Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

MAN 802 Test

July 13, 2015
Joking and suggesting breaks are pronounced negative actions that always hamper the
smooth functioning of groups.
A short letter gives applicants an opportunity to be persuasive.
It is better to plan concurrent sessions on different topics if a meeting involves
participants with different interests.
Claims that people can get by without writing are flawed.
Learning to see another point of view is the first step toward a successful exchange.
Short informal meetings or interactions with ones boss will help advance a persons
In a standard memo, the first letters of the readers name, the writers name, and the
subject phrase are lined up horizontally.
Organizational cultures are consistent across organizations.
Messages that are straightforward sound pompous and defensive.
In a multicultural workforce, it is safe to assume that a person who listens to you
silently agrees with what you say.
You need less politeness in your tone if youre asking for something that will
inconvenience the reader and help you more than the person who does the action.
David, Joseph, Remy, Martina, and Lily have newly joined Nimbus Inc. They have
been recruited to work on a new project for an overseas client. Noticing that Martina,
Lily, and Remy remained reserved and anxious, David and Joseph suggested that they
go out for a coffee break and get to know each other. Which of the following roles are
David and Joseph performing in this instance?
A. Solving interpersonal problems
B. Evaluating
C. Relieving tensions
D. Checking feelings
E. Clowning
Which of the following is a computer jargon?
A. Negotiate
B. Request
C. Rank
D. Byte
E. Haggle
A performance appraisal is persuasive when:
A. it is devoid of you-attitude.
B. you evaluate someone who is doing superbly.
C. you want to compile a record to justify firing someone.
D. you want to motivate a satisfactory worker to continue to improve.
E. it is specific and concise.
When should controversial items typically be scheduled?
A. Early in the meeting, when participants energy level is high
B. In the middle of the meeting, when participants are comfortable in each others
C. Toward the end of the meeting, when there is limited time available to resolve the
D. Toward the last half an hour of the day or evening
E. After all the trivial issues on which agreement will be easy are dealt with
Which of the following is true of grammar and punctuation in business writing?
A. Most writers make a large number of grammatical errors repeatedly.
B. Most business leaders tend to see good grammar and mechanics as inessential
aspects of business communication.
C. Business people are less likely to judge the authors of errors to be poor business
D. Occasionally, errors in grammar and punctuation hide the writers meaning.
E. Errors in grammar and punctuation must be corrected in the first draft of a document.
Which of the following is true of topic headings?
A. They give away a lot of information.
B. They cover all of the material under it.
C. They tell the reader what to expect.
D. They focus on the structure of the report.
E. None of the above.
Which of the following is true of grammar checkers?
A. Grammar checkers are good at finding missing halves.
B. Grammar checkers have rendered human intervention irrelevant in the editing
C. Grammar checkers can decide whether the usage of a passive verb in a sentence is
D. Grammar checkers can decide which word best fits the meaning in a sentence.
E. All of the above are true of grammar checkers.
Which of the following is true of using a goodwill ending in an informative message?
A. It suggests that serving the reader is the writers real concern.
B. It increases the credibility of the message significantly.
C. It eliminates future correspondence on the same subject.
D. It acts as a genuine substitute for intrinsic reader benefits.
E. It deemphasizes all the negative elements in the message, regardless of their
importance or relevance.
While formatting the copy of a three-column brochure, you notice that the letters look
oddly spaced, with some words looking crowded while others looking spaced far apart.
What should you do to improve the overall appearance of the brochure?
A. Use full capitals throughout.
B. Use a fixed font.
C. Use a proportional font.
D. Use a sans serif font for enhancing readability.
E. All of the above.
Is it appropriate to create a personal letterhead for a job application letter?
A. Yes, but it should harmonize with the resume.
B. Yes, but only if it is done by a professional other than the applicant, such as a graphic
C. No, because doing so will seem pretentious.
D. No, because it will be considered as amateurish.
E. None of the above.
Clara Anderson, the marketing manager at Kian Inc., is delivering a presentation to a
prospective client this week. Clara created a part of her presentation in an FAQ format
considering the questions that the client was likely to ask. Which of the following is
true of this strategy?
A. It is most likely to make Clara appear presumptuous about the clients needs.
B. It is most likely to build goodwill primarily because Clara has created a multi-part
C. It is most likely to build goodwill because Clara has anticipated the clients questions
and is prepared to answer them.
D. It displays weak work ethic.
E. It lacks you-attitude because it focuses on Claras needs more than that of her clients.
Under a(n) _____ decision-making process, a leader hears group comments, but then
makes the decision alone.
A. authoritative
B. consultative
C. consensus
D. autocratic
E. laissez faire
In order to be a good netizen, you should:
A. engage in flaming, whenever possible.
B. always send copies to your boss or CEO, regardless of the subject or relevance of
your e-mail message.
C. always put the whole message in caps.
D. adapt your e-mail messages to suit the recipients system.
E. not use short line lengths.
Mention four methods that makes a sentence nonsexist.
How should job applicants create a T-letter?
_____ of formal meetings indicate who was present and absent and the wording of
motions and amendments as well as the vote.
Mention the three aspects that a good purpose statement must make clear.
List a few general guidelines for designing web pages.