accessed through syndicated databases.
B. it can be tailored to meet the specific research needs.
C. it takes less time to collect than secondary data.
D. it is general enough to meet many different researchers' needs.
E. it is less expensive to collect than secondary data.
"Why create a perceptual map?" asked David. Andreas, the senior marketing manager,
gave him four reasons. Which of the following is not a valid reason?
A. "It's a quick way for senior managers to see not only our product but each of our
competitors, all at once."
B. "It's a way to demonstrate the dimensions that our customers think are important."
C. "It shows where we aren'tand where our competitors aren'tin our customers' and
prospects' minds."
D. "It's a way to show the position of the company throughout the product's life cycle."
E. "We can easily show where we are positioned and how large the market is."
LeBron James, Alex Rodriguez, and other athletes are paid huge sums of money by
companies for celebrity endorsements. If endorsements by these athletes create a clear
understanding among consumers of the companies' products in comparison to
competing products, they can help with the firm's __________ strategy.
A. product excellence
B. targeting
C. positioning
D. segmentation
E. customer excellence
_______ channel conflict occurs when there is disagreement or discord among
members at the same level in a marketing channel, such as two competing retailers or
two competing manufacturers.
A. Horizontal
B. Independent
C. Conventional
D. Coercive
E. Vertical
Jacqueline was pleased to read a paraphrasing of the Golden Rule, "Do unto our
customers as you would have them do unto you," as part of her new employer's mission
statement. Next, Jacqueline expects to find in the firm's employee handbook
A. a summary of recent Supreme Court business ethics cases.
B. a statement that she needs to decide how the Golden Rule applies to her job on her
own, without any influence from her employer.
C. explicit rules governing all the firm's transactions.
D. a list of employee concerns.
E. a list of benefits offered to employees.