Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

Marketing 61984

February 5, 2017
It may take several exposures to marketing communications before consumers are
moved to buy.
Geraldine is in NEC's sales training program. She will probably be taught that all a
salesperson needs to do is ask questions.
Cost-based methods do not recognize the role that consumers or competitors' prices
play in the marketplace.
When Glen is thirsty, he always buys a Coke. Like many consumers, Glen engages in
considerable alternative evaluation when buying habitual products like his Coke.
Inflation refers to the cost of borrowing money.
Marketing is an activity that only large firms with specialized departments can execute.
A delivery gap always results in a service failure.
Tariffs artificially lower prices and therefore lower demand.
Product penetration is one of the four major growth strategies.
Public institutions do not engage in B2B relationships.
Though a picture may be worth a thousand words, the most important facet of encoding
is not what is received but what is sent.
Firms have come to realize that good corporate citizenship through socially responsible
actions should be a priority because it will help their bottom line in the long run.
Direct investment offers the firm complete control over its operations in the foreign
As Daphne's business grew, she needed to find a new way to manage payroll for her
employees, so she researched payroll companies to see which one would best meet her
needs. Daphne was involved in a new buy situation.
Strong supplier relations and efficient supply chains help firms such as Walmart achieve
operational excellence.
Potential customers are called marks.
Parties that work with the focal firm are its corporate partners.
A decrease in a company's product depth will always hurt its marketing efforts.
Universal product codes (UPCs) are used to describe products for inventory taxation
The STP process is made up of strategy, targeting, and promotion.
If there is a difference between the message that is sent and the message that is
received, it is probably due to noise.
Marketers are frequently singled out for criticism related to trust, in part because they
interact directly with people.
If a firm is engaged in monopolistic competition, it should seek a way to differentiate
Consumer packaged-goods companies such as Procter & Gamble, Pepsi, and Kraft
typically seek an exclusive distribution strategy.
American Airlines just reduced its fares for summer flights by $100. Delta Airlines
changes its pricing structure and reduces its flights by $100 as well. Delta is employing
status quo pricing.
Gross rating points (GRP) measure how often the audience is exposed to a
communication within a specified period of time.
When deciding how to promote his new medical oncology center, Dr. Jones decided
that he did not need to throw a large grand opening reception. Instead, he promoted the
center to the internal medicine doctors in the area, who were the doctors most likely to
refer patients to the center. Dr. Jones was engaged in a concentrated targeting strategy.
Isaac wants to measure the effectiveness of his company's advertising campaign. To do
so, Isaac will have to assess elements of the campaign before, during, and after the
campaign runs.
Perceptual maps include positions of current brands as well as ideal points where a
consumer segment would want a product to be.
The components of a SWOT analysis are strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and
What U.S. government agency has the primary responsibility in reviewing food and
package labels to ensure claims made by the manufacturer about the product are true?
A. Federal Trade Commission
B. Federal Communications Commission
C. Consumer Product Safety Administration
D. Food and Drug Administration
E. Interstate Commerce Commission
_________ means allowing employees to make decisions about how service is provided
to customers.
A. Endorsement
B. Quality control
C. Standardization
D. Empowerment
E. Authorization
In integrated marketing communications, encoding involves
A. converting consumers' ideas into value propositions.
B. differentiating noncommercial speech from commercial speech.
C. converting the decoder into the receiver.
D. interpreting click-through rates.
E. converting the sender's ideas into a message.
The RFP stage of the B2B buying process is not required for
A. a new buy.
B. a modified rebuy.
C. a straight rebuy.
D. either a new buy or a modified rebuy.
E. an adapted buy.
When Karen realized her dog had fleas, Karen was faced with
A. a social-perceptual incongruence.
B. a psychological need.
C. a cognitive learning failure.
D. a universal shopping need.
E. an unsatisfied need.
Students regularly seek out Professor Guillory to advise them. She has an exceptional
manner, and students are confident in her and trust her advice. For these students,
__________ is the most important of the five service quality dimensions.
A. assurance
B. reliability
C. tangibles
D. responsiveness
E. empathy
The shift of population from rural to urban areas in countries such as India helps global
marketers by
A. decreasing pollution.
B. simplifying the supply chain needed to make goods and services available.
C. increasing the human development index.
D. decreasing competition for intellectual capital.
E. increasing nonmaterial GDP output.
Twitter can help build a brand's image by educating and engaging consumers. However,
one central issue for companies using Twitter is
A. limiting the number of tweets per day.
B. remunerating for posters.
C. managing outgoing Twitter communication.
D. eliminating negative posts.
E. eliminating confusion with similar products.
Many inventors struggle with the question, "I made it; now how do I get rid of it?" They
have made the error of considering marketing as
A. an afterthought.
B. an integral part of a business plan.
C. an accounting function.
D. a profit center.
E. important only for new products.
Introducing newly developed products or services to a market segment the company is
not currently serving is called
A. product development.
B. market development.
C. market penetration.
D. diversification.
E. product proliferation.
Your text notes that the networking benefits of LinkedIn are particularly beneficial for
which group?
