Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

MAN 242 Final

July 13, 2015
States with names of more than five letters are frequently abbreviated in letters and
If an applicants first offer is not from his or her first choice, the applicant should not
express his or her pleasure at being offered the job.
Thank-you letters must be prompt.
Closed questions have a limited number of possible responses.
Resolving conflicts does not require empathy.
The more enthusiasm the applicant shows, the faster it will wear off in job interviews
and on the job itself.
In order to use you-attitude in your messages effectively, avoid the word "you" when it
criticizes the reader or limits the readers freedom.
Two kinds of video interviews exist: live interviews and taped interviews.
Reader benefits are not required to be included in messages when the readers attitude
toward the information doesnt matter.
Elimination of alternatives as a pattern for organizing information works well only
when the solutions the reader is likely to favor will work.
What is the difference between denotation and connotation?
In the _____ of the interview (two to five minutes), good interviewers will try to set you
at ease while some other interviewers will open with easy questions about your major
or interests.
What is the role of empathy in creating you-attitude?
What is the advantage of presenting ideas as suggestions?
How can you create you-attitude in a job application letter?