Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

MAN 674 Test

July 13, 2015
Clustering involves brainstorming with circled words on a page and helps in the
generation of ideas.
If one does use more than one page in a resume, the second page should not have more
than 5 to 6 lines.
Good writing is tight.
Brainstorming entails evaluating ones own work and measuring it against ones goals
and the requirements of the situation and the audience.
Writers should avoid using a goodwill ending in their messages.
The opening of an interview takes two to eight minutes and should be used to highlight
ones qualifications and work experiences.
Taping an interview only once provides the best possible taped response for an
Acknowledgement responses help demonstrate active listening.
In the job application letter to a company that is hiring, the applicant should ask for an
interview and tell when he or she will be available to be interviewed.
Information about layoffs and firings is normally delivered orally but accompanied by a
written statement.
It is better not to use a buffer if the reader or the organization prefers "bottom-line-first
Which of the following is the correct order of organizing a negative letter?
A. Refusal, alternative, reason, goodwill ending
B. Reason, alternative, refusal, goodwill ending
C. Reason, refusal, alternative, goodwill ending
D. Refusal, goodwill ending
E. Refusal, alternative
You enter a meeting with international clients a few minutes after it has started. You
take a seat, accidentally putting your briefcase down with a thump. You have come
directly from a five-hour flight and your back is sore, so you slouch down a bit in your
chair and stifle a yawn. A few people glance at you but say nothing. You notice,
however, that when a discussion starts, you are largely ignored. Chances are, the others
in the room see you in poor light because they are:
A. from a low-context culture.
B. from a medium-context culture.
C. from a high-context culture.
D. from a popular culture.
E. from a vernacular culture.
Which of the following is a good practice when using bar charts?
A. Using vertical bars when the labels are long
B. Putting the bars close enough together to make comparison easy
C. Putting some labels inside the bars and some outside
D. Making all the bars in different widths, according to the importance of their labels
E. Both B and C are good practices
Jack chooses a pattern of organization before he begins writing a letter. Which of the
following phases of the writing process does this activity represent?
A. Planning
B. Gathering information
C. Revising
D. Editing
E. None of the above
Calculate the median of the sample below.
12, 14, 15, 23, 34, 54, 45
A. 12
B. 23
C. 24
D. 27.5
The median is the number that is exactly in the middle. When you have an odd number
of observations, the median will be the middle number. In this the middle number is 23,
and therefore the median is 23
Which of the following should applicants consider for navigating the course of their
A. How have their habits, expectations, and goals changed?
B. How has their job field changed, and what should they do to stay current in it?
C. What do they want from their job or career in the next few years?
D. How committed are they to staying in their present career?
E. All of the above.
Which of the following is true of effective leaders?
A. Effective leaders are most likely to adopt a dictatorial style of leadership.
B. Effective leaders are mostly arrogant.
C. Effective leaders avoid asking others to share their work styles and obligations.
D. Effective leaders encourage groupthink.
E. Effective leaders look at the goal and identify the steps needed to get there.
What do square brackets in quoted material indicate?
A. That the enclosed words are being discussed as words
B. That the enclosed words are quoted from other sources
C. That the enclosed term or word is misleading
D. That the writer has added or made changes to the quoted material
E. That the writer has omitted one or more words in the quoted material
Jason, an employee of Cirrus Inc., was delivering an intense presentation on fire-safety
to his colleagues. This presentation was initiated after a fire accident caused grievous
injuries to two employees a few days back. When Jason was talking about the fire
escape routes, Trevor, who was standing at the back, cracked a joke. This disturbed the
momentum of the presentation as the attention of the group was diverted from the
serious presentation to a light-hearted joke. In this instance, Trevor engaged in _____.
A. sterotyping
B. dominating
C. clowning
D. withdrawing
E. relieving tensions
In an organization, _____ meetings typically occur when there are highly informal, but
work-related interactions between people in an office.
A. parliamentary
B. team
C. regular staff
D. one-on-one
E. virtual
You need to conduct a survey in three months in the school registration center to find
out how the add/drop procedure could be improved. You have several closed questions
prepared for the survey, but you dont know if the choices provided are adequate. You
A. conduct a pretest with open questions to find commonly chosen categories.
B. conduct a pretest to see if the terms used mean the different things to different
C. conduct the survey as it is, and leave an "other" line for each question.
D. convert the closed questions into open questions, even though it will take
respondents twice as long to fill the survey out.
E. change the survey center to another school.
Which of the following sentences lacks noun-pronoun agreement?
A. All employees of Zelt Inc. have to park their vehicles in the Delta parking bay.
B. This insurance policy does not cover damages resulting from negligence.
C. Raul Gonzales, shooting a California-based movie, has moved into the city to get a
feel for its culture.
D. Players themselves should take care of their performance and behavior on and off
the field.
E. None of the above
Which of the following is not an example of a signpost?
A. Saying "You may wonder, what you can do to solve the problem?"
B. Writing on the board and underlining the crux of the presentation
C. Saying "Now we have come to the crucial point"
D. Asking if you are audible to everyone in the room
E. Highlighting the point that the presentation is going to be concluded
Explain the differences between a survey, questionnaire, and an interview.
When you generate as many ideas as you can, without judging or evaluating them, you
are _____.
Sending a(n) _____ will make people more willing to help you again in the future.
Standard edited English requires that each sentence has a subject and _____ and that
they agree.
What are the ways in which negative information can be deemphasized?
What is the significance of including limitations in the introduction of a long report?
Describe the process of negotiating salary and benefits.
_____ letters help applicants tap into the hidden job market.