Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

EMBA 896

July 13, 2015
Dot planning does not facilitate large groups in choosing priorities quickly.
Food manufacturers often substitute lesser-known ingredients for those that have
negative connotations for some customers. This practice is perfectly ethical.
The words "your" and "youre" have the exact same usage.
Random samples dont allow everyone to have an equal chance of being chosen.
You should avoid omitting negatives even when the information is trivial.
When talking or writing to a person outside your organization, avoid using a courtesy
title if the person is senior in age or rank.
An applicant must write a solicited letter when he or she knows that the company is
Important messages should use more formal channels, whether theyre oral or written.
Lorie routinely arrives at the office five to ten minutes late. Her boss, Carl, seems
unconcerned about it, as do her co-workers. However, when Frank wants to leave a few
minutes early one day, Carl reprimands him for not finishing his work first. What does
this behavior best suggest about the organizational culture?
A. The organization does not tolerate employees who are not punctual.
B. The organization tolerates women employees arriving late but do not tolerate male
employees leaving early.
C. The organization is concerned about getting the work done rather than enforcing
D. The organization is managed by an ineffective boss who favors certain employees
over others.
E. None of the above
Is it appropriate for applicants to use a short job application letter of less than a page?
A. No, because it reduces the opportunity to be persuasive.
B. No, because all employers expect at least a three-page letter from applicants.
C. Yes, because all employers want brevity of content.
D. Yes, because the resume provides the same information.
E. None of the above.
In a recommendation report, the recommendations are based on:
A. speculation.
B. opinion.
C. criteria.
D. proof.
E. all of the above.
Which of the following is the best subject line for a persuasive message urging
employees to attend a smoking cessation program?
A. Stop Killing Yourself Already!
B. If You Dont Want to See Insurance Rates Increase...
C. Let Us Live a Little Healthier
D. Quit Smoking
E. We Want YOU to STOP
Which of the following is not true of finding information online and in print?
A. Boolean searches provide you the most number of hits for a search.
B. Keywords are the terms that the computer searches for in a database or on the web.
C. The ABI/Inform Thesaurus lists synonyms and the hierarchies in which information
is arranged in various databases.
D. At the beginning of a search, use all the synonyms and keywords you can think of.
E. Skim several of the first sources you find; if they use additional or different terms,
search for these new terms as well.
Which of the following is true of standard word-processing programs in the context of
designing documents?
A. Standard word-processing programs do not offer options to control the appearance of
a document.
B. All standard word-processing programs handle different commands and functions in
the same way.
C. Standard word-processing programs is considered inappropriate for designing
business documents.
D. Standard word-processing programs can be set to check for widows and orphans.
E. Most word-processing programs lack a quick correct or autocorrect feature.
Judy is the marketing head in a company. Which of the following situations would
require her to be considered both as a primary audience and an initial audience?
A. Judy asks Patricia to compile sales figures for the last fiscal year so she can send
them on to her boss, who needs the information to prepare himself for an upcoming
board meeting.
B. The companys newsletter needs information on each departments softball team,
which Judy wants to see before its passed on to the editor.
C. Will writes a proposal to Judy suggesting a new promotional idea with the hope that
she will like it enough to pass it on to the division chief, who has the power to
implement a new plan.
D. Judy asks Jake to compile sales figures and put them in an informative report so she
can decide if his new marketing strategies have paid off.
E. None of the above
Which of the following is the first step in the decision-making strategy referred to as
standard agenda?
A. Understanding what the group has to deliver, in what form, by what due date, and
identifying available resources
B. Identifying the problem, and understanding what is wrong and what the group is
trying to answer
C. Gathering information, sharing it with all group members, and examining it critically
D. Establishing criteria to decide what the ideal solution would include
E. Understanding the legal, financial, moral, or other limitations that might keep a
solution from being implemented
Which of the following words hasa positive connotation?
A. Obstinate
B. Unyielding
C. Firm
D. Stubborn
E. Intractable
Ralph Brooks, an entrepreneur from Arizona, was denied credit by Green Lake
Finances five years ago. Ralph needed the loan to fund a high-technology venture.
However, after the refusal from Green Lake, Ralph stopped transacting with the firm
altogether. Although Ralph owns a flourishing business now and has helped co-found
many other companies, he still refuses to transact with Green Lake, despite attractive
interest rates and other offers. Which of the following is at work in this instance?
A. Homophily
B. Psychological freedom
C. Rational egoism
D. Altruism
E. Psychological reactance
Melissa has written a report on how her company can increase revenue by expanding
into foreign markets. She wants to visually compare different geographic markets based
on the disposable incomes of the consumers in each market. Which of the following
visual aids will best enable Melissa to do so?
A. Tables
B. Pie charts
C. Bar charts
D. Line charts
E. Scatter diagrams
In a job application letter, an applicant should focus on all of the following except:
A. the major requirements of the job.
B. the ability to get along with people.
C. the points that separate the applicant from other applicants.
D. the qualities that every employer is likely to value.
Steve wants to compare the market share held by his company against the entire
industrys market share. The visual aid that can best depict this information is a:
A. pie chart.
B. deviation bar graph.
C. line graph.
D. grouped bar chart.
E. scatter diagram.
While using open punctuation, writers must:
A. use a colon after the salutation.
B. use a colon after the close.
C. use a comma after the close.
D. omit all punctuation after the salutation and the close.
E. use a comma after the salutation.
How should applicants organize solicited letters?
Write a note on using capitalization when searching for web pages.
Discuss the appropriate use of subject lines in direct requests.
Discuss how PAIBOC relates to audience analysis.
You should use _____ to indicate that one or more words have been omitted in the
middle of quoted material.
When is the problem-solving pattern most effective?
What are the six things that can be accomplished by good stories?