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A Preface to Marketing Management 14th Edition
J. Paul Peter, James Donnelly
The research and development division of Anchor Inc., a manufacturing firm, has a
sizeable number of engineers for its employees. The buying decisions related to the
equipment to be used in the research and development of new technologies is primarily
made by the engineers. Based on these traits, which of the organization-specific factors
is most relevant in the division's purchasing process?
A. monopolization
B. segmentation
C. orientation
D. centralization
Among the determinants of service quality, tangibles generally refer to:
A. non-perishable goods.
B. the physical evidence of the service.
C. the cyclical stability of the service.
D. demographic factors.
Which of the following statements about market segmentation is true?
A. According to the model of market segmentation analysis, the process usually begins
with deciding the segmentation strategy to be used.
B. In the process of market segmentation, deciding the segmentation strategy precedes
the determining the consumer needs and wants.
C. The logic of market segmentation is that a single product item can seldom meet the
needs and wants of all consumers.
D. According to the model of market segmentation analysis, the process begins with
designing the marketing mix strategy.
The rate of exposure to an advertisement is known as:
A. average frequency.
B. reach intensity.
C. frame rate.
D. time to target market.
The marketing team at Stacey Collins Inc. is conducting research to determine the
reaction of consumers to its new line of genuine leather clothing. The team is drawing a
sample and preparing the questionnaires it intends to send out to the sample. It is also
deciding whether it will rely mostly on secondary data or primary data to make its
decisions. Considering the five Ps of the marketing research process, the marketing
team is currently involved in the:
A. determination of research purpose.
B. performance of the research.
C. development of a research plan.
D. processing of research data.
According to the market segmentation process model, which of the following steps is a
company likely to undertake after it has determined the basic segments of the market
that could potentially be satisfied with its product?
A. Developing the product positioning plan
B. Deciding the segmentation strategy
C. Designing the marketing mix strategy
D. Determining the product mix
Chopstick, a restaurant based in Los Angeles, is well-known for its authentic Japanese
delicacies, its traditional Japanese ambience, and its respectful staff. Los Angeles's high
population of Asian-American citizens, who prefer Japanese cuisine, has strongly
contributed to Chopstick's success. Chopstick has a competitive advantage because of:
A. company strategy, structure and rivalry.
B. favorable demand conditions.
C. related and supporting industries.
D. favorable factor conditions.
Which of the following situational influences provides additional depth to a description
of a situation by incorporating details of the persons present, their characteristics, their
apparent roles, and interpersonal interactions?
A. Physical features
B. Social features
C. Task features
D. Current conditions
Which of the following is an example of a demographic factor that influences the
pricing decision of a product?
A. The nature of the product
B. The reaction of potential buyers to odd pricing
C. The prestige orientation of potential buyers
D. The expected consumption rates of potential buyers
Which of the following products is most likely to contain short-run incentives in its
promotion mix?
A. An essential commodity
B. An established product witnessing a seasonal decline in sales
C. A product in the decline stage of the product life cycle
D. A product in the research and development stage of the product life cycle
A paid form of nonpersonal communications about an organization, its products, or its
activities that is transmitted through a mass medium to a target audience is called:
A. publicity.
B. advertising.
C. personal selling.
D. direct marketing.
How are consumer lifestyles measured during psychographic segmentation?
A. Consumers are asked about their health and known medical conditions.
B. Consumers are asked about their activities, interests, and opinions.
C. Consumers are asked to rate products in terms of the benefits they offer.
D. Consumers are asked to list the types of product features that they want.
According to Maslow's hierarchy, _____ will dominate when all needs are unsatisfied,
and in such situations, none of the other needs will serve as a basis for motivation.
A. physiological needs
B. safety needs
C. esteem needs
D. self-actualization needs
Identify the correct statement about the various types of organizational purchases.
A. Straight rebuys have the longest time frame in terms of the organizational buying
B. Modified rebuys have the shortest time frame in terms of the organizational buying
C. New task purchases involve evaluating many suppliers before selecting the final
D. Straight rebuys involve evaluating many alternative options during the buying
Off-peak pricing is generally used to:
A. overcome problems associated with the homogeneity of services.
B. deal with the fluctuating demand for services.
C. create service perishability and fluctuating demand.
D. separate the service provider from a service.
Which of the following steps of the marketing research process is crucial because it
influences the type of research to be conducted and the research design?
A. Performance of the research
B. Plan of the research
C. Purpose of the research
D. Processing of the research data

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