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Basic Marketing Research: Using Microsoft Excel Data Analysis 3rd Edition

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July 18, 2017
Data coding refers to the creation of a computer file that holds the raw data taken from
all of the acceptable completed questionnaires.
A CATI is a form of person-administered interview.
The AMA's definition of marketing research is longer than your authors' because it
elaborates on the function as well as the uses of marketing research.
We are really measuring propertiessometimes called attributes or qualitiesof objects.
Probability samples cannot also be random samples.
An example of a disadvantage of secondary data not being reported in measurement
units that match the researchers needs would be income being reported by before tax,
household income instead of per capita, after-tax income.
Obviously, if a measure is unreliable and elicits wildly different answers from the same
person when that person is unchanged from administration to administration of the
question, there is something very wrong with the question.
There are two broad classes of standardized information: syndicated data and
standardized services.
Errors that occur during data collection may be attributed to fieldworkers or to
In coding a questionnaire, a "check all that apply" question is simply a special case of a
"yes" or "no" question, so use a "1" (="yes") and "0" (="no") coding system. You will
want to consider each concept being tested as a separate question.
Accuracy is expressed as a x% number.
The XL Data Analyst performs cross-tabulation analysis and generates row and column
percentage tables so that users can see the relationship patterns when they encounter a
significant cross-tabulation relationship.
Ethical research companies take precautions, such as preparing handbooks and
glossaries, to ensure their clients understand analysis terminology.
The proper command in your XL Data Analyst to perform correlation analysis is
Placing a person in a decision making setting and asking them to verbalize everything
they consider when making a purchase decision is called ethnographic research.
The word "variance" in the name "analysis of variance" is misleading.
The dependent variable is always manipulated in the experimental group but never in
the control group.
Marketing research provides information collected only on consumers. Information
collected on other entities such as employees, members of distribution channels, or
competitors would not be considered marketing research.
The American Marketing Association's definition of marketing stresses that the function
of marketing should be to create a sale that generates high profits for the firm.
Standardized services are marketing a process.
Field service firms specialize in one or, at most, a few marketing research activities.
Very few of the largest firms have their own marketing research departments but they
usually have at least one person responsible for conducting marketing research.
The "Father of Marketing Research" is Charles Coolidge Parlin who did continuous,
organized research for the Curtis Publishing Company.
Ethnographic research is an area of ethical sensitivity -- researchers' immersing
In a long report, it is wise to use 'signals and signposts" for the reader in the form of
headings and subheadings.
Since recruiting and maintaining a panel of willing respondents is expensive and time
consuming, "panel equity," or the value represented by the panel will likely become
more important in the future.
Every research problem is unique.
Using the word "the" instead of "a" can make a difference in the way respondents
answer a question.
Primary data refers to information that is developed or gathered by the researcher
specifically for the research project at hand.
A questionnaire is the vehicle to pose questions that a researcher wants respondents to
The Data worksheet is linked to the Data Variables worksheet by: Copy-Paste
Special-Paste Link.
There is an appropriate test to compare two averages when there are no groups such as
male v. female. The test calculates differences between the averages of two different
There is a decline in marketing research companies that set up consumer or respondent
panels for the explicit purpose of conducting online surveys with representative
When we test for the differences between percentages for two groups the null
hypothesis is that the difference in the two group's population parameters is over 30.
According to the AMA definition of marketing research, solving general, not specific,
marketing problems is one of the uses of marketing research.
The use of value codes and value labels depends on the nature of the variable.
Which of the following is considered a computer-assisted interview?
