Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

EMBA 400

July 13, 2015
In informative messages, reader benefits give reasons to act and help overcome reader
Some listening errors happen because the hearer wasnt paying enough attention to a key
Connotations remain consistent across cultures.
To increase the chances that the resume is scanned correctly, one should put the text in
bold to make sure letters dont touch each other, and then remove the bold.
However important a watchdog audience might be, it does not have the power to stop a
While outlining goals for an employee during a performance appraisal, you should
phrase the terms as vaguely as possible so as to avoid sounding rude.
Unlike written messages, oral presentations cannot have more than one purpose.
Tone is the implied attitude of the writer toward the reader.
That tone is tricky is demonstrated by the fact that the words that might seem friendly
from a superior to a subordinate may seem uppity if used by the subordinate to the
A signpost is an explicit statement of the point a speaker has reached.
Visual variety tends to reduce the appeal of Web pages and must, therefore, be avoided.
If you have several reasons for saying no, use only those that are strong and watertight.