Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

Marketing 34585

February 5, 2017
The major text portion of a print advertisement that should arouse a desire for the
product and move the consumer to action is contained in the
A. headline.
B. body copy.
C. brand elements.
D. photo credits.
E. subheads.
Maryam phoned her auto insurance agent to renew her policy. The agent told her about
new types of insurance now availableto cover her apartment, or even the engagement
ring she just got from her fianc. The agent was pursuing a ________________ growth
A. product development
B. market development
C. market penetration
D. diversification
E. product proliferation
Marketers with luxury brands use brand extension cautiously in order to avoid
A. brand licensing fees.
B. exclusive co-branding arrangements.
C. diluting the core brand.
D. private-label branding disputes.
E. product line extension limitations.
The local auto supply store gets merchandise delivered to it by its manufacturers as
soon as it has a need, reducing stockouts with minimal inventory. This demonstrates the
concept of
A. data warehousing.
B. a push marketing strategy.
C. vendor-managed inventory.
D. manufacturer-managed distribution.
E. cross-docking.
According to your text, research has consistently shown that consumers usually rank
which of the four Ps as one of the most important factors in their purchase decisions?
A. Promotion
B. Place
C. Product
D. Perception
E. Price
Brands are assets that can be legally protected through
A. copyrights and trademarks.
B. financial reporting.
C. brand extensions.
D. generic branding.
E. corporate branding strategies.
In questionnaire design, a question such as "Do anti-lock braking systems reduce car
A. is a question that respondents cannot easily or accurately answer.
B. is a question that respondents are reluctant to answer because the information is
C. steers respondents to a particular response.
D. asks two questions at once.
E. is one sided, presenting only one side of an issue.
During the __________ stage of the product life cycle, sales are low and profits are
small or negative.
A. introduction
B. leveling
C. maturity
D. growth
E. decline
Especially in the fashion industry where styles and trends change rapidly, a quick
response system can
A. allow retailers to better forecast long-term demand.
B. reduce logistical overlay.
C. increase cross-docking promotional effectiveness.
D. align deliveries more closely with actual sales.
E. allow manufacturers to introduce unpopular styles and still be successful.
Firms using a(n) _______ pricing method set their prices relative to what other firms
are charging.
A. improvement value
B. value-based
C. cost-based
D. competitor-based
E. reference-based
Thanh has to decide which college to attend. This is the most important, riskiest, and
most expensive decision she has ever made. She will be engaged in
A. low-involvement decision making.
B. extended problem solving.
C. habitual decision making.
D. prepurchase dissonance.
E. limited problem solving.
The customer Carlotta is calling on today has a(n) __________ buying center culture.
This means that the decision process will involve reaching agreement among all
members of the buying center.
A. consensus
B. autocratic
C. consultative
D. republican
E. democratic
In a market with _______ there are many firms providing differentiated products.
A. pure competition
B. oligopolistic competition
C. monopolistic competition
D. a monopoly
E. a duopoly
First Lady Michelle Obama has recorded an ad encouraging parents to teach their
children good nutrition habits to stem the increase in child obesity. This message is an
example of
A. product-focused advertising.
B. consumer-generated advertising.
C. a public service announcement.
D. reminder advertising.
E. a flighting campaign.
Students of marketing often overlook or underestimate the importance of place in the
marketing mix simply because
A. it happens behind the scenes.
B. it conflicts with promotion.
C. it occurs after making pricing decisions.
D. no one is directly in charge of place decisions.
E. the product itself is so much more important.
A local furniture store buys furniture from various manufacturers and resells the
furniture to its customers. What type of marketing channel does this represent?
A. horizontal
B. vertical
C. indirect
D. direct
E. simple
Naomi tells her sales representatives the goal is to generate at least a 20 percent return
on investment for all of the industrial building supplies they sell. Naomi is using a
_______ pricing strategy.
A. sales orientation
B. target profit
C. target return
D. status quo
E. competitive parity
Lars wants to purchase a gift for a colleague whose home he will be visiting. He
decides to bring luxury chocolates, as he knows most people enjoy them. Although he is
not sure about specific products, Lars heads directly for a store selling Godiva
Chocolates, because he knows this is a high-end brand. Lars can be said to have
A. brand recall.
B. aided recall.
C. brand preference.
D. brand image.
E. brand awareness.
The prevailing marketing strategy of the __________ era was to find customers for
inventories that went unsold.
A. production-oriented
B. sales-oriented
C. market-oriented
D. value-based marketing
E. retailing-oriented
One of the most fundamental activities of retailers is to provide __________, satisfying
the needs of their target market.
A. wholesaling opportunities
B. persuasive advertising
C. the right mix of merchandise and services
D. corrective price controls
E. category killing profitability
Janine was tired of her winter coat, so she sold it to her friend, Marissa. This is an
example of ________ marketing.
A. B2B
B. B2C
C. C2B
D. C2C
Zappos online shoe and clothing store has a unique way of dealing with abandoned
shopping carts. If a site visitor places items into the shopping cart and then leaves the
site without making a purchase, several days later Zappos sends a humorous e-mail
saying, "Let us show you what your shopping cart did while you were gone," along
with a photo of a cute dog intended to represent the shopping cart. This
attention-getting device is designed to improve the site's
A. postpurchase dissonance.
B. selective perception.
C. conversion rate.
D. reference group influence.
E. position in the evoked set.
In addition to merchandise and payments, information flows throughout a supply chain.
Which of the following is not a good characterization of the flow of information in a
supply chain?
A. A manufacturer will send and receive information from buyers, stores, and
distribution centers.
B. Stores will send and receive information from manufacturers, buyers, distribution
centers, and customers.
C. Distribution centers will send and receive information from stores and
D. Customers will send and receive information from stores and manufacturers.
E. Buyers will send and receive information from stores and manufacturers.
Which of the following is a pricing model for apps discussed in your text?
A. cost-plus
B. ad-supported
C. premium
D. per-use
E. data-driven
In most countries, __________ is(are) among the largest purchasers of goods and
A. the largest retailer
B. the central government
C. construction firms
D. the intelligence agency
E. hospitals
Margaret has been invited to a fancy dinner party and wants to bring a good bottle of
wine as a gift for the host. Since she does not know much about wine, she will likely
use the price of the wines as
A. an indicator of quality.
B. a reflection of status quo pricing.
C. an indicator of the variety.
D. a measure of scarcity.
E. a measure of the income effect.
The manager of Plantation River Country Club wanted members of the very upscale
club to use the bar and dining facilities more frequently. He offered a two-for-one
"happy hour" special but few members showed up. The manager did not have a grasp of
what would make his target market
A. substantial.
B. responsive.
C. identifiable.
D. reachable.
E. quantifiable.
When consumers are __________, observation becomes particularly useful in
understanding consumers' preferences.
A. unwilling to participate in research
B. confused by questionnaires
C. unable to articulate their experiences
D. interviewed too frequently
E. highly educated
Zan wants to collect considerable information about the current opinions of his 10 most
important customers. Zan will probably use the __________ research method.
A. social media monitoring
B. experimental
C. in-depth interview
D. primary data mining
E. observation
As a type of retailer, category specialists are fierce competitors using
A. a broad assortment of merchandise.
B. highly trained personnel throughout the stores.
C. a complete assortment in a specific category at low prices.
D. highly attractive loyalty programs.
E. a limited, but complementary merchandise assortment.