Marketing 846 Quiz 1

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Test Prep
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A Preface to Marketing Management 14th Edition
J. Paul Peter, James Donnelly
Which of the following critical components requires a management to clearly define the
skills a service person must bring to the job?
A. Energetic follow-through process by the service person.
B. Significant modeling by managers on the service person.
C. Careful selection process in hiring frontline employees.
D. Emphasis on imbibing positive attitudes among employees.
When evaluating risks in the idea screening phase, if a firm is found to lack the
necessary resources or expertise, it should:
A. completely reject the new product idea.
B. not act too hastily in discounting the new product idea.
C. ignore the risks and commercialize the new product idea.
D. not reconsider other alternatives.
The per-unit expenditure method of determining advertising budgets is best exemplified
A. a television manufacturer spending a fixed monetary amount on advertising for each
unit of the product expected to be sold.
B. the manager of a clothing company estimating the advertising budget on the basis of
research findings.
C. a grocer using the availability of current revenues to set the upper limit of the
advertising budget.
D. the manager of an automobile manufacturing company taking a percentage figure
and applying it to either past or future sales.
Which of the following organizational growth strategies deals with present products in
present markets?
A. Diversification
B. Product development
C. Market development
D. Market penetration
Which of the following is an example of a sales promotion activity aimed at final
consumers or users?
A. Training materials
B. Coupons
C. Merchandising aids
D. Portfolios
The producers of a new television show are certain that their new show will be a
success due to its gripping storyline and the star-studded cast. However, they are
concerned about exceeding their production budget due to shoots that are set in exotic
locations and the high pay that some of the stars are demanding. This cost overrun
would be an example of a(n) _____ risk.
A. functional
B. hierarchical
C. market
D. internal
Which of the following is a reason for the lack of innovative marketing on the part of
service marketers?
A. Strong competition
B. No obsolescence
C. Broad view of marketing
D. Excessive creative management
Which of the following determinants of service quality encompasses the provider's
name and reputation; possession of necessary skills; and trustworthiness, believability,
and honesty?
A. Sympathy
B. Responsiveness
C. Assurance
D. Empathy
In the context of global marketing research, which of the following would help a firm
assess the buying ability of consumers in a foreign market?
A. Cultural values
B. Cultural attitude
C. Educational qualifications
D. Extent of available financing
Which of the following is the first step in marketing planning?
A. Stating standards of performance or tasks to be achieved by given dates
B. Selecting the groups or segments of potential customers the firm is going to serve
C. Analyzing the different elements of the marketing mix
D. Identifying the market with the greatest potential
Which of the following is a reason behind companies' efforts to cut back on trade and
other promotions?
A. To force brand-loyal customers to pay unusually high prices when a product is not
on special
B. To reward retailers with a portion of the trade allowance money as profit
C. To improve efficiencies in manufacturing and distribution systems
D. To increase a manufacturer's inventories
Chewies has been the favorite candy of many Southerners for years. The caramel,
peanut, marshmallow, and chocolate confectionery is distributed through retail outlets
in the South-Eastern regions of America. Its manufacturers recently started selling the
candy through certain mail-order catalogs. Through previous research and experience,
the marketing managers were able to use the _____ segmentation approach to gather
information that would help determine the appropriate target groups for mail-order
catalogs for Chewies.
A. a priori
B. a posteriori
C. post hoc
D. mass market
In which of the following situations is an organizational purchase type of straight rebuy
A. When an organization lacks experience at buying a product
B. When an organization is experimenting with many vendors
C. When an organization has an ongoing need for a product
D. When an organization considers several alternatives while buying a product
In the context of vertical marketing systems, _____ systems are most similar to
conventional channels.
A. administered
B. contractual
C. structured
D. corporate
Which of the following is true of a new task purchase?
A. It is used in familiar buying situations.
B. It involves a formal decision process.
C. It involves routine reordering of a product.
D. It is a fast process that requires relatively few employees.
The process of dividing a market into groups of similar consumers and selecting the
most appropriate group(s) for the firm to serve is called _____.
A. test marketing
B. mass marketing
C. market segmentation
D. marketing communication
Which of the following is true of global advertising agencies?
A. By using global advertising agencies, companies can take advantage of economies of
scale and other efficiencies.
B. Global advertising agencies, in emerging markets, take a more entrepreneurial and
fresher approach to advertising than local agencies.
C. Advertising through global agencies can always be used more successfully than
advertising through local agencies.
D. Global advertising agencies can better adapt a firm's message to the local culture.

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