Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

Marketing 82284

February 5, 2017
When a global firm turns to its subsidiaries in less developed markets for new product
ideas, such as when Coca-Cola developed Minute Maid Pulpy out of its Shanghai
research center and then moved the product into other markets around the world, the
firm is engaged in
A. a consortia.
B. reverse innovation.
C. competitive engineering.
D. pioneering.
E. beta testing.
Every year before he puts his boat in the water, James has his mechanic put a new
battery in the boat. James is most likely concerned with __________ risk.
A. psychological
B. financial
C. performance
D. social
E. physiological
For a segmentation strategy to be successful, the customers in the segment must react
similarly and positively to the firm's marketing mix. In other words, the market segment
must be
A. substantial.
B. perceptive.
C. identifiable.
D. reachable.
E. responsive.
The National Hockey League redirected its marketing efforts when a survey indicated
that almost 50 percent of hockey fans were female. This is an example of __________
A. geographic
B. psychographic
C. demographic
D. benefits
E. behavioral
CA Technologies, a firm providing software and services to information technology
departments, maintains a corporate blog. How can this blog help CA Technologies with
B2B marketing?
A. as a place to post responses to RFPs
B. by building brand awareness among potential customers
C. by simplifying vendor performance assessment
D. by streamlining purchasing and distribution
E. by matching buyers' requests and sellers' offers
How is the cost to companies and entrepreneurs using Google Analytics calculated?
A. a few cents per 100 hits
B. correlation to conversion rates of website
C. flat fee
D. free for individuals; corporate rates based on usage
E. free for everyone
Hiro sells building materials to local contractors. He wants to build long-term
relationships with his contractors through effective follow-up. After delivering the
materials ordered, Hiro can demonstrate __________ by checking with his contractors
right after the delivery and addressing any problems promptly.
A. assurance and profitability
B. responsiveness and empathy
C. tangibility and competence
D. profitability and reliability
E. reliability and tangibility
In simple terms, the AIDA model is also known as the __________ model.
A. intention, action, interest
B. stop, look, listen
C. want, need, desire
D. inform, persuade, act
E. think, feel, do
Choose a fast-food restaurant chain that does business in your area. Describe the
company's target market, and explain how its marketing mix is designed to appeal to
this target market.
When Motorola first entered the Mexican marketplace, the company wanted direct
control of salespeople in major urban markets but was not as concerned about control in
less populated areas of the country. Motorola probably used _____________ in major
urban areas and ______________ in less populated areas of Mexico.
A. a company sales force; manufacturer's reps
B. manufacturer's reps; customer relationships
C. manufacturer's reps; a company sales force
D. independent agents; manufacturer's reps
E. order takers; selling teams
Zappos.com, an online shoe store, offers an easy, no-hassle return procedure. This
relates to the _______ of its products.
A. relative advantage
B. compatibility
C. observability
D. complexity
E. trialability
A competitive advantage based on location is often sustainable because
A. mobile marketing has not yet proven its value for most customers.
B. real estate prices have been dropping.
C. few marketers are aware of its importance yet.
D. it is not easily duplicated.
E. the Internet has diminished the importance of brick-and-mortar stores.
Deceptive advertising and promotion of inferior products are examples of __________
ethical issues.
A. accounting
B. marketing
C. social
D. finance
E. economic
YouTube is an example of what type of social media site?
A. microblogging
B. media sharing
C. thought sharing
D. social networking
E. social bookmarking
Paula is about to open a new hardware store. She is making decisions regarding
lighting, colors, and layout of merchandise. Paula knows these __________ factors will
influence consumers' purchase decisions.
A. interpersonal
B. extended habitual
C. postpurchase dissonance
D. store atmosphere
E. social
Supercenters are large stores that combine a supermarket with a full-line discount store.
_______ dominates this category with the vast majority of supercenters in the United
A. Target
B. Meijer
C. Kmart
D. Kroger
E. Walmart
Tasha was selling siding and her boss told her that she could hide an extra charge for
trim in the total, even though the customer was told he would not be charged for trim.
Tasha was told this was standard practice for the siding company. If the customer takes
legal action for this, who is most likely liable?
A. the customer for not checking the order more carefully
B. Tasha only, because she wrote the order
C. Tasha's boss only, since he told her to do it
D. both Tasha and the siding company, because both intentionally misled the customer
E. no one, because this would be considered a victimless crime
As a promotion technique, samples are often used for new products when __________
will influence the diffusion of the product.
A. relative advantage
B. compatibility
C. observability
D. complexity
E. trialability
The most important activity in recruiting salespeople is determining what the
salesperson will be doing and
A. what personal traits and abilities a salesperson should have to do the job well.
B. when they are available to start work.
C. whether to pay them on a commission basis, or a salary plus commission.
D. how long they are likely to stay.
E. their previous level of experience.
Every year, General Mills issues a report discussing how the firm has performed against
its own standards of ethical conduct. This report is part of General Mills's __________
phase of its strategic marketing planning process.