A) a human uses a computer
B) there is no human but a voice (synthesized) is used by the computer
C) a computerized statistical package is used
D) a CD-ROM is used to record data
E) both A and B
CATS is an approach identified with:
B) fully computerized interviews administered over the telephone
C) mall intercept surveys for business-to-business products
D) hybrid modes of data collection
E) Internet surveys
The convenience store example discussed in your textbook illustrates that when we
don't know what problem is, we should use:
A) problem definition websites
B) experiments
C) internal supplier firms
D) exploratory research
E) descriptive research
A syndicated services data firm collects data in a standard format and makes it available
A) only the first firm that purchases the data
B) all who subscribe to the data
C) shareholders in the company
D) government regulators
E) no one; syndicated services data firms do not collect data in a standard format
A question asks respondents to evaluate a travel agency on a scale from 1 to 5 where 1
means "very dissatisfied" and 5 means "very satisfied." This is an example of a:
A) synthetic metric scale
B) natural metric scale
C) natural categorical scale
D) closed-ended scale
E) synthetic natural scale
What is the name of the data analysis software that comes with your book?
C) Mini-Tab
D) XL Data Analyst
________ is a statistical procedure used to 'support" (accept) or "not support" (reject)
the hypothesis based on sample information.
A) Confidence analysis
B) Standard error analysis
C) Specification support/rejection
D) Hypothesis testing
E) Sampling acceptance
In the formula for a straight line, the b stands for the ________.
A) intercept
B) dependent variable
C) independent variable
D) slope
E) predicted variable
Which of the following was NOT discussed as an advantage of using secondary data?
A) may be obtained quickly
B) may be obtained in all forms desired by the researcher
C) is relatively inexpensive
D) is usually available
E) sometimes enhances primary data
The Define Variables Worksheet is:
A) independent of the Data Worksheet
B) linked to the Data Worksheet
C) unavailable in XL Data Analyst
D) to be used only to do linear programming
E) available through a third party data collection firm
Which of the following relies on a random selection of website visitors?
A) random online intercept sampling
B) invitation online sampling
C) online panel sampling
D) systematic online sampling
E) none of the above
Which of the following is NOT true of ANOVA?
A) The use of the word variance in the name "analysis of variance" is misleading.
B) The standard deviations are taken into consideration.
C) Fundamentally, ANOVA (analysis of variance) is an investigation of the differences
between the group averages to determine whether sampling errors or true population
differences explain their failure to be equal.
D) ANOVA is an analysis of the standard deviations of the groups.
E) When a researcher wants to compare the averages of several different groups,
ANOVA should be used to accomplish such multiple comparisons.
The proper command sequence using your XL Data Analyst to generate a confidence
interval for a percentage is:
Advantages of CATI include:
A) interviews can be conducted via TV cable
B) cable and TV interviewing may be conducted simultaneously
C) surveys can be enhanced with the CATI drop-off survey technique
D) the computer dials the respondent, brings up the questions to the interviewer and
moves ahead to the appropriate question
E) CATI enhances single source data
When a potential respondent flatly rejects the offer to take part in the survey, this is
called a(n):
A) refusal
B) break-off
C) item omission
D) perplexing situation
E) desertion
In discussing the structure of the marketing research industry, your authors define an
external supplier firm as one which:
A) makes research decisions based primarily upon information supplied by the internal
reports system
B) is an outside firm hired to fulfill a firm's marketing research needs
C) provides syndicated services but only to members of the syndicate
D) provides marketing research obtained from records of the Internal Revenue Service
E) provides marketing services to companies outside the firm's home country
The relationship between sample size and sample accuracy is that as sample size
A) sample error decreases
B) sample error increases
C) sample error remains constant
D) sample error becomes unitary
E) none of the above; sample size does not affect sample accuracy
Which of the following has been suggested by industry observers as a major problem
associated with respondents failing to participate in surveys?
A) fear of invasion of privacy
B) skepticism regarding the benefits of participating in research
C) research as a guise for telemarketing (Sugging and Frugging)
D) all of the above have been suggested by industry observers
E) none of the above have been suggested by industry observers
Which of the following helps the reader locate information in the research report?
A) letter of transmittal
B) executive summary
C) table of contents
D) introduction
E) auto search function tab
Why did the Industrial Revolution lead to a growth in marketing research?