A. entertainment marketers
B. photo enthusiasts
C. small-business owners
D. athletes
E. journalists and bloggers
Marketing research includes all of the following except
A. collecting data.
B. creating data.
C. recording data.
D. interpreting data.
E. analyzing data.
Often, inexperienced salespeople mistakenly believe that during the sales call, they
A. listen carefully to the customer.
B. pay attention to body language.
C. note the office environment.
D. act positively.
E. do all the talking.
Which of the following is not one of the five Cs of pricing?
A. customers
B. channel members
C. cost
D. collaboration
E. company objectives
Sam was called in to meet with his boss, Tricia. He was afraid he was going to be fired
for the mistake he had made dealing with an important customer of the store. Instead,
Tricia explained that he had handled the situation well, listening to the customer and
finding a fair solution. Tricia commented, "Even more important, working the way you
did to correct the error could result in __________."
A. a smaller empowerment gap
B. increased customer purchases and positive word of mouth
C. a full refund for the customer
D. a larger service gap
E. less instrumental support
Late in the day on September 11, 2001, the day of the World Trade Center attacks,
Americans purchased all the American flags Walmart stores had available, nationwide.
These purchases were indicative of
A. regional culture.
B. generational cohort characteristics.
C. country culture.
D. a red/blue marketing campaign.
E. the Walmart Effect.
Which of these is a macroenvironmental factor?
A. culture
B. corporate partners
C. competition
D. company
E. competencies
Jackie is running errands on Saturday morning. First, she drives through CVS pharmacy
to pick up a prescription, stops at the tailor to pick up a dress she had hemmed, and then
heads to her manicure appointment. What kind of retailers is Jackie visiting?
A. category killers
B. category killers and services retailers
C. services retailers
D. convenience stores
E. off-price retailers and specialty stores
A __________ growth strategy employs the existing marketing offering to reach new
market segments.
A. product proliferation
B. market development
C. market penetration
D. diversification
E. product development
Yurgen is opening a financial consulting service for high-income retirees in his area.
This target market is used to paying for quality and associates high quality with high
prices. In this instance, Yurgen should probably not use a market penetration pricing
strategy because
A. he might be missing out on customers who would only pay less for his products.
B. there are moderate barriers to competitive entry in the market.
C. a low price might signal low quality.
D. he would have to determine zone pricing discounts.
E. the experience curve effect would drop unit costs too rapidly.
__________ are likely to target low-income consumers who demand national brands,
but cannot afford to buy large-sized packages.
A. Category killers
B. Department stores
C. Extreme value retailers
D. Specialty stores
E. Warehouse club stores
Which of the primary motivations do consumers spend the least amount of time
engaging in on their smartphones?
A. the need to shop
B. the need to self-express
C. the need to discover
D. the need to socialize
E. the need to accomplish
__________ offer an inconsistent assortment of brand-name merchandise at low prices.
A. Department stores
B. Specialty stores
C. Category killers
D. Off-price retailers
E. Full-line discount stores
Marketers can take advantage of the variable nature of services by
A. merging services with products.
B. customizing services to meet customers' needs.
C. offering to expedite intangibles.
D. expanding the standards gap.
E. using strict standardization.
_______ refers to the process of evaluating and selecting the _______.
A. Advertising; media buy
B. Media planning; media mix
C. Promotion planning; advertising mix
D. Media buying; media mix
E. Media mixing; media buy
Let's Dish is a meal-preparation service operating in three states. Customers visit a Let's
Dish store to select and partially prepare their meals, which are then packaged for the
freezer. At home, the customer can pull a meal out of the freezer and warm it in the
oven or microwave. If Let's Dish wanted to expand into new areas of the United States,
what segmentation method would probably be most useful in choosing new locations?
