Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

EMBA 695 Test 1

July 13, 2015
It is not necessary to know the rules of grammar while using a grammar checker.
Being treated fairly and earning enough to afford a comfortable standard of living are
organizational motivations for safety and security needs.
To appear enthusiastic, reserved people must not vary their pace, tone, and volume.
In a prospecting letter, the applicant must always wait for the employer to call.
Stories, visuals, and self-disclosure are ineffective in persuasive presentations.
In the body of the document, it is important to provide enough detail for primary
audiences and for anyone who could veto the proposal.
Generally, an ideal job is one that allows the applicant to settle for just a paycheck.
Most subject lines are relatively long, usually no less than 15 words.
In interpersonal communication, silence means consent.
For Internet job hunting, niche job boards are often less useful than general ones.
Expert writers are more likely to use rules flexibly.
A writer should not try to fix grammar and punctuation errors in the first and second
drafts of a message.
What are the steps involved in the decision-making strategy called standard agenda?
How should an interviewee present his strengths in an interview?
What are some of the questions, suggested by career coach Kate Wendleton, that can be
used in follow-up phone calls and letters?
Define you-attitude. Why should "I" statements be used instead of "you" statements for
resolving conflicts?
What is the difference between headings and topic headings?