A) Manufacturers were producing goods for distant markets and consumers.
B) Colleges were teaching courses in marketing research.
C) Craftsmen and artisans of the day knew their customers.
D) Alfred Politz introduced statistical theory for sampling.
E) Growth was limited to the spread of government agencies and so most marketing
research was performed for the government.
How many categories are research designs classified into?
A) 4
B) 2
C) 3
D) 6
E) There is no specific number of research design categories.
The ________ measures activities, interests and opinions (AIO's).
A) constant sum scale
B) life-style inventory
C) semantic differential scale
D) synthetic action/ information/ online format
E) origin scale
________ is the identification of code values that are associated with the possible
responses for each question on the questionnaire.
A) Data entry
B) Data coding
C) Data matrix
D) Data filing
E) Data surveying
________ should be indicated by a new heading.
A) A new topic
B) Several subheadings
C) A question for the researcher
D) Information unknown to the client
E) A new visual
Which of the following best represents what your author's have to say about the
marketing research process?
A) It is a "lock-step" process; each and every step must be followed, in order, if there is
to be valid and objective research.
B) Since every research project is different, there aren't enough commonalities among
them to lend credibility to such a list of steps known as the research process.
C) While such a list is helpful, few research projects follow the steps in the list in exact
order and some research projects may even skip some of the steps.
D) There should be 15 steps in the list known as the marketing research process.
E) The list in your textbook is the approved list used by the MCA.
Which of the following describes an electronic test market?
A) It is one in which the firm tests the product or marketing-mix variables through the
company's normal distribution channels.
B) It is conducted by outside research firms that guarantee distribution of the product
through prespecified types and numbers of distributors.
C) It includes a panel of consumers that has agreed to carry identification cards that
each consumer presents when buying goods and services.
D) A limited amount of data on consumer response to a new product is fed into a model
containing certain assumptions regarding planned marketing programs, which generates
likely product sales volume.
E) none of the above
When you summarize a metric variable using XL Data Analyst, your output gives you:
A) mode, median, and mean
B) average, standard deviation
C) average, standard deviation, minimum-maximum
D) average, standard deviation, minimum-maximum, and a bar chart
E) mode, frequency distribution, and standard error of the metric
In the chi-square test, for a significant relationship to exist:
A) the computed expected frequencies should exceed the critical chi-square table value
B) the chi-square value should exceed 1.96
C) there should be no differences between the observed and expected frequencies
D) the calculated chi-square value should exceed the critical chi-square table value
E) the chi-square value must be greater than .05
Experian Simmons can help you identify which of your prospects and customers fall
into the key Tipping Point segments?
A) Socialites
B) Connectors
C) Mavens
D) Salespeople
E) Innovators
Which of the following designs represents the Before-After with Control Group design?
A) X - O " C
B) E = I X O
C) E = O X O
E) none of the above
Which of the following would be a question that we would try to answer with
descriptive research?
A) Who are our customers?
B) What brands do our customers buy?
C) When do our customers shop?
D) How did our customers find out about our products?
E) all of the above
The functions of data analysis "match up" with:
A) the types of problems
B) the types of research objectives
C) the types of type I errors
D) the types of type II errors
E) the types of type III errors
Where do you enter the "hypothesized value" in XL Data Analyst to test a hypothesis
about a percentage?
A) Hypothesized Value box
B) Hypo Val box
C) Hypothesized Percentages box
D) Variable View Screen
E) none of the above; XL Data Analyst does not test hypotheses for percentages
Which scale typically has numbers that range from a minus end (-3) to a corresponding
plus end (+3) and includes a 0 midpoint?
A) life-style inventory
B) Stapel scale
C) minus/plus scale
D) balanced pole scale
E) positive/negative scale
Which of the following is the name of the firm listed in your text as one that provides
clients with the option to design their own surveys or utilize their programming
A) Common Knowledge
B) Common Surveying
C) Survey Power
D) Survey Knowledge Partners
E) Survey Design for Dummies