A. loyalty segmentation
B. benefit segmentation
C. psychographic segmentation
D. geodemographic segmentation
E. demographic segmentation
Anbinh Fashions is launching a new line of one-of-a-kind designer jewelry. Each piece
is handcrafted, and production volumes will be very low. To emphasize the unique
nature of this jewelry, Anbinh Fashions will most likely choose _________ distribution.
A. luxury
B. selective
C. monopolistic
D. intensive
E. exclusive
Suppose that Nike wanted to use Facebook to increase awareness of a new line of tennis
shoes. Which of the following methods would allow Nike to specifically target
Facebook users who have mentioned tennis in their profiles?
A. uploading a coupon to the Nike fan page
B. encouraging Facebook users to "like" the Nike page so their friends will see this
C. placing a Facebook ad
D. creating a Facebook tab allowing users to view the tennis clothing within Facebook
E. placing a Facebook link on the Nike corporate website
Higher-income consumers visiting __________ feel like they are on a treasure hunt,
searching for a bargain.
A. department stores
B. extreme value retailers
C. big-box retailers
D. services retailers
E. category specialist stores
A reference price might be considered deceptive if
A. the internal reference point is different from the external reference point.
B. the reference price is more than two times the cost of the item.
C. the reference price has been inflated or is fictitious.
D. the reference price has changed more than once in the past 12 months.
E. it reflects actual manufacturing costs plus 50 percent.
For years, the Mogul Sheraton, a four-star hotel overlooking the Taj Mahal in India,
offered free elephant and camel rides to hotel visitors. Few customers took advantage of
this service. This is an example of a __________ gap in services marketing.
A. seniority
B. knowledge
C. standards
D. delivery
E. communication
Raymond estimates that the fixed costs associated with opening a new bank branch are
$500,000. He expects the branch to attract 1,000 new customer accounts in the first
year, each of which will cost $50 per year to service. He also expects to generate
$100,000 per year in revenue. For Raymond, the total cost of opening the new branch
and remaining open for one year will be
A. $500,000.
B. $550,000.
C. $650,000.
D. $450,000.
E. $605,000.
Danielle is creating an advertising message designed to appeal to consumers' fears of
having their home broken into. Danielle's message will focus on a(n) __________
A. emotional
B. niche marketing
C. informational
D. institutional
E. reminder
For salespeople, __________ provide(s) a major contact point with customers in the
follow-up stage of the selling process, and an opportunity to build and improve
A. trade shows
B. cold calls
C. preapproaches
D. complaints
E. telemarketing
Many executives and corporate boards of directors do not perceive social responsibility
as part of their mission or responsibility. These business leaders consider corporate
social responsibility to be
A. a basic requirement of any business.
B. the equivalent of the AMA ethical value "Do no harm."
C. the key to operational effectiveness.
D. a component of basic business ethics.
E. beyond the norms of corporate ethical behavior.
The company Jorge works for has just acquired a regional grocery store chain. The
chain has a very strong reputation among consumers in the states in which it operates.
The acquired company owns several private-label brands. Jorge has been asked to
prepare a brief about the options for retaining the private-label brands that the chain had
been selling. What are the key points Jorge should include?
Define the six types of power that occur in a marketing channel.
You are offered a sales position and given a choice of salary plus a small commission or
straight commission. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?
Why does conflict arise in the supply chain? How do partnering relationships help
reduce conflict?
Tabatha sells office networking systems. She is putting together a sales presentation for
a new customer. What advice would you give Tabatha about making her sales
The regional manager for your furniture store announces a goal of increasing the
company's share of wallet by 10 percent. What does the manager mean?
Why is mutual trust important in managing a supply chain?
Give examples of the kinds of information flows that take place between a store and its
consumers, a distribution center, and a manufacturer.
Mary Grace is studying the demographics of the students attending her elementary
school. What information will Mary Grace study?
What are the pros and cons of a franchising agreement for global expansion?
Healthcare Options markets health care aids such as walkers, crutches, and portable
oxygen tanks. It is located in a large city with branches in neighboring suburbs. It
needed to determine if one of its stores was profitable or if it should close it. What is the
formula for determining profitability?
Natalie is designing a primary package for her new peanut butter popcorn. From a
consumer's perspective, what should the packaging provide?
Your text notes that in the future, RFID tags may replace UPC tags. Why is this so?
How can an electronic data interchange be used by a manufacturer to support the
product, price, and promotion elements of the marketing mix?
What types of firms typically operate distribution centers?
You have been asked to evaluate the economic potential of Gabon as a market for your
company's products. What three categories of economic factors will you assess?