Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

MAN 370 Test 1

July 13, 2015
A writer should ideally think about document design only after he/she has finished
writing the entire document.
Temporary employees are supposed to use a memo of transmittal to prepare a report for
their organization.
Since e-mail messages are merely electronic documents, they cannot be used as
evidence in lawsuits.
The directors and their wives met the stockholders today. This statement is bias-free.
Negative information can be deemphasized by giving it lots of space.
If an objection made by your audience is false or based on misinformation, it is best to
give the response to the objection without naming the objection.
Business leaders are unlikely to consider good grammar and mechanics as essential to
creating effective messages and to demonstrating quality.
If a technical term has a "plain English" equivalent, writers must make sure they use the
jargon and not the simpler equivalent.
In elimination of alternatives as a pattern for organizing information, writers must
discuss the practical solutions first.
Which of the following should an applicant do to increase the chances that the resume
is scanned correctly?
A. Use a standard typeface
B. Not use lines, boxes, script, leader dots, or borders
C. Put each telephone number on a separate line
D. Use plenty of white space
E. All of the above
Which of the following is true of designing documents?
A. Designing is a relatively unimportant aspect of document creation and must be
initiated only when one has finished writing the document.
B. The best documents are created when one thinks about design at each stage of his/her
writing process.
C. One should test the design of a document only with those who are most likely to find
it comfortable to read.
D. Using multiple templates for the same presentation is twice as likely to be effective
as using a single, consistent template.
E. Documents that are designed using fixed, sans serif fonts are far easier to read than
those with proportional fonts.
Which of the following strategies is appropriate for a management job interview?
A. Describing ones life in detail when asked to speak about oneself
B. Blaming an external factor for low grades
C. Showcasing a variety of writing skills including poetry and lyrics
D. Naming at least 10-15 interests to indicate a well-rounded personality
E. Using a work-related negative to describe ones weakness
The statement, "Our workout plan makes it easy to get the exercise that is needed"
offers a:A. strong reader benefit because it clearly highlights intrinsic benefits.
B. strong reader benefit because it is not phrased in you-attitude.
C. weak reader benefit because it addresses multiple audience.
D. weak reader benefit because it provides no specific details.
E. weak reader benefit because it uses the technique of psychological description.
Steve wants to deemphasize negative information in his letter to a major client. In order
to do so effectively, he must avoid:
A. putting the negative information in the middle of his message.
B. presenting the negative information compactly.
C. putting the negative information in the first or last paragraphs of his letter.
D. All of the above are ways to deemphasize negative information.
E. None of the above are ways to deemphasize negative information.
According to Maslow€s hierarchy of needs, _____ needs are the highest-level needs.
A. physical
B. safety and security
C. love and belonging
D. esteem
E. self-actualization
How many items does the Title Page of a report contain?
A. Three
B. Four
C. Five
D. Six
E. Seven
Which of the following is a blocking response?
A. "That is a simple issue. I dont care how you solve it; just make sure you have all the
reports ready by Friday."
B. "We are requesting you to allow us one more day to process your order successfully."
C. "Would it be helpful if I handled one of the modules in this project?"
D. "Im concerned that we may not be able to solve this issue using a conventional
E. "Which part of the issue hasnt been resolved yet?"
You have decided to give up corporate life for a job in forestry. Which of the following
resumes should you use?
A. Chronological resume
B. Skills resume
C. Traditional resume
D. All of the above
E. None of the above
You are scheduled to have a meeting with a foreign executive who will decide whether
to sign a contract with your company. You begin the conversation by explaining that
you are the companys senior technical expert, youve won several awards, and youre
well acquainted with the executives company. The executive nods throughout the
conversation. When the meeting concludes, you hand her a contract. Rather than sign,
the executive smiles politely and agrees to consider the offer. She tells you that she
would call you tomorrow to inform you if she considers the offer. Which of the
following types of culture does the executive exemplify?
A. Low-context cultures
B. High-context cultures
C. Vernacular cultures
D. Popular cultures
E. None of the above
A computer virus is a script that harms your computer or erases your data.
Which of the following is true regarding the use of the right tone in business writings?
A. The right tone depends on the target audience.
B. Norms regarding the right tone are consistent irrespective of the organization
C. The effectiveness of a business message remains unaffected by the tone used.
D. Tone refers to the implied attitude of the audience toward what a message
E. All of the above are true.
To keep visitors around long enough on your Web page to find (and buy) what they
want, you should:
A. make using the first screen extremely easy.
B. increase the loading time of the page.
C. use a lot of animation regardless of the content of your Web page.
D. avoid providing an overview of your page in order to sustain the interest of visitors.
E. not provide an introductory statement.
When a writer has to convey negatives in a message, which of the following is best to
A. First-person
B. Second-person
C. Third-person
D. All of the above
E. Only A and C
One of the sales representatives of a yacht building company has been asked to make a
presentation to a potential customer. In order to ensure that the sales presentation is
successful, the sales representative should:
A. restrict the presentation to a monologue.
B. let the client do all of the talking without interruption.
C. treat the presentation as a conversation.
D. avoid using questions in the presentation.
E. allow for both A and B.
Which of the following is considered to be a good practice with regard to designing
Web pages?
A. Include a Skip Intro button if you have an animated introduction page.
B. Include a link to the home page only on the last page.
C. Provide visual variety.
D. All of the above are considered to be good practices with regard to designing Web
E. Only A and Care considered to be good practices with regard to designing Web
_____, such as nods, "uh huhs," and frowns, help carry the message that you are
_____ provides patterns of acceptable behavior and belief.
A(n) _____ is an explicit statement of the point a speaker has reached.
What is the difference between descriptive and prescriptive dictionaries?
What is clip art? When and how should it be used?