Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

EMBA 709

July 13, 2015
A chronological progress report can include summaries of work to be completed.
For deemphasizing a refusal, you should put it in the same paragraph as the reason,
rather than in a separate paragraph by itself.
The names of newspapers, magazines, and books must be underlined or italicized.
Applicants must thank the people who helped them-in writing whenever possible.
In a task progress report, information is organized under the various tasks one has
worked on during the period.
You want your subordinate to get information about the efforts made by your company
to hire minorities in the past year. In such direct messages you should:
A. avoid putting a question in the subject line.
B. put the request in the subject line.
C. avoid putting the topic of the request in the subject line.
D. put the request in the middle of the message.
E. put the topic of the request toward the end of the message.
Which of the following summarizes points made in the body of a report?
A. Conclusion
B. Recommendation
C. Scope
D. Assumption
E. Method
Bypassing occurs when:
A. two people use the same word to mean different things.
B. a word has a single denotation.
C. two people use words that have the same sound to mean different things.
D. words with negative connotation are used too often.
E. words with positive connotations are used too often.
Which of the following is considered as an extrinsic reward in a job?
A. Pride in using ones skills to solve problems
B. Satisfaction derived from facing challenges at work
C. Getting praise from ones superior
D. All of the above
E. None of the above
"You will be happy to know that we are giving you a new all-in-one debit card." Which
of the following is true with regard to this sentence?
A. It exhibits you-attitude since it contains a positive message.
B. It exhibits you-attitude since it offers a reader benefit.
C. It lacks you-attitude since the writer presumes to know how the reader will feel.
D. It lacks you-attitude because the writer used the word "you."
E. Both A and B.
Daniel was working for his uncle before he took up an investment bankers job. Now he
wants to make a career in the advertising field. The most appropriate way to tackle
interview questions about him changing career fields would be by:
A. saying, "I want a change."
B. answering, "I need to get out of a bad situation."
C. criticizing his previous jobs.
D. preparing a resume that simply puts across his work history in a chronological order.
E. preparing a resume, which points out at how different jobs helped him acquire
multiple skills.
Which of the following statements about intrinsic and extrinsic benefits is true?
A. There just arent enough extrinsic rewards for everything you want people do.
B. Intrinsic benefits are "added on" and can only be realized when someone in power
decides to give them.
C. Subordinates can be more effectively motivated by stressing the extrinsic benefits of
following proposals.
D. In a groundbreaking study of professional employees, Frederick Herzberg found that
the things people said they liked about their jobs were all extrinsic rewards.
E. Intrinsic rewards do not necessarily come from using the product or doing the action.
Which of the following is true with regard to expert writers?
A. Expert writers are more likely to break a big task into smaller, more manageable
B. Expert writers give up writing when words do not flow quickly.
C. Expert writers do not edit their own works.
D. All of the above.
E. None of the above.
A research analyst wants to show the correlation between the percentage of income
earned and the percentage of income spent in three different geographic markets. The
best way to visually put across this correlation is by using a _____.
A. pie chart
B. grouped bar chart
C. pictogram
D. deviation bar chart
E. paired bar chart
Jake works for Kingsley & Sons, a company manufacturing photocopiers. Responding
to a clients request via e-mail, he explained the procedures to operate the new
photocopier manufactured by his company to help resolve the clients doubts. Which of
the following is most likely to be true with regard to Jakes message to his client?
A. Jake must include reader benefits in his message because every informative or
positive message requires them.
B. Jake must include reader benefits in his message because readers tend to ignore
messages that lack benefits.
C. Jake need not include reader benefits in his message because messages that only
present factual information dont need them.
D. Jake need not include reader benefits in his message because messages that contain
reader benefits usually have low credibility.
E. None of the above is true.
Which of the following is not a good practice in ensuring that an international
teleconference runs smoothly?
A. Distributing the agenda of the meeting and other materials well in advance
B. Encouraging speakers to use standard English
C. Using offline discussions on e-mail to follow up on topics
D. Refraining from periodically asking for questions
E. Calling participants individually the next day to take the emotional temperature
Samantha and Daniel are discussing a new project. While Samantha is discussing the
details of the project plan, Daniel is lost in his thoughts. Rather than listening to
Samantha carefully, he is thinking about last evenings argument with a friend and the
ways of resolving the conflict. In this instance, Daniels inability to _____ can lead to
listening errors.
A. dominate
B. make the right assumptions
C. listen for feelings rather than facts
D. pay attention
E. express his own feelings indirectly
Which of the following is true of a letter after an office visit?
A. It is used to negotiate the salary offered by the employer.
B. It is used to replicate the details of the résumé.
C. It is used to express concerns about the position.
D. It is used to send in receipts for the expenses.
E. It is used to decline a job offer.
Which of the following is true of video resumes?
A. The video should be at least ten minutes long.
B. The applicant should avoid the use of imagery and sound to enhance the
C. The applicant should use colors, music, and special effects.
D. The applicant should avoid recording several versions.
E. The applicant should check the video resume from time to time to make sure it
downloads and plays correctly.
Which of the following sentences uses a comma correctly?
A. Henry Williams, the new CEO, has a grand vision for Texla Inc.
B. Stan who is an accountant by profession, is the lead guitarist of a popular local band.
C. Everyone, who wants to go on the hiking trip next month should apply, for leave
approval immediately.
D. We will open our new stores in Orange County, California, Baton Rouge, Louisiana,
and Salt Lake, Utah.
E. Soccer balls, used in international matches have standard weight, size, and material.
What happens during the body of an interview?
A. The interviewer will try to set you at ease.
B. You will have to highlight your qualifications and find out more about the job.
C. The interviewer will tell you about the possible course of action.
D. The interviewer opens with easy questions about your major or interests.
E. You will have to provide a finishing assertive statement.
_____ are a form of persuasive messages, used by supervisors to evaluate and appraise
the performance of their subordinates.
What are hidden negatives? Explain with the help of examples.
What are the factors to be kept in mind when deciding how much discussion a visual
What are the characteristics of good reader benefits?
What are the different types of jargon? What are the criteria for using jargons?
Differentiate between open and closed body positions and its cultural significance.