Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

MET 22810

February 5, 2017
Which of the following are the two components of a global marketing strategy?
A. understanding foreign currency fluctuations and developing products that can be
priced accordingly
B. determining which target markets to pursue and developing a marketing mix to
obtain a competitive advantage
C. understanding the supply chain and distribution networks in foreign markets
D. developing culturally appropriate advertising messages and cultivating "domestic"
habits among foreign consumers
E. adapting to foreign regulations and targeting as many people as possible
__________ involves the planning, direction, and control of personal selling activities,
including recruitment, selection, training, motivation, compensation, and evaluation of
members of the sales force.
A. Human resource management
B. Integrated marketing communications management
C. Sales management
D. Marketing management
E. Sales administration
Managers and sales experts agree that certain personal traits are necessary to be a
successful salesperson. Which of the following is not one of these traits?
A. being optimistic
B. being stubborn
C. being resilient
D. being empathetic
E. being self-motivated
A marketing strategy identifies three things: ________, a related marketing mix, and the
bases on which the firm plans to build a sustainable competitive advantage.
A. customer value
B. a mission statement
C. marketing metrics
D. a firm's target markets
E. a product plan
For consumer products like toothpaste and groceries, things consumers purchase
throughout the year, most advertisers would use a __________ advertising schedule.
A. continuous
B. flighting
C. pulsing
D. penetrating
E. purposeful
In the infamous Coke-New Coke taste test, 54 percent of consumers, using a blind taste
test, preferred the New Coke formula to the existing formulation. This is an example of
a(n) __________ marketing research method.
A. qualitative
B. quantitative
C. observational
D. syndicated
E. invalid
What is most likely to happen when inflation increases?
A. Consumers buy more discretionary merchandise.
B. Consumers buy fewer personal care and home entertainment products.
C. Off-price and discount retailers suffer from lower sales.
D. Consumers buy lower-priced foods.
E. Consumers buy less food.
What type of event exposes retailers to large numbers of new products in a concentrated
A. hosted shows
B. browser shows
C. premarket demonstrations
D. trade shows
E. trade promotions
All of the following statements regarding marketing metrics are true except
A. they can be used at various levels in an organization.
B. they assist in comparing results among SBUs.
C. they cannot be used to project the future.
D. they quantify a trend, dynamic or characteristic.
E. they help a firm make appropriate adjustments to its marketing plan.
Brenda was planning a small dinner party, and had gone to a new specialty food store
with coupons she'd found in the food section of the paper. At the store she also found a
"buy one, get one free" deal, and a gift offered with the purchase of a particular dessert.
She altered the menu as a result of the __________ and ended up spending less than
she'd planned.
A. in-store demonstrations
B. packaging
C. in-store promotion
D. product placement
E. store atmosphere
Astute marketers recognize that the increasing disparity of income between upper- and
lower-income groups
A. will create inflationary expectations.
B. will disappear as ethnicity becomes a stronger cultural determinant.
C. creates opportunities to provide value to each group.
D. will vanish once the recession ends.
E. is attributable to technological expertise of immigrant groups.
Taking steps to encourage customer loyalty is the focus of developing the macro
strategy of _______ excellence.
A. operational
B. locational
C. customer
D. product
E. service
Today, when a customer orders merchandise from an online vendor, the vendor usually
sends an immediate order confirmation message by e-mail. Usually within a day or two,
a second message arrives stating that the order is in the mail. This second message is a
type of
A. vertical contractual notice.
B. VMI requirement.
C. advanced shipping notice.
D. universal product code report.
E. RFID tag.
Many retail golf stores have driving ranges, some with backdrops showing famous golf
courses. These driving ranges allow
A. wholesalers to evaluate promotional discounts.
B. retailers to improve the shopping experience through an improved product line
C. customers to increase their share of wallet spending.
D. retailers to avoid competition from knock-off products.
E. customers to try before they buy.
Which of the following statements regarding global segmentation, targeting, and
positioning is true?
A. Companies must continually adjust products and marketing strategies to meet the
changing needs of global markets.
B. Global segmentation, targeting, and positioning activities are far less complicated
than the same activities in the domestic market.
C. When developing a global STP strategy, it is best to define segments by geography
D. Segmentation, targeting, and positioning activities for global markets do not differ
substantially from that of domestic markets.
E. The "golden rule" for global STP activities for firms is to never alter a firm's
marketing mix to serve the needs of global markets.
