Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

EMBA 480 Test

July 13, 2015
Letters containing negative messages to people outside your organization should be
indirect to build goodwill.
It is considered inappropriate to gesture while sitting still.
When an applicant is competing against many applicants for a position in a company,
then writing a one-size-fits-all letter is the most appropriate method for the applicant to
get an interview.
A person should prepare as carefully for referral interviews as one would for an
interview when one knows the organization is hiring.
One of the secondary purposes of negative messages is to give the reader the bad news.
A situational interview puts interviewees into a job-related scenario or asks traditional
interview questions and then gauges their responses or behaviors.
Some referral interviews would have started out as an information interview.
In the body of a document, it is important to assume the degree of knowledge that
primary audiences will have.
A feature of a product or policy by itself is not a benefit.
Sarah wants to be seen as an influential and a promotable person in the organization she
is currently working for. Which of the following practices will help her build such an
A. Informally interacting with her boss by the coffeepot or during a ride up the elevator
B. Initiating and planning scripts that act as a brief report to her boss on what she is
C. Making statements that show her boss that she is thinking about ways to work
D. Showing that she can be even more valuable to the organization by learning more
E. All of the above
The title of a report should:
A. use a memo of transmittal.
B. not mention the name of the agency sponsoring the report.
C. be as informative as possible.
D. include thank you notes for readers.
E. include all of the above.
In a multicultural workforce, to know whether a colleague who listens silently agrees or
disagrees with what you say, you should:
A. observe the behavior of your listener without assigning a meaning to it.
B. assume that the listener agrees to everything you have said.
C. insist on making eye contact.
D. stop talking and wait for visible acknowledgement responses.
E. assume that the listener disagrees with you but is too polite to say so.
Tony is in a large meeting that is about to commence. He has gathered a few important
points and data to present at the meeting. In order to be taken seriously by the other
meeting participants, Tony should typically avoid:
A. explicitly disagreeing with points made by others.
B. presenting his points in the first five minutes of the meeting.
C. linking his comments to the comment of a powerful person.
D. showing that he has done his homework.
E. none of the above.
Which of the following is considered inappropriate in a message addressed to a senior
executive outside your organization?
A. Using a courtesy title
B. Using the phrase, "Thank you for your cooperation"
C. Addressing the person by his/her first name
D. Both B and C are inappropriate
E. None of the above
A direct request pattern is most appropriate when:
A. your audience will do as you ask without any resistance.
B. your audience is likely to object to your proposal.
C. you need action from everyone.
D. you trust the audience to read the entire message.
E. you expect logic to be more important than emotion in the decision.
Which of the following is true with regard to apologizing in business situations?
A. You should apologize even when you are not at fault in order to build goodwill.
B. You should apologize explicitly even when you are in the process of correcting the
C. You should apologize only once, early in the message, letting the reader move on to
other, more positive information.
D. When you are at fault, you may build goodwill by admitting that fact forthrightly.
E. Both C and D are correct.
While giving bad news to customers, you should avoid:
A. making the refusal inconspicuous.
B. giving the negative clearly.
C. presenting an alternative or compromise, even if one is available.
D. ending your message with a positive statement.
E. giving the reason for the refusal.
Jordan, an auditor in an accounting firm, is required to write a report to the client as
soon as he completes an audit. The client would be classified as a _____.
A. primary audience
B. universal audience
C. secondary audience
D. gatekeeper
E. watchdog
Which of the following uses the word "adept" accurately?
A. Jacky found it difficult to adept to Indian summers.
B. Andy is adept at getting others to believe him.
C. Miranda wants others to adept her ideas.
D. Richard believed he was ready to adept a baby.
E. David can adept to any situation.
When is it appropriate to use a passive verb?
A. To make a sentence shorter
B. To focus on the agent performing the action
C. To emphasize the object receiving the action
D. To assign blame on the agent
E. To eliminate gerunds and infinitives
Which of the following statements is true about expectancy theory?
A. It says that most people try to do their best only when they believe they can succeed.
B. It says that people try to do their best when they want the rewards that success
C. It says that opportunity costs negatively impact economic activity in ways that are
not immediately apparent.
D. It says that most people fail to understand the relationships among efforts,
performance, and rewards.
E. Both A and B are true about expectancy theory.
Which of the following spatial arrangements connotes status in the U.S.?
A. Size of ones office
B. Placement of ones office
C. Privacy of onesoffice
D. All of the above
E. None of the above
An advantage of modified block format is that:
A. it is faster to type than any other format.
B. it creates a visually attractive page.
C. it does not require a salutation or a greeting.
D. it does not require a complimentary close.
E. None of the above.
What kind of subject lines should you ideally use while giving bad news to superiors
and subordinates?
Suppose that you manufacture a product and want to persuade dealers to carry it and
consumers to purchase it. Should you highlight the same features in the reader benefits
for all your customers?
Mention two primary purposes of persuasive messages.
What kind of information should go into meeting minutes?
How should job applicants create you-attitude in their application letter?
In conflict, _____ statements show good you-attitude.
To _____, you should repeat in your own words the verbal content of the critics
Define "bias-free photos and illustrations" and explain how to achieve these.
_____ interviews put you in a circumstance that allows the interviewer to see whether
you have the qualities the company is seeking.
What is the seven-question quiz proposed by William Morin that helps decide whether
to stay in a current job or move?