A. planning
B. implementation
C. control
D. evolution
E. marketing mix
Franco uses a database software system to remind him when his customers should be
ready to reorder his industrial cleaning products. With this reminder system, Franco
contacts his customers when they are most likely to be "in the buying mode." Franco's
system is part of
A. C2C marketing.
B. customer relationship management.
C. a transactional marketing orientation.
D. supply chain management.
E. typical production era marketing practices.
Henry Ford's statement, "Customers can have any color they want so long as it's black,"
typified the __________ era of marketing.
A. production-oriented
B. sales-oriented
C. market-oriented
D. value-based marketing
E. retailing-oriented
When Dr. Putt invented his Eye-Over-the-Ball (EOB) golf putting device, he knew
during the introductory stage
A. sales would rise quickly, profits would jump, and even laggards would buy his
B. sales would level off, profits would decline, and mature golfers would be attracted to
his product.
C. sales would slow down, profits would peak, and early adopters of golf equipment
would be his major customers.
D. sales would be low and profits nonexistent, but he would attract golf equipment
E. sales would be low, profits would be high, and all potential golfers would jump at the
opportunity to buy his product.
McDonald's introduced a Favorites Under 400 Calorie Menu as part of an attempt to
reverse the perception that McDonald's sells only unhealthy food. Suppose that
McDonald's, as a follow-up, collects and analyzes social media posts from Facebook,
Twitter, and similar sites, hoping to understand whether or not consumer perceptions
are improving. This would be an example of
A. quantitative research.
B. an online focus group.
C. sentiment mining.
D. neuromarketing.
E. an experiment.
________ is another term for private-label brands.
A. Store brands
B. Off brands
C. Manufacturer's brands
D. National brands
E. Experiential brands
Telemarketing and cold calls have become less popular as sales tools because of all of
the following reasons except
A. their success rate is low.
B. they can be expensive.
C. they are impacted by state and federal laws prohibiting them under certain
D. during cold calls, the salesperson is not able to establish the customer's needs ahead
of time.
E. they require appointments, which takes time away from the actual selling of the
Kathleen has found out everything she can about a newly qualified lead. She has
practiced making her sales presentation and has determined what goals she has for the
first meeting. Kathleen has finished the ___________ stage of the selling process.
A. qualify leads
B. preapproach
C. closing the sale
D. follow-up
E. sales presentation
Which of the following is being used by a store owner who sends out a text message to
all of her preferred customers announcing the arrival of this season's new clothing?
A. mobile marketing
B. social marketing
C. personal selling
D. sales promotions
E. advertising
One of the disadvantages associated with personal selling is
A. cold calling is easier than direct mail advertising.
B. a salesperson often changes the message based on consumers' needs.
C. it is expensive.
D. it can be directed toward those customers with the highest potential.
E. it is structured and finite.
Which of the following is not one of the steps in the B2C personal selling process?
A. generate and qualify leads
B. preapproach
C. request for proposal
D. closing the sale
E. follow-up
Golf ball manufacturers use "Iron Mike," a machine that swings a golf club at a
constant velocity, to test the distance for new golf ball designs. When using Iron Mike,
the manufacturers are engaged in
A. concept testing.
B. market testing.
C. premarket testing.
D. product development.
E. alpha testing.
A laptop manufacturer is considering designing and marketing a left-handed laptop,
with the keyboard rearranged to better suit left-handed people. The CEO is left-handed,
and has pointed out to senior management that over 10 percent of the population is
left-handed. It will be expensive to design this new model, so the laptop manufacturer
wants to make sure that this is an attractive segment. For each of the five criteria of
segment attractiveness, list a question the laptop manufacturer will want to consider in
evaluating the attractiveness of "left-handed laptop users" as a segment.
When Vance proposed switching the company to Vonage for VOIP telephone calls, he
had to approach Deborah, assistant to the firm's head of the purchasing department, to
find out how to proceed. Everyone in the company knows that nothing gets purchased
without going through Deborah first. What role does Deborah play in a buying center?
Why would a company like Walmart have a difficult time repositioning itself as a
retailer of quality, stylish clothing?
Create an example of geodemographic segmentation.
List and describe the seven primary motivations for mobile app usage.
The Crystal Beach Resort has a five-star rating and wants to keep it that way. The resort
has specific standards for service and has trained its employees to deliver service
according to these standards, but even one unhappy customer could endanger the
resort's reputation. What can the manager do to ensure that frontline employees offer
consistent, excellent service to every visitor?
In terms of the 4E framework, what is the significance of "engaging" the customer?
Carmen is ready to launch her company's new product, a line of chocolate for diabetics,
based on her instincts and knowledge from 30 years of marketing. Her staff is
encouraging her to delay the launch until test marketing can be done. What are the
advantages and disadvantages of each approach?
List the steps in the segmentation, targeting, and positioning process.
At Ben's college, the local Dunkin' Donuts gives a 10 percent discount to students. Is
this price discrimination? Why or why not?
How could a marketer adapt a product to appeal to international markets? Give a
specific example.
Of what use is a sustainable competitive advantage to a firm?
How should marketers determine prices?
How does corporate social responsibility relate to ethics?
What are PSAs? Why do television and radio stations run them?
Harley-Davidson knows that many of its customers today are professional people who
want the pride of owning a Harley. Harley-Davidson also appeals to its more traditional
market: cyclists who want a smooth, powerful ride. To be successful, Harley-Davidson
needs to appeal to which type(s) of needs?