Education marketers know that the primary motivations of most nontraditional college
students are self-respect and self-fulfillment, so they craft their marketing message to
emphasize the benefits these consumers are looking for in a college education. What
type of segmentation method was used to segment this market?
A. psychographics
B. demographics
C. geographics
D. geodemographics
E. behavior
Yvonne knows her firm must look at everything it does from a consumer's point of
view. One major difficulty is that consumers' __________ change(s) over time.
A. ethnic background
B. needs, wants, and ability to purchase
C. culture
D. just-in-time processes
E. demographics
Why would a firm spend over $2 million for a 30-second ad on television during the
Super Bowl?
A. because of the annual competition for the most creative Super Bowl ad
B. because the Super Bowl offers an opportunity to create significant brand awareness
C. because the Super Bowl is a significant opportunity to be associated with global
D. because Super Bowl ads generate brand loyalty
E. there is no good reason
As use of the Internet took off, car manufacturers were tempted to sell directly to
consumers, but decided instead to continue to sell through their existing dealer
networks. The car manufacturers considered switching from __________ to
__________ marketing.
A. B2C; B2B
B. B2C; C2C
C. B2B; B2C
D. B2B; C2C
E. C2C; B2C
When a T-shirt manufacturer states, "We sell it only in black because that way we can
buy plenty of black fabric and run our plant efficiently," its statement reflects the views
that were popular in which era of the evolution of marketing?
A. production-oriented
B. sales-oriented
C. market-oriented
D. value-based marketing
E. economics-oriented
Barry customizes Harley-Davidson motorcycles. No two cycles are alike. He notices
that very few customers even ask the price of his motorcycles before they decide to
purchase them. Demand for his motorcycles is probably
A. price sensitive.
B. price elastic.
C. price inelastic.
D. income elastic.
E. cross-price elastic.
A marketing research project often begins with a review of the relevant __________
A. primary
B. secondary
C. quantitative
D. unfocused
E. structured
Supply chain management is also referred to as
A. delivery management.
B. marketing channel management.
C. production management.
D. retail management.
E. value proposition management.
China has three main languages, and many more dialects. This presents a particular
challenge to developing a global ________ strategy.
A. communication
B. product
C. cultural
D. distribution
E. pricing
Which of the following is not one of the typical outlets used by retailers?
A. catalogs
B. the Internet
C. business-to-business requests for proposals (RFPs)
D. brick-and-mortar stores
E. restaurants and hotels
Marketers spend billions of dollars annually attempting to build effective brands. One
basic benefit of a brand is that it
A. creates a basis for effective packaging.
B. provides a way for a firm to differentiate its product offerings from competitors.
C. offers consumers promotional parity.
D. allows manufacturers to capitalize on promotional expenditures.
E. reduces the need for product line depth.
In China, state control of media is high, so companies are challenged to find ways to get
their message to customers. This demonstrates one of the difficulties in crafting a global
________ strategy.
A. communication
B. product
C. cultural
D. distribution
E. pricing
In which buying situation is the buyer most likely to proceed through all six steps in the
buying process?
A. new buy
B. modified rebuy
C. straight rebuy
D. generic buy
E. adapted buy
The __________ diffusion of innovation group is the last large group of consumers to
adopt a new product or service.
A. innovator
B. laggard
C. late majority
D. early majority
E. early adopter
Which statement best describes personal selling?
A. It involves a larger audience than advertising.
B. It is primarily indirect communication.
C. It is primarily informational communication, not persuasive communication.
D. It is the two-way flow of communication between a buyer and a seller.
E. It involves encoding while advertising involves only decoding.
Which of the following data sources would not be considered external secondary data?
A. U.S. Census data
B. syndicated data
C. newspaper articles
D. scanner data
E. a survey
The greater the discrepancy between a consumer's needy state and the desired state, the
A. time needed to satisfy the need.
B. the effort consumers will invest in searching for alternatives.
C. the consumer's need recognition will be.
D. the size of the universal set will be.
E. the amount of external information search will be needed.
Over the four marketing eras, how did the emphasis on the four Ps change? List the four
eras and describe which of the four Ps were emphasized during each era.
What is one of the drawbacks of using a price skimming strategy?
A. It is difficult to lower prices on an introductory product.
B. Price skimming allows competitors to easily enter the market.
C. Firms must consider the high costs associated with producing a small volume of
D. Price skimming does not work well with new-to-the-market, innovative products.
E. Price skimming is often challenged as being illegal.
Brands that are owned by ___________ are called private-label brands.
A. manufacturers
B. wholesalers
C. supply chain specialists
D. retailers
E. manufacturer's reps