Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

MAN 447 Midterm

July 13, 2015
In a memo, writers must always use a separate heading for the first paragraph.
A well-written follow-up letter refers to the applicants next move.
Even people who are skilled active listeners cannot listen actively all the time.
Square brackets should be used around the writers additions to or changes in quoted
Comparison/contrast pattern for organizing information is most effective for
deemphasizing the disadvantages of a proposed solution.
Brief minutes are unacceptable even when meetings are less-formal.
A words literal or dictionary meaning is referred to as connotation.
The best group presentations result when each member speaks only a minute or two
before a new voice comes in.
The indirect approach of writing persuasive messages is effective when your audience
is likely to be resistant.
Understanding the objections to your ideas is essential if you are to overcome those
You should follow the RFP exactly when you respond to a proposal.
When you give bad news to superiors, put the topic (but not your action on it) in the
subject line.
What are the guidelines for creating goodwill with content?
What should a writer keep in mind when writing to international audiences?
In a business situation, why should bloggers be wary of expressing personal opinions?
What is a reference line?
Differentiate between monochronic and polychronic cultures.
What is the importance of grammar and punctuation in business communication?
How can you get the best results from the time available to you for writing?
What should a good meeting agenda indicate?