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Group Counseling: Strategies and Skills 8th Edition
Christine J. Schimmel, Ed E. Jacobs, Riley L. Harvill, Robert L. L. Masson
The authors do not advise shifting the focus
a. from a person to a topic.
b. from a topic to an activity.
c. from an activity to an activity.
d. from a person to another person.
A good rule of group leadership is to be tolerant of members' differences and intervene
only when a member's negative or prejudicial comments may be harmful to another in
the group.
a. True
b. False
Which of the following is TRUE about groups for survivors of sexual abuse?
a. The leader is always the survivors' individual therapist
b. It is recommended that the leader work with one person at a time during group
c. The survivors should discuss the details of their abuse during each group session
d. The authors believe that it is important that group therapy begin before individual
In general, many older people who choose to participate in groups tend to be more
interested in task, educational and support groups rather than personal growth or
counseling/therapy groups.
a. True
b. False
The effective leader of a counseling or therapy group will never allow members to ask
one another questions during a session.
a. True
b. False
Group process refers to the interaction and energy exchange between and among
members and leaders.
a. True
b. False
Malik has been talking for a while. The leader says, "Malik, you have raised some
points that are also relevant to others. Let's spend some time discussing those. Which of
the following leadership skills has she just used?
a. Cutting off
b. Shifting the focus from person to topic
c. Both of the available choices
d. Neither of the available choices
Which of the following is the LEAST important consideration during the working
phase of a group?
a. How members interact with one another
b. How members respond to the chosen activities
c. How closely the leader sticks to his or her plan
d. How the leader is feeling during the group session
A member has been talking for some time. The leader asks all of the group members to
pair up with a partner and discuss their thoughts and feelings about what the member
has shared. In this instance, the leader
a. held the focus on the member.
b. deepened the focus of the group.
c. established the focus of the group.
d. shifted the focus from a person to an exercise.
When introducing a writing exercise, it is best to make sure all the members have the
necessary materials available to them before starting to give instructions.
a. True
b. False
According to the authors, which of the following members of a group are likely to be
separated from their friends and families?
a. Older clients
b. Clients with addictions
c. Clients with chronic diseases or disabilities
d. All of the choices
The best way to deepen the focus in a personal growth group is to hold the focus on one
member until he or she talks.
a. True
b. False
Which of the following would benefit the group leader in creating a positive therapeutic
a. Recognizing and acknowledging nervousness in front of the group.
b. Experience in individual therapy.
c. Presence of a co-leader, supervisor or a colleague to help lead the group
d. All of the available choices
Allowing members to choose whomever they wish to be with in a dyad is never a good
idea because members will usually choose their friends as partners.
a. True
b. False
A. creative use of members
B. guess the problem
C. movement round
D. indirectly working
E. role-play the member
F. spinning off
G. stationary round
One member feels very discouraged and stuck. The leader asks the member to close her
eyes and listen as other members talk in a kind and caring way about her situation.
One of the most important things a leader can do during the middle stage of a group is
to think through the different issues that are relevant so that she is prepared to focus on
the issues in a meaningful way when they arise.
a. True
b. False
"Problem Member" descriptions:
A. Chronic talker
B. Distracter
C. Get-the-leader
D. Negative member
E. Rescuing member
F. Resistant member
This member may prevent others from problem solving by trying to smooth over the
negative feelings that another member is experiencing in an attempt to soothe the other
Which groups are led by laypeople with similar concerns as group members?
a. Support groups
b. Therapy groups
c. Self help groups
d. Experiential groups
When using processing exercises, it is important to stimulate discussion about all of the
following EXCEPT
a. topics or issues.
b. rules and regulations.
c. group dynamics or processes.
d. deeper thoughts and feelings.
Use of written material or writing as an exercise is often a very effective technique
when working to focus a group.
a. True
b. False
When an exercise has been completed, it can be processed through use of
a. rounds.
b. writing.
c. dyads or triads.
d. all of the available choices.
Under no circumstances is it appropriate for members of a group to have physical
contact with one another.
a. True
b. False
A leader of a counseling or therapy group should never let the session turn into an
advice-giving session, unless there is a specific situation that one or more members may
be able to offer help with.
a. True
b. False
When working with adolescents in group situations, it is best for the leader to maintain
control of the group while showing respect for the members and their issues.
a. True
b. False
To increase the comfort and effectiveness of the beginning group leader, the authors
recommend starting
a. with a small discussion group.
b. as a co-leader in a therapy group.
c. with a large, personal growth group.
d. with a group of children with serious counseling concerns.
When focusing on one member in a therapy group for a long period of time, a leader
can do which of the following?
a. Conduct individual counseling with the member while others watch and listen
b. Have other members try to help the working member by using theories they have
c. Both of the available choices
d. Neither of the available choices
Which is NOT true about the closing phase of a session?
a. Sharing during the closing phase can build group cohesion
b. The amount of time for closing should be the same for every group
c. It is important for the leader to hear from members who were quiet in group
d. The closing phase of a session is used to wrap things up until the next meeting
To help members to generate new ideas during the working stage, the authors
recommend using which of the following techniques?
a. Brainstorming
b. The fishbowl
c. Guided fantasy
d. All of the available choices
A group leader should not interfere with the comments of a negative member, because
he or she is merely expressing his or her honest feelings.
a. True
b. False
Which is TRUE of the closing stage of groups?
a. The leader should try to end the group on a "high"
b. The leader should discuss the value of support groups
c. The leader should plan to end with a party to celebrate members' progress
d. The leader should facilitate the intense and sad emotions members may feel
It is a mistake for a leader to close his eyes when conducting a fantasy exercise because
he may miss observing member reactions while he is presenting the exercise.
a. True
b. False
Group Types:
A. Clients with addictions
B. Adolescents
D. Children
E. Clients with disabilities
F. Couples
G. Divorced clients
H. Older clients
I. Survivors of sexual abuse
These clients may often feel a loss of control as they deal with a change of lifestyle that
brings uncertainty to their lives.
A. Cutting-off
B. Clarifying
C. Drawing-out
D. Encouraging
E. Linking
F. Reflecting
A group leader points out commonalities members share to encourage members to bond
to one another and to the group.
In the _______________ model of co-leadership, one leader is much more experienced
than the other; the group is led mostly by the more experienced leader.
One value of using Gestalt theory in either individual or group counseling is to bring
the members' past into the _________________.
Why is it a mistake to frequently shift the group's focus from one activity to another?
Why is it important to alert members to reactions outside of the group?
Avoiding eye contact with a member, or using subtle hand gestures to cut a member off
are examples of ____________________ cues that can be helpful when used by the
Why is it important for the leader to identify allies within the group?
How is hearing from other people dealing with addiction helpful to a client in recovery?
Many counseling, therapy, and growth groups go through a _______________stage.
What factors should leaders consider when a member does not wish to share his or her
thoughts on an issue or in a discussion?
When providing information and facilitating discussion about that information, the
leader is likely to be leading an/a _____________________group.
When selecting activities for a group of members who are educationally disadvantaged,
the leader should be sensitive to the possibility of limitations regarding how well
members can __________________ and -----------------------_______________.
In a personal sharing group, such as a counseling or therapy group, an effective leader
will use ____________________________ as a skill to ensure that members feel
Discuss the processes that take place during the working stage of a group.
When using an in-depth, __________________round, the working member says
something to each member of the group while remaining in her seat.
Choose four basic skills useful to group leaders and briefly describe how you might use
each to your advantage when leading a group of interest to you.

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