Book Title
A Preface to Marketing Management 14th Edition

Marketing 804 Midterm

October 29, 2015
Which of the following is an advantage of using radio as an advertising medium?
A. It provides geographic flexibility.
B. It faces no competition from competing advertisements.
C. It appeals to the senses and provides a combination of sight, sound, and motion.
D. It gains more attention from an audience than television.
Which of the following is an example of a marketing influence on consumer behavior?
A. Mani purchased the first pair of denim he saw rather than the Tough Guy pair he
wanted since he was pressed for time.
B. Hannah blamed her depression for her purchase of two quarts of Cal's chocolate chip
ice cream.
C. Aliya purchased jewelry at Zenia's Boutique because they had publicized about a
sale of up to seventy percent off on all their products.
D. Jayla purchased $150 worth of aquatic plants because her companion convinced her
that they would enhance the aesthetics of her aquarium.
Which of the following is visible in an energetic follow-through process?
A. Managers providing training that focuses on specific social techniques, such as eye
contact, smiling, tone of voice, and standards of dress
B. Managers providing training, support, and incentives necessary to give the
employees the capability and willingness to provide quality service
C. Managers demonstrating the behavior that they intend to reward employees for
D. Managers clearly defining the skills a service person must bring to the job
Which of the following constitutes a viable market segment?
A. A particular group of consumers who have varying preferences for products and
B. A particular group of consumers of a single item who can be served profitably by a
C. A group of products and services that can be mass marketed profitably by a firm
D. A group of consumers with needs that can be seldom met by a single product item
offered by a firm
Which of the following statements is true with regard to the disconfirmation paradigm?
A. It applies only to the need recognition stage of the buying process.
B. It eliminates the role of consumer expectations prior to the purchase.
C. It combines prepurchase expectations and postpurchase satisfaction.
D. It negates the role of cognitive dissonance in the postpurchase phase of the buying
Which of the following is an example of backward integration?
A. A coffee producer acquiring a chain of coffee shops
B. A car dealer acquiring an automobile spare parts manufacturer
C. A cigarette manufacturer buying a convenience store
D. A fleece fabric manufacturer buying a maker of winter clothing
From the standpoint of a marketing manager, product classification is useful because it:
A. helps to understand that convenience goods generally require targeted promotion.
B. provides the knowledge that shopping goods typically need broadcast promotion.
C. helps in distinguishing the scope of vertical markets and horizontal markets.
D. assists in providing guidelines for developing an appropriate marketing mix.
If a product requires certain specialized selling effort or investment in unique facilities
or large inventories, the _____ distribution arrangement is usually selected.
A. exclusive
B. geodemographic
C. intensive
D. extensive
Which of the following is a marketing management technique in which a company's
current product offerings are reviewed to ascertain whether each product should be
continued as is, improved, modified, or deleted?
A. Product generation
B. Product audit
C. Product definition
D. Product creation
Jerri wanted to undertake some remodeling prior to moving into her new house. She
was convinced that she must first replace the carpeting because it was stained and
smelled of cigarettes. She did not want to rush the purchase of a new carpet because she
knew that carpeting costs varied as per style and quality. Also, Jerri did not want to
spend $3,000 for carpeting that was anyway going to be replaced in five years. For
Jerri, the purchase of the carpeting most likely involves _____ decision making.
A. selective
B. limited
C. extensive
D. routine
Jeremy, the manager at Orion department store, has noticed fluctuations in the sales of
certain products after a change in the store layout. While certain products have shown
an increase in sales, the sales of some other products have declined considerably.
Jeremy wants to note the areas of the store that customers frequent and those that they
avoid. He hopes to gain sufficient insight in order to create a better store layout and get
sales back to normal. In this scenario, Jeremy is most likely to use the method of
A. observational research
B. mathematical modeling
C. experimental research
D. projective technique
Which of the following is true of service quality?
A. Service quality is often measured against standards.
B. Service quality is not labor intensive and typically uniform in nature.
C. Opinions on quality of services do not change in the face of choices.
D. Customers determine the value of service quality in relation to their particular needs.
With regard to global marketing, one of the offensive goals a firm seeks to achieve is
A. gain access to technological innovations which are developed in other countries.
B. increase long-term growth and profit prospects.
C. avoid being locked out of future markets by arriving too late.
D. take advantage of significant differences in operating costs between countries.
Which of the following statements is true of a venture team?
A. It is a cross-functional team responsible for all the tasks involved in the development
of a new product.
B. It is a team that is only responsible for processing the venture capital for a business
idea of a firm's new product.
C. It is a cross-functional team that manages and monitors the existing products of a
D. It is a team whose primary duty involves conducting product audits to identify sick
products and delete them.
_____ is most often used to describe the pricing of jobs that are nonroutine and difficult
to "cost" in advance.
A. Target cost pricing
B. Rate-of-return pricing
C. Marked pricing
D. Cost-plus pricing
Forward Inc. is an investment bank that operates in a particular geographic territory in
Valentia. The company allocates specific salesperson or a selling team to each client to
serve the specific needs of that client. A salesperson with a finance background is
allocated to a client who needs financial advice. Forward Inc. most likely uses a _____
structure to organize its sales force.
A. product
B. geographical
C. customer
D. functional
Which of the following conditions would lead to an increase in postdecision
A. The decision is an important one psychosocially or financially, or both.
B. Reference groups or individuals have made the same purchasing decision.
C. The forgone alternatives do not have many favorable features.
D. The decision is made deliberately and with plenty of feedback from the primary
reference group.
Ariston Inc. manufactures a wide range of personal care products. Its method of sales
forecasting involves conducting detailed surveys of retailers who stock the company's
products toward the end of a fiscal year. The aim of this survey is to estimate the
quantity of Ariston's products the retailers are likely to order in the next fiscal year.
Which of the following approaches of sales forecasting is Ariston using?
A. Sales forecast composite method
B. Time-series analysis
C. Customer expectations method
D. Jury of executive opinion method
What is the function of the North American Industry Classification System?
A. It provides consumer panel service for tracking retail purchases and motivations.
B. It collects store tracking data used with consumer panel data to track the influence of
advertising on consumers of packaged goods.
C. It provides information about the number of establishments, sales volume, and
number of employees in each industry broken down by geographic area.
D. It measures industrial activity in twenty countries, providing insights into
thirty-seven marketplaces via interviews.
The generalist viewpoint about the contribution of advertising to the economic health of
a firm is primarily concerned with:
A. measuring the effects of specific ads or campaigns.
B. emphasizing the strategic aspects of the advertising function.
C. measuring competitor strengths and weaknesses to devise strategic ideas.
D. sales, profits, return on investment, and so forth.
Which of the following scenarios shows how a product is improved by modifying a
product attribute?
A. An aerated drinks manufacturer reduces the price of one of its drinks due to low
B. A large spa in Reno begins advertising its services on the Internet.
C. A dairy products manufacturer changes the promotion strategy of its line of
processed cheese.
D. A company that sells packaged seafood adds an eco-friendly label to its packaging.
Which of the following best defines spotters as a source of sales leads?
A. They are individuals who are paid by salespeople to generate lead information.
B. They refer to current and previous customers who vouch for a product.
C. They refer to merchandise markets that provide ample lead information.
D. They are secondary data sources that are usually free or fee-based.
Which of the following statements about marketing research is NOT true?
A. Marketing research can be fraught with errors even if it is executed carefully.
B. Marketing research forecasts the future with a degree of uncertainty.
C. Marketing research increases the risks associated with managing marketing
D. Marketing research can substantially increase the chances that good decisions are