Book Title
A Preface to Marketing Management 14th Edition

MET 204

October 29, 2015
Which of the following objectives of a salesperson involves selling additional or
complementary items to repeat customers?
A. Reassurance
B. Orientation
C. Information
D. Persuasion
In its attempts to source the best raw materials, Enfi Computers, a computer
manufacturer, has associated with thirty suppliers spread across fourteen nations.
Microchips, an integral part of any computer, are procured exclusively from a supplier
in a different country. Enfi Computers has obtained an approval for this no-bid contract
from its government and protected its supplies from any potential modifications caused
by competing suppliers. Enfi Computers has resorted to _____ for its supply of
A. benchmarking
B. test marketing
C. competitive bidding
D. sole sourcing
Holly and her team have conducted a survey on a sample of 500 respondents to assess
the changing trends among consumers buying baby food. They have coded and collated
all the information and fed them into a computer-based statistical analysis program. The
results of the analysis are being examined by the team to uncover any significant
patterns of consumer preferences. Which stage of the research process is Holly's team
currently at in this scenario?
A. Performance of the research
B. Preparation of the research report
C. Plan of the research
D. Processing of research data
A firm introduces electronic goods with new technology into the market. The firm
decides to target consumers who are most receptive to new ideas and technologies.
Which of the following groups of consumers should the firm target according the
VALSâ„¢ framework?
A. Makers
B. Survivors
C. Innovators
D. Thinkers
Mary hears from a friend that green tea can provide extensive health benefits. On her
way to work, she sees a billboard advertising the newest brand of green tea by Mildone.
Later that day, at the supermarket, Mary sees a promotional offer on Mildone's green tea
and decides to try out this brand to see whether green tea really has the benefits its users
advocate. Which of the following statements is true with regard to this scenario?
A. Mary's purchase of the green tea was independent of any marketing influence.
B. Mary experienced group, marketing, and situational influences in this purchase.
C. Mary's experience of viewing the billboard was the group influence in this scenario.
D. Mary's level of product knowledge about green tea remained unchanged throughout
the events described in the scenario.
Which of the following statements is true of a firm's decision to "mass market" a
A. This decision considers a market segmentation analysis to be an optional
B. This decision should be reached only after a market segmentation analysis has been
C. This decision requires that a company select a target market first.
D. This decision can be reached only after the firm develops the marketing mix.
In contrast to organizational goods, consumer products are often distributed through
_____ channels.
A. matrix
B. indirect
C. horizontal
D. control
Which of the following methods are commonly used for creating and managing project
A. Idea screening and observational research
B. Test marketing and marketing applications
C. Skunkworks and rugby approach
D. Idea generation and consumer research
Which of the following is true of a company undertaking a global approach?
A. A global approach should not be delayed as success is dependent on a swift and
hasty strategic process.
B. A multidomestic strategy, as a competitive strategy, is inherently more vulnerable to
risk than a domestic strategy or a global strategy.
C. Market factors and economic conditions are internal factors that influence the
potential gains to be realized by following a global strategy.
D. Successful global brands carefully stake out their markets, allowing plenty of time to
develop their overseas marketing efforts.
A _____ refers to a combination of institutions through which a seller markets products
to organizational buyers or ultimate consumers.
A. marketing node
B. distribution channel
C. sales consortium
D. logistics conduit
An organization's focus on devising methods to attract customers to current products is
called _____.
A. customer orientation
B. production orientation
C. selling orientation
D. non-profit orientation
A manufacturer utilizing a selective form of distribution coverage:
A. manufactures products that are characterized by low unit value and high frequency
of purchase.
B. attempts to gain exposure through as many wholesalers and retailers as possible.
C. severely limits distribution such that intermediaries are provided exclusive rights
within a territory.
D. limits the use of intermediaries to the ones believed to be the best available in a
geographic area.
Appliances, home furnishings, and better clothing are usually distributed _____.
A. demographically
B. intensively
C. exclusively
D. selectively
Which of the following best corresponds to repositioning of products?
A. Products that are retargeted for new use
B. Products that are line extensions
C. Current products that are recovered from sales dips
D. Products that are novel inventions
Which of the following is the most basic and obvious difference between goods and
A. Perishability
B. Intangibility
C. Reparability
D. Palpability
Which of the following is true of marketing intermediaries as a category of
organizational buyers?
A. They purchase products and services to run their own businesses.
B. They constitute the largest segment of organizational buyers.
C. They are characterized by strict purchasing policies and regulations.
D. They manufacture their products by purchasing raw materials from retailers.
Haley Joe Inc., a cosmetics company, plans to launch a range of organic beauty
products in its stores. Before initiating the launch, the company's marketing team will
conduct research to evaluate the current market for organic products. Presently, it is
formulating a question for the researchers to determine what the research is meant to
accomplish. Haley Joe Inc.'s marketing team is currently in the middle of _____.
A. processing the research data
B. preparing the research report
C. identifying the purpose of the research
D. developing the plan of the research
One advantage of Internet surveys is that:
A. they are accurate and free from respondents' self-selection bias.
B. they do not require their responses to be checked for duplication.
C. they enable the easy generation of sample frames.
D. they enable the processing of real-time data.
One advantage of Internet surveys is that real-time data processing is possible. In
addition, they are inexpensive and quickly executed.
Refer To: Figure 2.3
Which of the following statements best describes the role of marketing executives in the
strategic planning process?
A. The marketing executives must always be aware of what the process of strategic
planning involves as well as the results.
B. The marketing executives should make plans that are independent of the strategic
C. The marketing executives receive suggestions from the strategic planning team and
implement the suggestions relating to customers, products, and middlemen.
D. The marketing executives are not involved in the strategic planning process because
this process is the sole responsibility of top management.
The logic of market segmentation is based on the idea that _____ can seldom meet the
needs and wants of all consumers.
A. marketers and sales people
B. marketing communication
C. an integrated marketing system
D. a single product item
Fido's Burgers, a fast food joint, offers its customers a chicken burger meal with fries,
coleslaw, and soda at a price lower than would be charged if the products were
purchased separately. This example would best describe a(n) _____.
A. odd-even pricing strategy
B. prestige pricing strategy
C. bundle pricing strategy
D. premium pricing strategy